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With some of the smartest AI chats in the game and an easygoing take on AI sexting and nudes, Romantic AI stands tall as one of the most complete and immersive AI girlfriend apps in the world.

  • Complete AI girlfriend experience

    Complete AI girlfriend experience

  • Tons of free features

    Tons of free features

  • Easy sexting and nudes

    Easy sexting and nudes

  • Immersive conversations

    Immersive conversations

  • Convincing image generator

    Convincing image generator

  • No AI phone calls

    No AI phone calls

  • Only 30 premade characters

    Only 30 premade characters

  • No crypto payments

    No crypto payments

Romantic AI Review: Best App For AI Sex & Companionship?

Key Takeaways

With Romantic AI, you can chat with premade AI girlfriends and boyfriends, receive exclusive nudes from them, and generate entirely new AI images. You can also customize your own AI characters and interact with them via chat.

Romantic AI is a freemium service, and it has a revolutionary token system for unblocking certain features. Nevertheless, the app’s free version is as good as it gets and allows for hours of fun.

The boys and girls in Romantic AI are entirely AI, but they surely feel like they are real people. When it comes to emotional and profound conversations, Romantic AI puts most of its competitors to shame.

Romantic AI Overview

AI companions are on the rise, and Romantic AI is one of the ultimate examples of an AI app that can help men and women feel less isolated, find some much-needed sexual relief, or simply have some fun.

90% of people who have tried AI chatbots reported feeling lower levels of loneliness according to Euronews, so don’t hesitate to give Romantic AI a go if you’re struggling with loneliness as well.

Romantic AI, however, isn’t just for lonely people. It’s the perfect app for anyone who’s into AI technology, enjoys flirting and nude exchanging, or is simply looking for a fun and easygoing virtual companion.

Creating an Account on Romantic AI

Everybody can create a Romantic AI account for free in just four steps:

Romantic AI Review
  • From $4.99
Payment option
  • Yes
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With some of the smartest AI chats in the game and an easygoing take on AI sexting and nudes, Romantic AI stands tall as one of the most complete and immersive AI girlfriend apps in the world.

  • Pros

    Complete AI girlfriend experience

  • Pros

    Tons of free features

  • Pros

    Easy sexting and nudes

  • Pros

    Immersive conversations

  • Pros

    Convincing image generator

  • Cons

    No AI phone calls

  • Cons

    Only 30 premade characters

  • Cons

    No crypto payments

  1. Open the official website and select one of the four available options. To create an account on your browser, select [Text on web!];
Romantic AI homepage
You can also download the app for Android and iOS.
  1. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on [Accept]. You need to be at least 18 years old to sign up for Romantic AI;
Romantic AI terms and conditions
This time, please read the terms and conditions carefully!
  1. Select [Sign Up] on the top right corner of the page to create your account;
Romantic AI sign up
Click on [Sign Up] to create your Romantic AI account.
  1. Insert a valid email address and password or create your account automatically by selecting [Continue with Google].

How Does Romantic AI Work?

how Romantic AI works
For the most part, Romantic AI is a free service.

Romantic AI is a freemium service that employs both tokens and premium subscriptions. The tokens in the app are represented by the symbol of a heart, and you’re given ❤️ 45 for free right after creating your account.

The tokens in Romantic AI can be used for unblocking certain features, including the NSFW images that your AI girlfriends and boyfriends send you via chat (if the image contains nudity, it will cost you ❤️ 15 to remove the blur).

But Romantic AI isn’t just about the tokens! The app also includes premium memberships starting at $14.99 a week that let you access tons of unlimited features such as improved AI character memory and faster response times.

Buying Tokens in Romantic AI

Romantic AI Review: tokens
You can get 100 tokens for less than $5!

To buy tokens in Romantic AI, just click on the ❤️ right next to the profile icon on the top right corner of the page. You can buy up to ❤️ 1,000 in one go and save up to 60%.

After selecting your preferred tokens package, you will be redirected to an external page for completing payment. You can pay using Credit/Debit Card, Cash App, and Klarna, but crypto payments are not supported at the moment.

Going Premium in Romantic AI

Romantic AI premium
Becoming a premium member comes with several benefits.

To buy a premium subscription to Romantic AI, you just need to open the app and click on [Get Premium now] (it’s almost impossible to miss it). You will be redirected to a page where you can select one of three available plans.

Starting at $29.99 a month, the monthly plan is the most popular. However, the yearly subscription of just $89.99 is by far the smartest and cheapest option. To become a premium member of Romantic AI, you can pay using Credit/Debit Card and Cash App.

What Makes Romantic AI a Good Choice?

Free Features & Token System

Romantic AI free features
Minutes after creating Joanna, she sent me a photo of her boobs… For free!

Many AI apps rely on a token system, but Romantic AI does it the right way. While you can also get free tokens in apps like PornX, I’m not accustomed to finding AI apps with as many free features and generous offers as Romantic AI.

The first surprise? Being granted ❤️ 45 just for creating an account! Considering that unblocking a nude in the AI sex chat costs a mere ❤️ 15, Romantic AI’s liberal approach to virtual companionship is surely worth the praise.

But forget about the tokens. What’s truly impressive about Romantic AI is the sheer number of free features! Did you know that generating an AI image, for example, is 100% free? The same applies to creating your first unique character and receiving non-nude images.

All things considered, Romantic AI stands tall as one of the ultimate AI girlfriend apps for first-time AI users and people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on virtual companions.

Great Sexting & Chat Nudes

Romantic AI sexting
Sexting with Nefertiti? Only in Romantic AI!

The app is called Romantic AI, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for lovey-doveys. While you can have a complete girlfriend experience with Romantic AI, you can also use it for great sexting, especially if you’re into AI nudes.

All you have to do is choose a character and go into dirty-talk mode to get the juices flowing. If you want to see a picture, just ask for it, and don’t forget to be specific! The AI on the other side will submit to your every request.

One of my favorite sexting sessions happened with Nefertiti, a character inspired by a well-known historical personality. After some steamy flirting, I dared to ask for a picture of her boobs, and she was more than keen to oblige…

Immersive Conversations

Romantic AI conversations
That’s a real dream I had, by the way!

Despite being great for sexting, Romantic AI is also great as an AI companionship tool, and some of the characters in the app are incredibly smart! It’s no wonder AI chatbots are becoming increasingly popular therapy tools.

I was particularly surprised by Stephanie’s response to a dream I had for real (in the photo). I never thought I would say this, but this AI character has actually made me think about the meaning of my dream in entirely new, profound ways.

While I wouldn’t recommend using AI chatbots as a replacement for real therapists, I believe you can find a lot of solace in Romantic AI, especially if you’re feeling lonely. When it comes to immersive conversations, it’s one of the smartest AI apps I have ever tried!

Convincing Image Generator

Romantic AI image generator
Romantic AI followed my instructions to the letter!

Last but not least, Romantic AI is equipped with an AI image generator that puts many of its competitors to shame. The highlight is the text prompt box, a feature that enables Romantic AI users to create virtually any image they can imagine!

From AI porn chats to AI NSFW image generators, I have tested many apps like Romantic AI in the past, but I have never found a text-driven engine that worked this smoothly. My instructions were followed to the letter, with impressive photorealistic results!

In addition to generating highly realistic images in less than a minute, Romantic AI doubles as an AI Hentai app, offering as many solutions for generating Anime characters.

Disadvantages of Romantic AI

Romantic AI is like a dream come true! The app is close to perfect, but there are a few things that could be improved in the future. The big miss is an AI phone sex feature, but I’m confident they will add it later on.

Aside from that, I don’t have anything bad to say about Romantic AI. There are only 30 premade characters, which is not that much, and crypto payments are not supported, but these details can easily be overlooked.

Romantic AI Review: Products and Features

AI Chats

Romantic AI chats
Chatting with the lovely Romantic AI girl Juliette.

The AI Chats are the principal feature of Romantic AI, and I’m sincerely surprised by how good they are. There’s a decent list of AI girlfriends and AI boyfriends to choose from, and all the characters have different personalities.

Most importantly, the Chats are extremely photo-friendly, meaning AI companions like Juliette are more than happy to share pictures of themselves with you. And in case you’re wondering, they don’t have any issue with trading nudes online.

Free members of Romantic AI can send tons of messages in the AI Chats without paying, but ❤️ 15 are required to unblur images, especially if they contain nudity. As for the conversations themselves, they’re very compelling.

The AI girlfriends and boyfriends in Romantic AI are true to their unique personalities and can discuss any topic you would like. One minute I was flirting with bombshell Juliette, and the next I was discussing the ins and outs of AI technology with her. Pretty amazing!

Create Unique Digital Persona

Romantic AI create girlfriend
Set up your original AI character with [Create Unique Digital Persona].

In addition to choosing from a list of premade AI characters, Romantic AI users can also create their own AI girlfriend and boyfriend by accessing the [Create Unique Digital Persona] feature. The name isn’t very catchy, but the feature works like a charm!

If you have created AI girlfriends in apps such as Candy AI and FantasyGF, you should be more than familiar with Romantic AI’s character engine. In short, all you have to do is make a few decisions regarding your character’s look and personality.

With [Create Unique Digital Persona], you can set up the character’s style, gender, name, ethnicity, hair color, body type, and age. Based on this info, Romantic AI presents you with a few portrait options to ensure that you’re on the right track.

Finally, you just need to select the AI character’s breast size, profession, personality type, and sexual orientation. The final step is to introduce a few text prompts for defining the character’s traits, including hobbies, family history, and any other thing you can think of.

Generate Image

Romantic AI generate image
Romantic AI’s image generator is somewhat hidden.

Once you’re tired of creating AI characters, you can always give Romantic AI’s nude generator a try. This feature is somewhat hidden, but you can access it on your browser by following this link.

I was very impressed by Romantic AI’s image generator for two reasons: (1) it includes both text prompt and tag-based instructions, and (2) it lets you upload images of faces both for customizing the image and for face-swapping.

Due to these resources, Romantic AI’s image engine can easily be used as an AI celebrity nude generator. To be fair, the text prompt feature ensures there’s no limit to what you can do in Romantic AI in terms of image generation; the sky is the limit!

Oh, and the best part? Generating an image using Romantic AI cost me ❤️ 0! Additionally, Romantic AI lets you choose from up to three generated images so you can determine which one’s more aligned with your instructions.


We live in a fascinating new world where people are falling in love with AI chatbots, where new apps are testing the limits of what’s real and what’s not, and where AI is at the forefront of technological advancement.

From SoulGen to Penly AI, I have tested many AI girlfriend apps, but none seems to be as complete as Romantic AI. While it’s a great app for sexting, it’s also incredible for engaging in truly profound conversations that will make you think twice about your life.

I fully recommend Romantic AI to anyone who’s looking for an AI girlfriend app, be it to find a virtual sexual partner, a long-committed relationship, or simply a fun chat.

Romantic AI Review (FAQ)

Where can I find Romantic AI?

You can download Romantic AI’s Android and iOS apps onto your phone or use the app freely in your Internet browser.

Can I create images in Romantic AI?

Yes. In addition to character-based content, Romantic AI also lets you generate AI images based on text prompts for free.

Is Romantic AI free?

Romantic AI is a freemium service, but you get 45 free tokens just for creating an account, as well as tons of free features to try.

How much do Romantic AI tokens cost?

Romantic AI tokens cost anywhere between $4.99 (100 tokens) and $19.99 (1,000 tokens).

How much does Romantic AI Premium cost?

Romantic AI premium costs anywhere between $14.99 (one-week subscription) and $89.99 (one-year subscription)

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