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SoulGen is one of the best AI girlfriend apps for editing images, boasting enough advanced features to fit the needs of adult industry professionals. It also has an interesting approach to AI chatting, combining narrative elements with real-time AI interactions.

  • Pro-level AI generation tools

    Pro-level AI generation tools

  • Prompt-based AI image editor

    Prompt-based AI image editor

  • Well-made tridimensional AI characters

    Well-made tridimensional AI characters

  • Interesting and realistic conversations

    Interesting and realistic conversations

  • Face Swap

    Face Swap

  • Limited free features

    Limited free features

  • No male characters for Soul Chatting

    No male characters for Soul Chatting

  • No website payments

    No website payments

SoulGen Review (2024): NSFW App for AI Chat & Pic Editing


SoulGen review: homepage
This is what the SoulGen homepage looks like!

SoulGen is a website and app in which you can create an AI girlfriend from scratch and talk to her. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of premade AI characters who are more than qualified to hold an interesting conversation.

Moreover, SoulGen is a bonafide powerhouse when it comes to creating AI content. You can not only create AI images from scratch using 100% customizable text prompts, but you can also edit and extend existing images.

Add a fun Face Swap feature and the ability to feed the Create engine with any face you’d like, and it’s easy to see why SoulGen offers limitless creative power to its users, especially if they happen to be premium members.

SoulGen Overview

From Candy AI to DreamGF, there are several websites and apps out there that promise a complete AI girlfriend experience. With a dedicated chat and some of the most unique features for editing images using AI, SoulGen surely fits the part.

If you’re looking for the best AI girlfriend app of the year, you should consider SoulGen. Albeit not the best girlfriend app for free users, this incredible service empowers premium users to do everything from talking to realistic AI characters to swapping faces with AI.

Curious? You’re not alone! To start putting SoulGen’s capabilities up to the test, the first thing you need to do is open a SoulGen account. Here’s how:

Opening a SoulGen Account

You can open a SoulGen account in less than one minute by following these instructions:

SoulGen Review
  • From $12.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

SoulGen is one of the best AI girlfriend apps for editing images, boasting enough advanced features to fit the needs of adult industry professionals. It also has an interesting approach to AI chatting, combining narrative elements with real-time AI interactions.

  • Pros

    Pro-level AI generation tools

  • Pros

    Prompt-based AI image editor

  • Pros

    Well-made tridimensional AI characters

  • Pros

    Interesting and realistic conversations

  • Pros

    Face Swap

  • Cons

    Limited free features

  • Cons

    No male characters for Soul Chatting

  • Cons

    No website payments

  1. Visit the website and select [Sign Up] on the top right corner of the page;
SoulGen sign up
Sign up for SoulGen.
  1. Continue with Google, Apple, or email;
SoulGen Google sign up
Continue with Google, Apple, or email.
  1. Enjoy everything SoulGen has to offer.

How Does SoulGen Work?

SoulGen is an online AI service for creating and editing images/videos and chatting with virtual soulmates. The pictures are generated using machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks based on large sets of non-AI art.

You can try most of SoulGen’s products and features for free simply by signing up to the website or downloading the app (available on Apple Store and Google Play). Still, a premium account is required for many of its fundamental features.

In addition to generating images, SoulGen also allows you to create image-based AI characters to chat with. All generated images and characters are stored in your account under [My Creations]:

SoulGen My Creations
Click on My Creations to check your AI-generated images.

What Makes SoulGen Unique?

AI is taking the world by storm, and image-generator services abound. So, what is it that differentiates SoulGen from the rest?

SoulGen is unique because of its focus on user-uploaded images, which allows you to create and edit AI-generated content based on the look of a real person. This is great, for example, for generating AI celebrity nudes.

Another unique aspect of SoulGen is its take on AI image editing, which combines instructions based on text prompts with classic photo-editing tools for selecting and revamping different elements of an image (background, hair, face, and so forth).

Who is SoulGen For?

There’s a male loneliness epidemic out there, with only 27% of men reporting to have at least six close friends. SoulGen can help these men find some much-needed support online, but it’s helpful to more than just people who feel alone.

SoulGen can also be used by adult industry professionals to generate high-quality AI characters and images, as well as people who are just looking to have some fun online. Naturally, it’s also perfect for AI enthusiasts, whether they’re into AI porn or not.

Speaking of AI porn, SoulGen’s terrific AI porn chat can also be leveraged by men who want to improve their flirting skills. The conversations can be quite realistic, therefore helping to boost mood, self-esteem, and empathy.

At a time when young people have been having less sex, can AI girlfriend apps such as SoulGen make a difference? I’m pretty confident they do, but please feel free to put them up to the test before deciding for yourself!

How Much Does SoulGen Cost?

SoulGen review: its pricing
SoulGen pricing options.

Even though SoulGen can be tested for free, a premium subscription is needed to access its full potential. Pro users enjoy benefits such as lifetime saves, multi-image creation, and unlimited chat messages.

Keeping things simple, SoulGen offers just two payment options: a one-month subscription and a 12-month subscription. The first costs $12,99, while the second costs a little over $155.

If you’re interested in buying a SoulGen subscription, pay attention to the exclusive discounts on the website. When I tested the service, they were offering a 70% discount for first-time subscribers and a 42% discount on their annual plan.

Unfortunately, you have to download the SoulGen app to buy a subscription (website payments are not available). However, you can pay with cryptocurrency on the website.

What Makes SoulGen a Good Choice?

Close to 324 million people use dating apps every day, so it’s no wonder AI girlfriend platforms are also on the rise. Despite having some strong competitors, I believe SoulGen is an excellent choice for anyone looking for online companionship.

But why SoulGen and not any other AI app? Well, these are some of its unique advantages:

Tools for Professionals

SoulGen Edit Extend
In Edit, you can either [Edit] or [Extend] any image.

I have already mentioned that SoulGen is perfect for adult industry professionals, but I haven’t explained exactly why. In my opinion, the app’s Edit feature (which includes an Extend engine) is what makes it such a suitable solution for pro content creators.

While many AI girlfriend apps let you generate character-based images, SoulGen is among the few that provide its users with a couple of pro-level solutions for AI image editing and extension.

Depth of AI Characters

SoulGen AI characters
Four of SoulGen’s amazingly diverse AI characters!

SoulGen’s terrific Soul Chat is one of the app’s central features, and it is supported by a surprisingly diverse cast of AI characters. From housewives to supermodels, from nymphos to bookworms, everyone’s invited to the party—even a bootleg version of Spider-Woman!

There are no Anime characters available but, as far as photorealistic women go, SoulGen has got you covered. For creating and chatting with Anime beauties, I suggest checking out the best AI Hentai apps.

Deep Take on AI Chatting

SoulGen Soul Chat example
Elizabeth’s interest in the “human condition” got us chatting for hours!

When one thinks of an AI porn chat, dirty talk is what comes to mind. But SoulGen isn’t content with a lewd approach to AI companionship and has gone above and beyond to place the users in deep, quasi-narrative simulations.

I learned this after chatting for a couple of hours with Elizabeth Bennett, the nerdiest of all of SoulGen’s premade AIs. 

After just a couple of minutes, I was pleasantly surprised by how much Elizabeth, a virtual teacher, was able to teach me on the topic of the human condition, one of the central themes of philosophical existentialism. Now that has gotten deep!

Face-Swapping Feature

Last but not least, there’s face swapping. This often overlooked SoulGen feature guarantees hours of fun (and can also have significant professional implications) by applying old-school face-swapping to AI porn.

Needless to say, SoulGen’s Face Swap should be used for good, not evil. Nonconsensual deepfakes are a major issue in the AI porn universe, so please make sure to never use Face Swap for processing images of real people unless you’re dully authorized to do so.

Disadvantages of SoulGen

After testing SoulGen for a while, I can comfortably admit that the app hasn’t let me down. It does everything it promises, including enough features to keep me entertained for hours. However, it’s not a perfect service, and there are some disadvantages worth noting.

The crucial one? SoulGen could offer a lot more to free users! I feel that if people could try all of SoulGen’s features at least once before committing to a premium subscription, they would be more willing to invest.

In Soul Chatting, I would also love to find at least one male character to talk to. There are just AI girls in there, meaning SoulGen is neglecting the 20% to 50% of women who watch porn regularly.

Finally, it’s a bit annoying that users need to download SoulGen’s mobile apps before making a payment. This can discourage desktop users from buying a premium subscription.

SoulGen: Products and Features

These are SoulGen’s main products and features:

Create Images

SoulGen Create
Create images in SoulGen.

The feature for creating images is the bread and butter of SoulGen, and I was happy to put it up to the test. From the get-go, I noticed that SoulGen’s Create Images was different from AI image generators in the line of FantasyGF, for example.

In SoulGen, AI images are generated based on text prompts and not preset options, meaning users get to literally include anything in their AI-generated art. You can place the characters in any type of environment and place them in any type of pose, from squatting to doggy-styling!

Additionally, Create Image also allows you to upload images of faces so these can be included in the generated content. This means that you can upload pictures of your favorite celebs and OnlyFans girls and use them to feed SoulGen’s engine!  

Edit Images

SoulGen Edit
This is what SoulGen’s Edit Image engine looks like!

Considering that SoulGen can generate AI images of anything, the app’s Edit feature may not look like much. However, it’s the one element that sets SoulGen apart from the competition, making it super appetizing for adult industry professionals along the way!

Users can either [Edit] or [Extend] images by entering text prompts. For example: If you have a picture of a woman at the beach and you want to add other women, you can use [Extend] to make the original picture wider and put other people there.

While run-of-the-mill AI porn fans can be happy with generating AI images, industry pros need tools to carefully customize their content. With SoulGen, everyone from porn producers to OnyFans agencies finally have the AI editing weapon they’ve been dreaming of.

Face Swap

SoulGen Face Swap
Swapping faces in SoulGen couldn’t be any easier!

Face-swapping apps have a relatively long history, but they’re still newcomers in the AI porn universe. With its Face Swap feature, SoulGen is one of the very first AI girlfriend apps to make the most of face swapping.

In the context of porn, Face Swap can be used, for example, to switch the face of a male model with your own face. Next thing you know, voilà: You’re having sex with your favorite pornstar!

Soul Chat

SoulGen Soul Chat
Chatting with the lovely SoulGen bae Violet Summers.

SoulGen’s AI chat combines the story-telling element of apps such as GirlfriendGPT with a more traditional take on AI companionship revolving around loving messages and downright sexting.

The descriptive text in Italic font helps to place the AI character in a real environment, providing an immersive narrative element. The rest of the text acts as the character’s voice, supporting a real emotional interaction between the user and the AI.


Whether you’re looking for some online companionship or trying to add stunning images to your AI porn portfolio, SoulGen has got more than enough to fulfill your needs. Sure, the app is a little bit limited for free users, but it’s also super affordable, starting at $12,99 per month.

Even though SoulGen has to face some tough competition in the AI porn universe, it sets itself apart by being one of the few NSFW AI apps that allow users to edit and extend existing images via dedicated text prompts. Just go and give it a test!

SoulGen Review (FAQ)

How does SoulGen work?

SoulGen works by leveraging the power of AI technology to allow its users to create original AI art (including NSFW art) from scratch.

Does SoulGen have an app?

Yes. You can download SoulGen’s app in the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Is SoulGen AI art good?

Images generated using SoulGen can be produced in a realistic or cinematic style, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from real photos.

Is SoulGen safe?

SoulGen’s app enforces thorough Privacy and Terms of Service policies to ensure that the consumer rights of all users are protected.

How much does SoulGen cost?

SoulGen costs $12,99 per month if you buy a one-month subscription and $7,99 per month if you buy a 12-month subscription.

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