AI Character

What is an AI character?

AI character is the name given to any virtual character (male, female, or fictional) who was generated using Artificial Intelligence technology. AI characters include AI boyfriends and AI girlfriends but are not limited to these, and they can be created using apps like AI nude generators.

How Many Types of AI Characters Exist?

Even though most people associate AI characters with AI companions, there are no real limits to what can or cannot constitute an AI character. Whether you’re dealing with a FantasyGF bombshell or a GirlfriendGPT sex goblin, one thing’s for sure: all AI characters work similarly.

To be an AI character, you just need to be 100% AI-generated and have a concise look and personality. Most apps featuring AI characters allow users not only to create original characters but also to interact with them via text chat, audio, and other mediums.

AI character
AI characters can be men, women, Anime girls, fictional monsters, and anything in between.

What Can You Do With AI Characters?

Most people use AI characters for fun, but they also have several professional applications:

  • In video games, AI characters can revolutionize gameplay and improve the overall game quality;
  • In the Metaverse, AI characters can help users settle in and populate virtual rooms;
  • In marketing, AI characters can be used to interact with customers and provide automated responses;
  • In entertainment, AI characters can be used to promote new products.