Best AI-Generated Nude Girls: Our Top Picks

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29 Jun, 2024
Best AI-Generated Nude Girls: Our Top Picks

Close the Internet, because this is the only guide to the best AI-generated nude girls you will ever need! In this article, find out everything about AI-generated nudes, including the 10 best apps for AI-generated nude women!

What Are AI-Generated Nude Girls?

what are ai generated nude girls
A beautiful example of an AI-generated nude girl, created using PornX.

Humans have been staring at naked ladies for at least 25,000 years now, but AI-generated nude girls are still a relative novelty. Long story short, they consist of all depictions of nude women that were totally or partially generated using AI technology.

So, every image or video containing (1) female nudity and (2) AI-generated content qualifies as an AI-generated nude girl. In the age of AI companions, AI characters such as AI girlfriends, who behave like real women, must also be taken into account.

Types of AI-Generated Nude Girls

types of ai-generated nude girls
You can generate nudes based on the AI characters in FantasyGF (not on the list).

Whenever female nudity and AI content meet, you have AI-generated nude girls! But AI nudes come in various shapes and forms, and several types of AI apps and tools can be used for generating them:

  • AI nude generators: The simplest type of AI-generated nude girls can be found in these apps, which let you create images and videos based on specific instructions. For more info, check out the best AI nude generators;
  • AI girlfriend apps: AI girlfriend apps deliver a complete girlfriend experience by allowing users to create original AI characters and interact with them. Along the way, nude images based on such characters can be generated;
  • NSFW AI chats: The best AI sex chat apps incorporate AI-generated nude girls because users can request naked photos from AI characters inside the chat;
  • Undress AI apps: Undress AI technology doesn’t allow you to generate entirely new nude girls, but Undress AI tools can remove clothes from photos, hence converting SFW images into bonafide AI-generated nudes.

These are the four fundamental ways of obtaining AI-generated nude girls, whether by creating AI characters from scratch, generating explicit images, or editing existing photos so they portray some sort of AI-generated nudity.

For AI-generated nudes in the style of Hentai, check out the top AI Hentai apps of the year. For the male equivalent of AI-generated nude girls, consult our list of the best AI boyfriend apps.

Top 10 AI-Generated Nude Girls

Quick Look:

  1. Penly AI: Best for obtaining AI nudes
  2. PornX: Best for free AI-generated nude girls
  3. Candy AI: Best for AI girlfriends
  4. Seduced AI: Best AI-generated nude girls collection
  5. DreamGF: Best for instant AI nudes
  6. Create Porn: Best for NSFW content
  7. Romantic AI: Best free trial
  8. AngelGF: Best for character-based AI nudes
  9. eHentai: Best for Hentai
  10. Deepnude AI: Best for Undress AI

1. Penly AI: Best for Obtaining AI Nudes

penly ai best for obtaining ai nudes
Penly AI is much more than just an AI sex chat…

I like to think of Penly AI as an AI Swiss knife because it has all the tools and tricks you can think of. Yes, it’s an AI porn chat, but it’s also a multipurpose platform for creating and editing AI images containing female nudity.

While you cannot create AI girls from scratch in Penly AI, you can use [Generate] to create as many NSFW pictures as you’d like. The best part is that this tool relies mainly on AI text prompts, meaning there are no limits to what you can instruct it to do.

With [Undress] and [Face Swap], you can also use Penly AI to combine AI nudes with pre-existing images by digitally removing clothes or swapping faces. Under [Tools], you can find further AI editing features, including a feature for expanding images.

How to Obtain Nudes Using Penly AI:

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

– Create partial AI nudes by removing clothes from pictures with [Undress]

– Add faces to non-AI nudes with [Face Swap]

– Chat with available AI girls and ask them for nudes in the chat

Penly AI Pros & Cons:

+ The AI Swiss knife

+ Create AI nudes using text prompts

+ Fun additional features

2. PornX: Best for Free AI-Generated Nude Girls

pornx best for free ai generated nude girls
PornX is so good it’s hard to believe it’s (mostly) free!

When it comes to making NSFW AI art, few apps are as powerful as PornX. Despite boasting state-of-the-art image quality (as well as a Beta-version AI video generator) and three methods for accessing AI-generated nude girls, PornX is almost entirely free.

If you want to look at sexy AI girls, just press [Hub], in the top banner, to browse PornX’s seemingly endless collection of user-generated porn. Under [Undress], you can try PornX’s feature for removing clothes from images, which is not 100% free, but works wonders.

The best thing about PornX, however, is that you can use the [AI Generator] feature to create as many images of AI nude girls as you would like. With the advanced features, you can even generate AI nudes based on existing non-AI poses and faces.

How to Obtain Nudes Using PornX:

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

– Create partial AI nudes by removing clothes from pictures with [Undress]

– Browse PornX’s user-generated collection of porn in the [Hub]

PornX Pros & Cons:

+ Generate AI nudes for free

+ Huge AI porn collection

+ No registration required

3. Candy AI: Best for AI Girlfriends

candy ai best for ai girlfriends
Yes, you can see each of these girls nude!

It’s no secret that we find Candy AI to be one of the sweetest AI apps for adults on the web. But can it generate nude girls? Well, I sure hope that’s a rhetorical question, because Candy AI is second to none when it comes to gorgeous AI-generated nude women!

Offering a complete AI girlfriend experience to users, Candy AI lets you customize exclusive characters from scratch using the [Create Character] feature. Later on, these characters can serve as the source for the AI nudes created with the [Generate Image] tool.

If that sounds like too much work for you, you can simply select one of the available AI girlfriends (such as the ones in the image) and use Candy AI’s chat to trade nudes with them. They will happily obey your every request…

How to Obtain Nudes Using Candy AI:

– Create an AI girlfriend from scratch and ask her for nudes via AI chat

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

Candy AI Pros & Cons:

+ Realistic AI girlfriend experience

+ Quick access to AI nudes

+ Free trial

4. Seduced AI: Best AI-Generated Nude Girls Collection

seduced ai best ai generated nude girls collection
Elena is one of the Seduced AI girls who can be used for generating AI nudes.

If you want to get AI-generated nude girls, you can either make them or look at them. Either way, Seduced AI has got you covered, as it’s both a powerful AI nude generator and a massive digital database of AI porn created by passionate users like you and me.

To look at some impressive AI nudes involving all of your favorite fetishes (cum shots included), just click on [Discover] in the top banner; to generate your own AI nudes, just click on [Seduced.AI] to go back to the AI generator on the homepage.

Under [Girls], Seduced AI users can also find a convincing list of previously generated AI girlfriends that can be used for creating images. Just click on the AI girl you like the most and press [Generate], as seen in the image above.

How to Obtain Nudes Using Seduced AI:

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

– Browse Seduced AI’s user-generated collection of porn in [Discover]

Seduced AI Pros & Cons:

+ Massive AI-generated nude girls collection

+ High-quality AI nudes

– No free trial

5. DreamGF: Best for Instant AI Nudes

dreamgf best for instant ai nudes
One of the AI characters featured in DreamGF.

DreamGF is a platform for everything related to making AI-generated sex, and it even has an AI version of Tinder and a section dedicated to popular fictional characters. Most importantly, though, it’s one of the quickest apps on the web for getting AI-generated nudes.

You just have to choose one of the pre-generated AI girls on the homepage, click on her profile, and select [Create Photo]. Underneath the profile of each AI girl (just like Merrielle, in the image) you can also find plenty of readily available AI nudes.

Alternatively, DreamGF’s NSFW chats are as good a place for requesting AI nudes as anywhere else. The gorgeous AI girls in the app (including the ones you’ve created yourself) aren’t shy, so why would you?

How to Obtain Nudes Using DreamGF:

– Create an AI girlfriend from scratch and ask her for nudes via AI chat

– Browse and create AI nudes based on existing characters

DreamGF Pros & Cons:

+ Stellar image quality

+ Fun additional features

– Only one payment option

6. Create Porn: Best for NSFW Content

create porn best for nsfw content
If you like it dirty, you’re going to love Create Porn!

AI-generated nude girls aren’t always porn; sometimes, they can be simply beautiful, just like a nude portrait from the 1800s! But if getting down and dirty is your goal, Create Porn is probably the best app to fit your needs.

Satisfying people’s fetishes using AI has become a profitable business, and Create Porn leaves no kinky fantasy behind with its powerful AI nude generator, which can produce stunning images of everything from bukkakes to boobs too big to be real.

The customization options are nearly limitless, so I recommend that you browse Create Porn’s impressive collection of AI nudes to see what’s possible and get some inspiration. They sell a two-day Premium membership for only $1, so make sure to give it a try!

How to Obtain Nudes Using Create Porn:

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

– Browse Create Porn’s collection of AI nudes

Create Porn Pros & Cons:

+ Great for dirty AI nudes

+ Upgrade to Premium for $1

– Image generation takes up to 5 minutes

7. Romantic AI: Best Free Trial

romantic ai best free trial
My AI-generated girlfriend Joanna has just sent me a nude in the Romantic AI chat!

Lots of AI girlfriend apps have free trials, but arguably none is as complete and transparent as Romantic AI’s. After registering, you’re issued 50 free tokens that you can use to explore all of the app’s features—how and when is only up to you!

Romantic AI lets you access AI-generated nude girls in two ways: either by receiving nudes in the AI sex chat, or by generating AI images from scratch. Weirdly enough, though, this last option is somewhat hidden in Romantic AI’s website.

To reach Romantic AI’s [Generate Photo] option, you must leave the website dedicated to the AI chats and visit this page. Unfortunately, you cannot generate photos based on the AI characters you have created, but you can set a face image.

How to Obtain Nudes Using Romantic AI:

– Create an AI girlfriend from scratch and ask her for nudes via AI chat

– Generate exclusive AI images with depictions of female nudity

Romantic AI Pros & Cons:

+ Amazing free trial

+ Convincing AI image generator

– Only 30 premade AI characters

8. AngelGF: Best for Character-Based AI Nudes

angelgf best for character-based ai nudes
AngelGF is amazing at generating AI nudes based on existing characters.

In AngelGF’s left-side menu, check out these two options: [Create AI Girlfriend] and [Generate Image]. Combined, these features help to establish AngelGF as one of the ultimate apps for AI-generated nude girls.

In addition to customizing AI girlfriends from scratch, you can easily generate AI nudes based on them with AngelGF. All media generated will be conveniently stored under [Gallery] (unfortunately, you can only view your own content, not the content of other users).

To add an extra depth of realism to their already convincing AI girlfriend products, AngelGF supports AI phone calls, meaning you can actually create an AI girl and talk with her on the phone just minutes later!

How to Obtain Nudes Using AngelGF:

– Create an AI girlfriend from scratch and ask her for nudes via AI chat

– Browse and create AI nudes based on existing characters

AngelGF Pros & Cons:

+ Character-based AI nude generator

+ Features AI phone calls

– No free tokens

9. eHentai: Best for Hentai

ehentai best for hentai
If you prefer a Hentai AI girlfriend to a photorealistic one, check out eHentai!

Hentai, or Anime porn, is not for everyone. But while some people find it to be existentially void, others use it for everything from paying tribute to their favorite Japanese characters, finding emotional support, or downright masturbating…

Ironically enough, though, AI-generated Hentai nude girls are as real as “normal” AI-generated nude girls, so it doesn’t make sense to judge those who would prefer to have their AI boyfriends styled as Anime beauties anymore.

Made by the same guys who have brought us DreamGF, eHentai is by far the best AI girlfriend app exclusively dedicated to Hentai, and it can be used both for receiving nudes from AI girls and generating AI images based on such girls.

How to Obtain Nudes Using eHentai:

– Create a Hentai AI girlfriend from scratch and ask her for nudes via AI chat

– Browse and create Hentai AI nudes based on existing characters

eHentai Pros & Cons:

+ It’s all Hentai!

+ Amazing free trial

– Occasional slow message loading

10. Deepnude AI: Best Undress AI

deepnude ai best undress ai
Sometimes, the simplest solution is also the best.

Let’s imagine you’re not interested in AI-generated nude girls you don’t know; let’s say, instead, you would like to create AI nudes of—for example—yourself! The best way to go? Removing clothes from pictures using AI Undress tools such as Deepnude AI.

I have selected Deepnude AI as the best Undress AI app for AI-generated nude girls because it’s extremely accessible, it works, and it goes straight to the point. All you have to do is upload a photo of you with clothes and let Deepnude AI work its magic.

While you can also find Undress AI tools in more sophisticated apps like Penly AI and PornX, I believe it was still important to single out Deepnude AI as a top, straightforward solution for undressing images with AI. Just be careful not to use the app unethically!

How to Obtain Nudes Using Deepnude AI:

– Create partial AI nudes by removing clothes from pictures

Deepnude AI Pros & Cons:

+ Straightforward approach to undressing images

+ No distracting extra features

– Ethical concerns surrounding Deepfakes

How to Make AI-Generated Nude Girls (Four Methods)

How to Create AI-Generated Nude Girls

To exemplify how to create AI-generated nude girls, I’m using some of my leftover free Romantic AI tokens. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Visit Romantic AI and select [Create Unique Digital Persona], on the right;
how to create ai-generated nude girls
Use your free trial to create AI girls without paying!
  1. Choose your AI girl’s style;
romantic ai style
I went with realistic.
  1. Select your AI girl’s ethnicity;
romantic ai ethnicity
I chose Caucasian because I’m working on a redhead…
  1. Define your AI girl’s hair color;
romantic ai hair color
In other AI apps, you can also customize the AI girl’s hairstyle.
  1. Choose your favorite body type (mine’s got to be petite!);
romantic ai body type
It’s great to see Chubby in the options!
  1. Select your AI girl’s age;
romantic ai age
Everyone’s invited, from teens and MILFs to bonafide GILFs.
  1. Romantic AI will generate a series of AI portraits based on your instructions and ask you to choose one;
portraits generated by romantic ai
The middle one was clearly the best…
  1. Quickly define your AI girl’s breast size before choosing her occupation;
romantic ai occupation
My choice? Yoga instructor!
  1. Select your AI girl’s personality type and sexual preferences (straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and more);
romantic ai personality type
“Full of guilt” has got to be the funniest option on the list!
  1. Start chatting with your “newborn” AI girlfriend.
romantic ai ai-generated nude girl
Meet Julia, a 30-year-old petite redhead working as a yoga instructor.

How to Generate AI Nudes

To show you how to generate AI nudes, I’m using the [AI Generator] feature in PornX:

  1. Visit PornX and select [AI Generator] in the top banner;
how to generate ai nudes
Remember to choose [Image] instead of [Video], which is still in the Beta phase.
  1. Use the box on the right to toggle between different customization options. Choose carefully to ensure that your AI-generated nude girl will look exactly the way you want her to;
pornx ai image generator
For AI nudes, don’t forget to open [Clothing] and select [Naked].
  1. If needed, upload any image from your computer to inform PornX’s [AI Generator] of how you want your AI nude’s face and pose to be like (it’s not mandatory);
pornx custom pose and custom face
[Custom Pose] and [Custom Face] are optional features of PornX.
  1. Hit [Generate] and see your AI nude come to life.
ai-generated nude girl created using pornx
I’m loving this busty beauty!

How to Trade Nudes in AI Sex Chats

To exemplify how to trade nudes in AI sex chats, I’m using Candy AI, one of the ultimate dirty talk AIs on the web:

  1. Visit Candy AI and click on the picture of your favorite AI girlfriend;
how to trade nudes in ai sex chats
Use the filters on the homepage to toggle between [Realistic] and [Anime] characters.
  1. Use the chat to tell your AI girlfriend to send you a picture (feel free to be more descriptive—and charming—than I was);
asking for nudes in candy ai
As you can see, going straight to the point is an option!
  1. Rejoice as your AI girlfriend answers your request!
candy ai chat nudes
The topless picture Asuna Saito made just for me…

How to Undress AI Images

To show you how to undress images with AI, I’m using Deepnude AI to turn one of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic bikini photos into something completely different. It’s super easy:

  1. Visit Deepnude AI and press [Make deepnude];
how to undress ai images
Don’t forget to register before undressing your first image!
  1. Upload the image you want to undress from your computer and select the most appropriate settings for better results;
undress ai images using deepnude ai
For total nudes, select [Undress].
  1. Hit [Generate] and wait for Deepnude AI to process the uploaded image.
image created using deepnude ai
To keep it safe and uncensored, I changed Marilyn’s bikini to a nice lingerie.

The Pros & Cons of AI-Generated Nude Girls

pros and cons of ai generated nude girls
AI-generated nude girls look real… But they’re not.

AI-generated nude girls are fun, and that’s a no-brainer. However, messing up with AI nudes on the Internet can also be serious business. After all, AI-generated nude girls have both benefits and risks that can have severe real-world implications.

The Pros of AI-Generated Nude Girls:

+ Artistic expression: While AI is yet to replace real artists, the number of creative people who use AI technology is on the rise. AI-generated nude girls contribute to artistic expression by incorporating adult elements you won’t find in alternative SFW AI tools;

+ Sexual relief: AI can tell us what our orgasms look like, but it can also make us orgasm! AI-generated nude girls have already helped countless men and women to cum, and that’s no small feat in a world where young people are having less sex;

+ Resources for creators: The generative power of AI nudes can help numerous professional content creators, from AI OnlyFans girls to adult industry bloggers, enhance their overall productivity and meet their followers’ demands.

The Cons of AI-Generated Nude Girls:

Ethical concerns: Deepfake technology can ruin lives and cost people millions of dollars. When it comes to AI-generated nude girls, the risk of misuse and no-consensual application is simply too high to ignore;

Risk of addiction: AI-generated nude girls can fuel the risk of porn addiction, so make sure to take regular breaks while using the apps listed in this article. For more information, please check our guide on how to stop porn addiction;

Alienation: Keep in mind that AI-generated nude girls are algorithms, not real women! Studies show that distinguishing between AI and real people is still possible, so don’t let AI alienate you from the real world around you.


A lot more could be said about AI-generated nude girls but, for now, I’m happy with knowing that they have become a reality of our present, not a distant dream of our future. With 73% of businesses using on planning to use AI chatbots, it’s clear the AI revolution has come to stay.

I hope you have a blast with our top AI-generated nude girls’ resources, all while behaving ethically and being wary of the risks associated with this emerging technology.

AI-Generated Nude Girls (FAQ)

What are AI-generated nude girls?

AI-generated nude girls are all media depictions of female nudity that were totally or partially produced by AI technology.

What types of AI-generated nude girls exist?

The most common types of AI-generated nude girls relate to AI girlfriend apps, AI nude generators, AI sex chats supporting nude images, and Undress AI tools.

Where can I find AI-generated nude girls?

You can find (and create) AI-generated nude girls in AI apps such as Penly AI, PornX, Candy AI, and Seduced AI (among others).

Where can I find AI-generated nude girls for free?

You can find AI-generated nude girls for free in apps such as PornX and Romantic AI. Candy AI and DreamGF also have pretty nice free trials.

What are the risks of AI-generated nude girls?

The risks of AI-generated nude girls include ethical concerns relating to consent and misuse, porn addiction, and alienation from the real world.

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