How to Trade Nudes Online: A Step-by-step Guide

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7 Mar, 2024
How to Trade Nudes Online: A Step-by-step Guide


Whether it is for flirting, within a community, or by paying, to trade nudes online is a form of art. In this ultimate guide, I will provide you with a diverse list of online resources that can be used directly and indirectly for trading nudes.

These include websites that promote free nudes such as iSexyChat, messaging apps that are great for secure sharing, such as Discord, and even AI platforms for trading nudes with virtual characters, such as Candy AI.

Because trading nudes also poses its fair share of risks, this guide also includes a section on how to trade nudes safely by doing things like using encrypted messaging and file-sharing apps.

How Can I Trade Nudes Online?

Trading nudes online is the process of sending and receiving nudes on Internet platforms such as websites, chats, and forums. There are several ways of doing so, with different difficulty levels and engagement.

I have identified three fundamental ways of trading nudes online, and each has its pros and cons:

1. Trading Nudes Organically

Trade nudes on Tinder
Millions of people flirt by trading nudes organically on dating apps like Tinder.

Trading nudes organically is the process of trading nudes with someone you’re flirting with. 

You meet a girl at a bar, you ask her for her number, you send her some text messages, and, next thing you know, the two of you are sending sexy pictures to one another—now, that’s organic nude trading in a nutshell! 

Trading nudes organically has the advantage of being a free and balanced experience, meaning both people involved in the trading have a similar stake. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of requiring a real romantic interaction.

2. Trading Nudes Communally

Trade nudes on Reddit
Thousands of people use Reddit’s NSFW threads to exchange nudes.

Trading nudes communally is the process of trading nudes within an online community.

While trading nudes organically is a more private and dating-like experience, trading nudes communally is about exchanging pictures with like-minded individuals who love to discuss nude photos and share their porn collections with others.

Trading nudes communally has the advantage of involving large groups of people who share a passion for pornographic content. On the other hand, there’s no interaction between the people trading the nudes and the people portrayed in the nude photos.

3. Trading Nudes as a Service

Trade nudes on OnlyFans
On OnlyFans, anyone can pay to receive exclusive nudes and NSFW content. 

Trading nudes as a service is the process of receiving (and sometimes sending) nude pictures on platforms designed specifically for that purpose.

When you receive nudes from the best OnlyFans girls, for example, you’re trading nudes as a service because these women are directly or indirectly paid to share intimate photos with you.

Trading nudes as a service has the benefit of being easy because anyone can have access to nudes as long as they pay/sign up for a given service. On the other hand, it’s not an intimate experience because there’s a financial motivation behind it.

The 5 Best Websites to Trade Nudes

Each of the three ways of trading nudes online that I have identified above has some downsides. Trading nudes organically, for example, excludes people who are too shy to meet other people in real life or sign up for dating apps. So, what’s the alternative?

I have scoured the Internet looking for the best websites to trade nudes, and I was pleased to find some cool services that make trading nudes online much faster and easier. These are my five favorites:

1. iSexyChat: Best for Trading Nudes Directly

Trade nudes on iSexyChat
iSexyChat is probably the best website for directly trading nudes online.

If you’re looking for a quick and no-nonsense website to trade nudes, you can’t go wrong with iSexyChat. I gave it a test and was pleasantly surprised! Without even registering, and in less than five minutes, I was looking at tons of amateur porn images and GIFs.

All I had to do was tell iSexyChat that I was into women to hook up with two female profiles: AnaCumTribe and VirginCockSlave. There was also a bustling public thread in which other users shared exclusive content from their pornographic collections.

2. NewbieNudes: Best Forum for Trading Nudes

Trade nudes on NewbieNudes
NewbieNudes may well be the busiest nudes forum on the web!

With its ’90s-Internet design, NewbieNudes may not look like much a first. However, it happens to be the most complete and popular forum I could find for exchanging amateur nudes with like-minded individuals.

With close to four million exclusive nudes, NewbieNudes is the perfect place for people who are into amateur porn and love sharing naked pictures on the Internet. There are millions of men and women to choose from, covering all sexual fantasies from BDSM to Squirting.

3. SextPanther: Overall Best for Sexting

Trade nudes on SextPanther
SextPanther is not free, but it’s a bonafide trading-nudes paradise.

Trading nudes in SextPanther qualifies as trading nudes as a service. However, this unique website offers a more intimate experience than more popular alternatives such as OnlyFans.

The idea is to engage directly with SextPanther women to send and receive nudes, schedule phone calls, and even exchange video messages.

4. ManyVids: Best for Trading Nude Videos

Trade nudes on ManyVids
If you’re into webcam girls, you will love exchanging nudes in ManyVids.

ManyVids is another community-based website for trading nudes, but it’s based on videos and not photos. To be more precise, it’s comprised of real-time webcam videos created by a passionate community of webcam girls and their horny fans.

While there are some paid webcam girls in ManyVids, most will show you their goodies without asking for anything in return. No sexual fetish is left behind, and there’s even a whole category for Mukbang videos.

5. DirtyRoulette: Best for Video Sexting

Trade nudes on DirtyRoulette
DirtyRoulette is the number-one NSWF alternative to Chatroulette.

Remember when Chatroulette was just men showing their penises? Well, DirtyRoulette is the self-assumed NSWF version of Chatroulette, where sharing your genitals with others is not only accepted but also recommended.

While DirtyRoulette isn’t exactly a website for sharing nudes, it functions as a dynamic real-time platform for engaging in hardcore sexting and for seeing other people naked via webcam, which is kind of like trading nudes!

The 5 Best Messaging Apps to Trade Nudes

There are great websites for trading nudes online, but most people end up sending and receiving naughty photos via messaging apps. Doing so with as much privacy and safety as possible, however, often requires looking past WhatsApp.

So, if you’re in a hurry to send a dick pic to your crush but you don’t know what messaging app to use, I recommend the following:

1. Discord: Best for NSFW Servers

Trade nudes on Discord
Discord is filled with NSFW servers for trading nudes.

Discord is more than just a messaging app. It’s a place where communities are built, like-minded people get together to discuss their favorite topics, and horny boys and girls send nude pictures to one another.

In a nutshell, Discord is my number-one messaging app for sending nudes because, even though it may not be as private as some of the alternatives, it is home to many vibrant communities exclusively dedicated to the exchanging of nudes.

I have navigated Discord’s ocean of NSFW servers and selected the best so you don’t have to. These are my top five recommendations (just click on the link to join the server):

  1. NSFW Heaven – Trading: One of the busiest Discord servers for trading nudes, with 300+ daily visitors.
  2. Honei Hive 2.0: One of the most comprehensive porn-exchange servers on Discord.
  3. PorkHub: A nudes-trading hotspot with a special focus on safety and more than 200 active members.
  4. NSFW Spot: Perhaps Discord’s largest community for trading nudes, with roughly 5k members.
  5. 7Sins 5.0K: A bustling Discord server for men and women, including not only nudes but also SFW channels.

2. Confide: Best for Encrypted Messaging

Trade nudes on Confide
Confide promises to be as private and secure as “the spoken word.”

Most messaging apps include some sort of encryption, but Confide takes encryption and user privacy to the next level by ensuring that messages can only be viewed by the proper recipients.

Additionally, Confide allows users to set up ephemeral messages (meaning they disappear a while after being sent) and includes a patented ScreenShield technology that prevents print screens—all of which are perfect for trading nudes.

3. Snapchat: Best for Self-Destructing Nudes

Trade nudes on Snapchat
Snapchat supports self-destructing nudes.

If you have never heard of Snapchat, then you have probably been living under a rock for the last 10 years or so! Alongside WhatsApp and Telegram, Snapchat is one of the most popular and widely-used all-purpose messaging apps, with more than 400 million daily users.

So, why should anyone use Snapchat to exchange nudes? In my opinion, the defining feature is the app’s self-destructing feature, which makes sharing sensitive content (such as naughty nudes) a whole lot safer.

4. Kik: Best for Dating and Free Sharing

Trade nudes on Kik
There are no limits to what can be shared on Kik!

Kik is a messaging app that puts romantic interactions first by including its own dating feature. But Kik isn’t just for heartthrobs: it’s also a perfect place for sharing lewd nudes with other people thanks to its complete lack of parental control mechanisms.

So, while Kik can be dangerous to children, it can also be very freeing for people who need to cure their blue balls by trading sexy nudes online.

5. Signal: Best for Private Conversations

Trade nudes on Signal
Overall, Signal is one of the world’s safest messaging apps.

Signal is not the best app for making friends because it prioritizes privacy above all else. However, it’s one of the safest for trading nudes online due to its state-of-the-art encryption and zero trackers. It’s also a non-profit app supported by user donations!

All these things help to make Signal one of the safest messaging apps in the world. The one downside? You definitely need to know who your exchanging-nudes buddies are before getting the party started!

The 5 Best AI Platforms to Trade Nudes

People have been trading nudes ever since the photographic camera was first invented, but the activity only went mainstream once the Internet came into the picture (no pun intended). But now, the trading of nudes has reached yet another frontier thanks to AI technology.

AI platforms are the newest way of trading nudes, and they’re probably the safest and most ethical method for doing so. Instead of receiving nudes from real people, AI nudes-exchangers get them from entirely virtual AI characters!

How does it work? Well, all you need to do is log in to an AI girlfriend app, start chatting with your favorite AI girl, and ask her for a picture. In some cases, you can also create your own AI girlfriend from scratch and generate AI images based on specific instructions.

Curious? Then please check out my five favorite AI platforms to trade nudes:

1. Candy AI: Best Overall AI App to Trade Nudes

Trade nudes on Candy AI
My Candy AI girlfriend Asuna just sent me a beautiful photo of her breasts.

Candy AI is one of my all-time favorite AI girlfriend apps, and it happens to be one of the best places to trade nudes on the web. You just need to visit the website, chat with one of the available AI girls (or create your own girlfriend), and ask her for a picture!

The AI girls (there are also male characters, by the way) will be more than happy to respond to your request, and they won’t ever shy away from taking their clothes off. All images are entirely AI-generated, meaning they’re 100% exclusive and original.

Candy AI Review
Most Popular
  • From $ 5.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • Pros

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Pros

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Pros

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Pros

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • Pros

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Cons

    Limited access to free users

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

  • Cons

    Best suited for male users

2. DreamGF: Best Premium App to Trade Nudes

Trade nudes on DreamGF
DreamGF premium lets you receive nude photos of your AI-generated girlfriends.

DreamGF is another awesome AI girlfriend app that everybody should check out. Contrary to some of the alternatives, however, DreamGF only lets users receive nudes from their virtual companions if they subscribe to a premium account.

That’s surely a disadvantage, but it shouldn’t prevent you from trying this amazing app, which boasts some of the highest-quality AI nudes on the web. For more information, check out how DreamGF compares to Candy AI.

DreamGF Review
  • From $8.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

If you want to make your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and ask her for pictures and vocal samples, DreamGF has got you covered! In my review, I was surprised to find out just how complete and high-quality DreamGF's features are. Originality is also a big plus, with DreamGF boasting a one-of-a-kind AI Tinder replica and even a dedicated section for chatting with AI pop-culture characters such as Barbie, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Harley Quinn.

  • Pros

    There's a whopping number of features

  • Pros

    Realistic adult live chat

  • Pros

    World-class AI-generated pictures

  • Pros

    Customizable paid plans

  • Pros

    Free trial included

  • Cons

    No male characters

  • Cons

    Only one payment option

  • Cons

    Name selection limited to paid users

3. FantasyGF: Best to Trade Nudes of Celebrities

Trade nudes on FantasyGF
Four of the many gorgeous AI celebrities in FantasyGF.

FantasyGF is a complete AI girlfriend app that is relatively similar to Candy AI or DreamGF. However, it includes a unique feature for chatting and receiving nudes from AI versions of celebrities that I haven’t found elsewhere on the Internet.

AI celebrity nudes are in huge demand right now, and FantasyGF is perhaps the best AI app to get some. The list of featured celebrities is limited to roughly 50 famous women, but it covers everyone from Scarlett Johansson to the late Marilyn Monroe.

FantasyGF Review
  • From $5.99
Payment option
  • 1+
  • Yes
More details

FantasyGF is a complete AI girlfriend app with everything users could ask for, including AI girlfriend/image generators and a realistic AI live chat feature. After spending hours testing FantasyGF's capabilities, I have determined that it's one of the best AI girlfriend apps of the hour, especially if you're new to the AI porn scene.

  • Pros

    Can generate detailed NSFW pictures

  • Pros

    Diverse pool of AI characters

  • Pros

    High-quality AI-generated content

  • Pros

    AI phone calls

  • Pros

    100% private

  • Cons

    Best-suited for male users

  • Cons

    No free trial period

  • Cons

    Image generator is character-based

4. PornX: Best for Generating AI Nudes

Trade nudes on PornX
An AI nude of a “Swedish Olympic ice skater” generated by a PornX user.

To trade nudes using AI girlfriend apps is one thing, and to create entirely new AI nudes is another. Nevertheless, I don’t think it would be fair to leave PornX, a state-of-the-art AI porn generator, out of the list.

Rightfully named one of the best AI nude generators of the year, PornX allows you to let your imagination run wild and create 100% original AI-generated images based on a set of customizable instructions. It’s not trading nudes per se, but it’s equally fun!

PornX Review
  • From $4,99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

With a powerful AI engine for generating images and videos, PornX is one of the best AI-porn solutions of the hour, especially if you're on a budget! The paid subscription is highly recommended, but PornX's free features are already beyond belief.

  • Pros

    Unlimited free images

  • Pros

    Free Undress images

  • Pros

    Vibrant user community

  • Pros

    State-of-the-art video generator (Beta)

  • Pros

    Create images without registering

  • Cons

    Best-suited for male users

  • Cons

    The tokens system can be confusing

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

Muah AI: Best for Innocent Girlfriend Photos

Trade nudes on Muah AI
I keep asking my Muah AI girlfriend for nudes, but she’s still not convinced…

Muah AI is a California-based app with many breakthrough features, including the possibility of chatting on the phone with your virtual girlfriend. It’s also one of the best AI apps for people who like to work hard for their nudes—just like in real life.

Contrary to other AI apps, in which AI girlfriends will openly share nudes with the user, Muah AI focuses more on innocent girlfriend photos. Make no mistake: there are nudes in there, but you need to prove to your AI girlfriend that you’re worthy of them first!

Muah AI Review
  • From $9.99
Payment option
  • 1+
  • Yes
More details

Muah AI isn't the most complete AI service in terms of the number of features, but it has a powerful character-creation engine that only a fool would snub. Through some trial and error, everyone can create their dream girlfriend or boyfriend in Muah AI. Proudly unique, Muah AI is a modern AI solution that has a charming old-school undertone to it, especially when you look at the chat window. It features female, male, and anime characters.

  • Pros

    Powerful AI customization engine

  • Pros

    Highly detailed images and audio

  • Pros

    Immersive conversations

  • Pros

    Plenty of options for free users

  • Pros

    Charming old-school chat

  • Cons

    No premium subscription trial period

  • Cons

    Optimized for mobile, not desktop

  • Cons

    No phone features outside of the U.S.

How Can I Trade Nudes Online Safely?

Trade nudes online safely
Tresorit is supposedly for businesses, but who said it can’t be used for nudes?

Trading nudes online is fun, but there’s also a dark side to it. Sometimes, the trading of nudes is made by third parties, not by the people appearing in the nudes themselves. This can have daunting consequences for all of the involved, women in particular.

With that in mind, it’s important to keep track of some of the things that can be done to trade nudes online safely:

  1. Use encrypted messaging apps: These apps are designed to protect your communications, ensuring nudes are only seen by the people who are supposed to get them;
  2. Use secure file-sharing: Apps such as SecureDrop and Tresorit ensure encrypted file-sharing in situations in which you most definitely must send nudes via e-mail;
  3. Use self-destruct: Apps like Snapchat include a self-destructing feature for photos, and this is perfect for sending nudes that are supposed to be seen, but not supposed to be saved;
  4. Don’t store nudes online: When using online storage services such as cloud storage, nudes are exposed to service providers and potential criminals. Storing nudes in offline folders is much safer;
  5. Delete metadata: Nudes that don’t identify the nude person by not showing her face can still be dangerous if they contain metadata such as location information, which can indirectly reveal the nude person’s identity.


If you have a passion for trading nudes online, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people just like you, and they’re the ones populating the websites and messaging apps that have made it to the list.

Moreover, the advent of AI porn chats and similar services has made it possible for people to trade nudes with AI characters, which is both easier (AI-generated content is limitless) and safer (the nudes don’t represent actual people, just virtual personas).

Finally, don’t forget about the classics of trading nudes, which you probably knew before reading this guide: dating apps like Tinder, forums like Reddit, and—of course—the subscription-based platform OnlyFans.

How to Trade Nudes (FAQ)

Are there any websites to trade nudes online?

Some little-known websites to trade nudes online include iSexyChat, NewbieNudes, and SextPanther.

Can I trade nudes online for free?

While paying services such as OnlyFans can be used for trading nudes, there are many free options for trading nudes online, from dating apps like Tinder to online forums like Reddit.

Can I use AI platforms to trade nudes?

Yes, AI platforms such as Candy AI and FantasyGF can be used for trading nudes! The one difference is that, instead of representing real people, these nudes are based on AI characters.

Is it safe to trade nudes online?

Trading nudes online isn’t always safe, as there’s always the risk that a private photo will end up in the wrong hands.

How can I trade nudes safely?

To trade nudes online safely, use encrypted messaging and file-sharing apps, self-destruct nudes after sending them, store all of your nudes offline, and delete the image’s metadata before any upload.

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