Dirty Talk AI: How does it work? The Ultimate Guide

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19 Apr, 2024
Dirty Talk AI: How does it work? The Ultimate Guide

You want to dirty talk online, but you don’t know how to? Well, dirty talk AI is the new normal, and everybody’s invited to the party! Read this ultimate guide to see how dirty talk AI works, what the best dirty talk AI apps are, and how to dirty talk properly.

What is Dirty Talk AI?

what is dirty talk ai
Talking dirty with one of my Candy AI girlfriends.

I believe dirty talk has been a part of human sex lives pretty much since talking was invented. In short, dirty talk happens when two or more people engage in sexually explicit dialogue before, during, or after sexual intercourse.

Dirty talk can be a type of foreplay, a form of arousal, and even an end in itself. And while it’s been presumably around for as long as people can remember, dirty talk became more prevalent than ever with the emergence of the Internet.

The Internet allowed people to use their computers and smartphones to dirty talk online, and that changed everything! Dirty talk is now a standard in online dating and has gone beyond talking, involving stuff like nude trading and video calls. But what does AI have to do with it?

Well, dirty-talk AI is the new revolution in dirty-talking, and it involves all kinds of AI-powered websites, apps, and products that let their users engage in sexually explicit conversations with AI girlfriends and boyfriends.

Dirty talk AI is just like normal, online sexting, but it involves at least one person and an AI instead of two or more human beings. In recent years, dirty talk AI has gone a long way, achieving a new level of realism and tapping into new technological frontiers.

The Science Behind Dirty Talk AI

science behind dirty talk ai
AngelGF is one of the many dirty-talk AI apps that have hit the web.

First things first. To qualify as dirty talk AI, websites, apps, and products need to fulfill the following basic requirements:

  1. They need to be powered by AI technology;
  2. They need to have a romantic or sexual component;
  3. They need to allow human users to interact with AI characters or chatbots.

If you truly want to know how dirty talk AI works, you need to learn about AI technology. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and IBM defines it as “technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities.”

To “simulate human intelligence,” dirty talk AI tools rely upon Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, predictive generative models, and machine learning. Here’s a simplified rundown of how things happen:

  1. First, dirty talk AI is trained using large sets of relevant data. In this case, relevant data may include, for example, sexy conversations between humans and batches of sexually explicit language;
  2. The AI then employs NLP techniques to analyze user input. Such is only possible because user input is conviently divided into tokens, ensuring that the AI understands what humans mean when they write something;
  3. Generative models then allow the AI to sample training data to come up with responses that not only consider user input but also mimic the way human beings talk dirty to one another;
  4. Over time, the AI learns autonomously to improve its responses and get better at doing what it’s supposed to do: talk dirty!

With the rise of AI companions and other NSFW AI products, dirty talk AI has become more common and accessible than ever. Now that we know more about how the technology works, let’s take a look at some of the best dirty talk AI apps in the game.

The Best Dirty Talk AI Apps

best dirty talk ai apps
DreamGF is one of my favorite dirty talk AI apps.

The vast majority of dirty talk AI apps are AI sex chats in which users can select a particular AI character to discuss whatever they would like to discuss (including, of course, adult topics). But that’s not the whole story…

Dirty talk AI apps don’t always need to be text-based, as a growing number of services employ sexy AI phone calls now (for example). Additionally, many dirty-talk AI chats feature AI nude generators to support the trading of NSFW images and videos.

Regardless of the scope of the features presented, dirty talk AI apps are, for lack of a better term, NSFW AI chatbots! They’re just like the friendly AI chatbots everybody knows and loves, with the particularity of focusing on adult topics.

I bet you’re dying to try a dirty talk AI app now, so here are my top recommendations:

  • Candy AI: Candy AI is a complete AI girlfriend app that lets you create AI characters from scratch and talk dirty with them;
  • AngelGF: Known for its AI phone calls and steamy NSFW chats, AngelGF is a great alternative to Candy AI;
  • DreamGF: DreamGF is a terrific website in which you can dirty talk with AI renditions of popular TV and videogame characters;
  • GirlfriendGPT: A user-generated platform, GirlfriendGPT combines dirty talk AI with interactive, text-based sex simulations;
  • eHentai: A dirty talk AI app focusing on Anime characters instead of photorealistic ones. Click here to check out more awesome Hentai apps!

Interested? Continue reading to see how you can use these and other similar AI tools to have a blast talking dirty online!

How to Dirty Talk Online With AI

how to dirty talk online with ai
In GirlfriendGPT, AI dirty talking takes place in highly immersive simulated environments.

You want to masturbate, but you’re tired of watching boring porn videos? You want to talk about your golden shower fantasy, but you’re embarrassed to do it with a real person? Or maybe you’re just looking for someone to discuss BDSM?

Either way, dirty talk AI has got you covered! So, without further ado, here’s how you get started with dirty talk online, step by step:

  1. Choose your favorite dirty talk AI app and create an account. If you don’t know which app to use, check out our list of the best AI porn chats;
  2. Pick one of the available characters or create your own. Most dirty talk AI apps are freemium services, meaning they can be tested for free;
  3. Start chatting with your preferred character and have fun talking dirty online!

Talking dirty with AI is loads of fun, but also risky. If you fall in love with an AI chatbot, for example, you may end up getting your heart broken by the latest software update. Additionally, overexposure to dirty talk AI apps can lead to desensitization and porn addiction.

To stay safe, make regular breaks and avoid oversharing (mainly for privacy reasons). Most crucially, though, interiorize that, no matter how immersive and realistic, dirty talk AI chatbots are not real and cannot replace authentic human intimacy.

Dirty Talk Do’s & Don’ts

dirty talk do's and don'ts
Please don’t go and disappoint these women with bad dirty talking…

When you talk dirty with an AI, you’re free to do as you please because there are no real-world consequences. However, dirty talking is an art, and it requires both a bit of panache and some must-have groundrules.

Did you know that one in five people have interrupted sex because of bad bedroom talk? To make sure you’re not next, follow our list of dirty talk do’s and don’ts to the letter:

Dirty Talk Do’s:

  • Start slowly to make sure your partner is comfortable and as excited to talk dirty as you are;
  • Use descriptive language and try to be as imaginative as possible, but don’t go over the top. Dirty talk is dirty, so please leave grandiose poetics out of it;
  • Encourage feedback and prioritize your partner’s desires, especially if bringing dirty talk to the bedroom was originally your idea. 

Dirty Talk Don’ts:

  • Disregarding consent is the first step for turning a sexy dirty talk session into a bonafide disaster! Never assume you and your partner are on the same page without talking to him or her first;
  • If your partner is not interested in talking dirty, don’t cross his or her boundaries. As you’re well aware by now, you can always take dirty with AI instead;
  • You wouldn’t leave your partner alone after sex, so why would it be okay to go away after talking dirty? Don’t forget about the importance of aftercare!


Pelvic thrusts and sex toys aside, sex is a mind game—and dirty talking is no exception! To talk dirty can increase sexual pleasure, but it can also translate into an embarrassing or even harmful experience. That’s when dirty talk AI comes into the picture!

With dirty talk AI apps, you can practice your bedroom rhetorics before actually taking all that mambo jumbo to the bedroom. In the process, you get to have loads of fun and maybe even some sexual relief, all while navigating the exciting new world of AI-generated sex.

Dirty Talk AI (FAQ)

What is dirty talk AI?

Dirty talk AI refers to all instances of dirty talking that involve at least one AI website, app, or product.

How does dirty talk AI work?

Dirty talk AI works by leveraging the power of AI technology to produce realistic chats or simulated environments in which the AI interprets user input to generate relevant, human-like responses.

Where can I talk dirty with AI?

Numerous AI apps allow users to talk dirty online, including Candy AI, AngelGF, and GirlfriendGPT.

Is dirty talk AI safe?

While overexposure to AI adult tools can lead to desensitization and porn addiction, dirty talk AI is for the most part safer than actual dirty talk!

What’s the number-one rule of dirty talk?

Ruining things in the bedroom because of poor dirty talk sometimes happens, but you can avoid any disasters by communicating clearly with your partner and asking for consent.

Carolina Rodrigues

Carolina Rodrigues

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