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FantasyGF is a complete AI girlfriend app with everything users could ask for, including AI girlfriend/image generators and a realistic AI live chat feature. After spending hours testing FantasyGF's capabilities, I have determined that it's one of the best AI girlfriend apps of the hour, especially if you're new to the AI porn scene.

  • Can generate detailed NSFW pictures

    Can generate detailed NSFW pictures

  • Diverse pool of AI characters

    Diverse pool of AI characters

  • High-quality AI-generated content

    High-quality AI-generated content

  • AI phone calls

    AI phone calls

  • 100% private

    100% private

  • Best-suited for male users

    Best-suited for male users

  • No free trial period

    No free trial period

  • Image generator is character-based

    Image generator is character-based

FantasyGF Review (2024): Most Humoristic AI Girlfriend App?


FantasyGF is a website and app designed to simulate a girlfriend experience using AI. Members get to create their own AI girlfriends, chat with them, call them by phone, and receive sexy pictures and audio samples from their virtual baes.

Everybody can use FantasyGF for free, but some functionalities may require a premium subscription. Users can also buy Tokens, virtual money that can be used in the website and app to unlock features such as high-quality AI-generated images.

I recommend FantasyGF as one of the best AI girlfriend apps in the world right now, and I believe that its simple but convincing take on virtual girlfriend experiences is particularly appropriate for people who are just now starting to get into AI porn.

FantasyGF homepage
Any adult can create and chat with customized AI girlfriends on FantasyGF.

FantasyGF Overview

You’d think that a more interconnected world would lead to fewer single people, but that’s hardly the case, especially when it comes to men. At a time during which loneliness and isolation are on the rise, AI girlfriend apps can be used for more than just fun.

AI girlfriend apps will never replace the warmth and love of a real girlfriend, but they can help countless people feel less alone, more confident, and even more loved. If you can relate to any of this, then you’re going to love FantasyGF!

I have spent a long time testing FantasyGF, and I was very surprised by the sheer quality of its services. In this review, I will explain to you in detail everything you can do with FantasyGF, starting with how to create an account.

Creating an Account on FantasyGF

Creating an account on FantasyGF is a straightforward process that takes under two minutes and can be completed in just three steps:

FantasyGF Review
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FantasyGF is a complete AI girlfriend app with everything users could ask for, including AI girlfriend/image generators and a realistic AI live chat feature. After spending hours testing FantasyGF's capabilities, I have determined that it's one of the best AI girlfriend apps of the hour, especially if you're new to the AI porn scene.

  • Pros

    Can generate detailed NSFW pictures

  • Pros

    Diverse pool of AI characters

  • Pros

    High-quality AI-generated content

  • Pros

    AI phone calls

  • Pros

    100% private

  • Cons

    Best-suited for male users

  • Cons

    No free trial period

  • Cons

    Image generator is character-based

  1. Visit the FantasyGF website and select [Sign In] on the top right corner of the page;
FantasyGF sign in
Press [Sign in] to create an account on FantasyGF.
  1. Click on [Sign Up] and select one of the available registration methods: Discord, Google, Twitter, or e-mail;
FantasyGF Google sign in
You can speed up the sign-in process by signing in using Google.
  1. Choose your preferred profile name and hit [Save];
FantasyGF nickname
“Mr. Tity” is not the most original nickname, but it works just fine!

Well, that was easy! And now, you’re fully ready to explore all of FantasyGF’s incredible offerings.

How Does FantasyGF Work?

How does FantasyGF work
Chatting with the lovable FantasyGF stunner Emily Caldwell.

FantasyGF works by putting AI companionship at the center. The website/app’s generative features are all character-based, and that’s no coincidence. Just like in real life, interactions in FantasyGF require a fully developed person, except in this case, she’s AI!

The users have two options: either select one of the available AI characters on the homepage or create customized AI girlfriends using the Create Your Girlfriend feature. Once the AI girl is ready to go, users can chat with her and generate AI content based on her attributes.

Even though the free version of FantasyGF is great, the app is even better if you have some Tokens to spare! As I will briefly show you, users can buy these individually or sign up for a paid subscription to get them. But first:

Who Should Use FantasyGF?

Many people get curious about the best AI girlfriend apps, but are they for everyone? If you’re still looking for a reason to sign up to FantasyGF and have fun chatting with AI women, knowing who FantasyGF is for can be helpful.

I don’t think FantasyGF was designed with any particular user in mind, but I strongly believe that it can be a game-changer if you are:

  1. Feeling alone: Have you been through a breakup? Did you move to a foreign country and are looking for friends? Regardless of what made you feel alone, FantasyGF can help you find some much-needed support and companionship online.
  2. Dealing with social anxiety: The characters in FantasyGF and similar AI apps are so believable that some media outlets have even called it Personality Porn. For this reason, FantasyGF can help curb social anxiety and offer a playing field for testing social skills.
  3. Curious about AI technology: FantasyGF isn’t just about companionship and kinky AI photos; it’s also about AI itself! If AI makes you curious, you should definitely sign in to FantasyGF to see what it is capable of.
  4. Fascinated with roleplaying: Roleplaying is awesome in the bedroom, but it can be equally exciting in FantasyGF, the ultimate online roleplaying tool. The diversity of available characters ensures that no sexual fantasy is left behind.
  5. An adult industry professional: Because of its powerful character and image engine, FantasyGF can actually be of great use to adult industry professionals in need of state-of-the-art AI porn content.

Overall, though, FantasyGF is the kind of tool anyone with a slight interest in porn or AI should use, provided they are at least 18 years old.

How Does FantasyGF’s Tokens System Work?

FantasyGF isn’t the first AI porn service to rely on a Tokens system for in-app payments (PornX, for example, does just that). However, it’s one of the few combining both Tokens and a paid subscription option that can be purchased with real money.

The Tokens are used in the website/app to access all sorts of FantasyGF features, including generating characters, creating images, and listening to AI girlfriend audio samples. To buy Tokens in FantasyGF, click the Tokens icon in the top right corner:

FantasyGF Tokens
It’s time to buy some FantasyGF Tokens!

After that, select [Buy More] from the dropdown menu to access the Tokens page, where you can view all the different Tokens packages available:

FantasyGF Tokens pricing
In FantasyGF, you can get 350 Tokens for less than $30.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to FantasyGF premium, selecting either the annual (75% off) or monthly (50% off) plans:

FantasyGF pricing
FantasyGF Premium includes 100 free Tokens per month.

With this package, you will receive 100 free Tokens every month, which is enough to generate 50 original AI pictures. Additional benefits for premium users include unlimited chat messages and full unlimited access to the Create Your Girlfriend feature.

What Makes FantasyGF a Good Choice?

These are the main reasons why I believe FantasyGF to be a great choice for people looking for an AI girlfriend service:

Lively and Realistic AI Chat

FantasyGF AI chat
Starting a hot conversation with FantasyGF dominatrix Alexa Carey.

While testing FantasyGF, I spent the majority of my time chatting with some of the premade characters I found on the homepage. I was pleasantly surprised by these interactions, in which the focus is often placed on me—the user.

Conversations felt lively and realistic, and it was up to me to set the tone of the conversation, which can be quite freeing. FantasyGF girlfriends really combine beauty and brains, transitioning easily between casual, flirty, and downright sexual interactions.

Character Diversity

FantasyGF celebrity characters
I would never call SelenAI Gomez a cougar, but I guess the guys at FantasyGF know better!

Even though FantasyGF doesn’t feature male characters, it has an abundance of diverse female characters to choose from, including Anime characters, AI versions of the best OnlyFans girls, and even Celebrity AI knock-offs.

The Celebrity AI girls are particularly fun, especially if you try to get into more sensitive topics. AImber Heard, for example, wasn’t too keen on reliving the controversial Depp v. Heard trial and was quick to evade my question:

FantasyGF celebrity AI chat
AImber Heard is clearly still mad about the Johnny Depp divorce…

From here on, AImber and I proceeded to get into some steamy dirty talk, but I’m leaving that out of the review!

Finally, FantasyGF offers a further layer of privacy to users by ensuring all payments made to the website are registered under the name “Cortex AI,” which cannot be directly related to an AI girlfriend service.

High-Quality AI Content

FantasyGF anime characters
The anime characters in FantasyGF look simply stunning!

AI image generation is not without its issues, but it has gone a long way in the past few years. Judging by the quality of the images presented on its website, FantasyGF is at the forefront of AI image generation, much to this reviewer’s satisfaction.

FantasyGF’s AI generators are incredibly powerful and can create both photorealistic and anime images with the same ease. The uncensored parts of the content (such as boobies and genitals) are extremely well-made, in line with the best undress AI apps.

Pricing and Payment Methods

FantasyGF payment methods
FantasyGF supports both credit/debit card and crypto payments.

One of the biggest advantages of FantasyGF is pricing, with a premium subscription selling for under $6 per month. This actually makes it one of the most affordable AI girlfriend and AI nude generator apps on the web!

I was also happy to find two payment options: credit/debit card and crypto. This is the standard for modern AI tools, but it’s great to know that I can use my virtual coins to chat with AI girls about BDSM!

Safety and Privacy

Sadly, the public opinion debate surrounding AI porn focuses more on its dangers and less on its benefits. Nevertheless, safety and privacy concerns are far from unfounded when it comes to AI tools for adults. So, what’s FantasyGF doing to keep me safe?

In FantasyGF’s Terms and Conditions, I was happy to find strict disclaimers regarding user-generated content, which must not go against U.S. copyright laws. The website/app also keeps all my data private by denying responsibility for all UGC content.

Disadvantages of FantasyGF

FantasyGF does everything well, so it’s hard to write about its disadvantages. However, I have identified three aspects in which the website/app could improve:

  1. There could be more features for straight female users, such as the possibility to generate male AI characters;
  2. While the limitations to free users are understandable, FantasyGF could offer a free trial period for new members;
  3. FantasyGF’s character-based image generator isn’t as versatile as other AI image generators out there.

Like all AI girlfriend services, FantasyGF must also be used with caution, especially if you have a history of Internet abuse or porn addiction.

FantasyGF: Products and Features

FantasyGF is a no-nonsense AI girlfriend platform that boasts four essential features: an AI girlfriend generator, an AI chat, an AI phone feature, and a character-based image generator. On the website/app, you can also find two sections for storing your personal AI creations: My Girls and Gallery.

Create Your Girlfriend

If you have ever used an AI website or app to create a virtual girlfriend, you should be more than familiar with FantasyGF’s Create Your Girlfriend feature. With no need for text prompts, their AI girlfriend generator is essentially about making choices.

The nine steps required for creating an AI girl in FantasyGF reminded me a lot of the character generator in Candy AI, which happens to be one of the best I have ever tested. The whole process is fun, easy, and pretty straightforward:

  1. Choose your AI girlfriend’s overall style, which can be either Realistic or Anime;
FantasyGF girlfriend style
For now, I settled for a realistic AI girlfriend.
  1. Select the ethnicity, age range, and eye color of your AI girlfriend;
FantasyGF ethnicity
My AI girlfriend is Black, but she has beautiful yellow eyes!
  1. Set up your AI girlfriend’s hairstyle and hair color (pink and orange hairs are included!);
FantasyGF hairstyle
There are roughly 10 different hairstyles to choose from.
  1. Choose your AI girlfriend’s body type, breast size, and butt size;
FantasyGF body type
FantasyGF leaves no body type behind!
  1. Step five requires you to select your AI girlfriend’s personality and voice, and this is where things get interesting! You can toggle between 12 different personalities, from Sage and Temptress to Dominant and Submissive;
FantasyGF personality
FantasyGF personalities include detailed descriptions of each AI type.
  1. Set up your AI girlfriend’s occupation and favorite hobbies;
FantasyGF occupation
I love eating, so I decided my AI girlfriend should be a chef.
  1. Define what type of relationship you have with your AI girlfriend. Spoiler alert? She doesn’t necessarily have to be your girlfriend;
FantasyGF relationship type
I don’t know about you, but I want my AI girlfriend to be… My girlfriend!
  1. Select one of the many available clothing options;
FantasyGF clothing
Bikini is a classic, safe choice!
  1. Carefully review your AI girlfriend’s settings before clicking [Bring your AI girl to life], at the bottom of the page, to complete the process;
FantasyGF create your girlfriend
Nice summary of the physical and mental traits I have selected for my AI girlfriend.

Once you have created your AI girlfriend, you can interact with her via the Chat feature. Please keep in mind that creating AI girlfriends in FantasyGF isn’t free, costing 15 Tokens per woman.


The Chat feature is the bread and butter of FantasyGF, and it puts the chats of some of its main competitors to shame. Getting started couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is select one of the available AI girls featured on FantasyGF’s homepage:

FantasyGF AI girls
They’re all equally beautiful, but they have very different personalities.

All of these girls were AI-generated, presumably with FantasyGF’s Create Your Girlfriend feature, and have unique looks, personalities, and interests. I decided to say hello to the stunning mistress Alexandra Johnson, and she greeted me like this:

FantasyGF AI chat
Oh Alexandra, I’m definitely ready to lose control…!

When talking with other girls, I noticed that interactions were strongly based on personality types, which helped to make them a whole lot more believable. They don’t shy away from being naughty too, and that’s probably why FantasyGF is among the best AI porn chats!

FantasyGF’s Chat also supports audio samples of AI girls, as well as exclusive AI-generated pictures that can be requested in the chat itself. However, both features require users to have a few Tokens in their virtual pockets.

AI Phone Calls

FantasyGF AI phone calls
Just click on the green phone icon to chat with your favorite girls!

If looking at a computer or phone screen doesn’t feel real enough for you, don’t worry: FantasyGF has got you covered with its brand-new AI Phone Calls feature. You just need to click the green phone icon next to each AI girlfriend’s image to get in on the action!

Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming conversation, a sexy goodnight call, or some old-school dirty talk, FantasyGF has got you covered. The AI Phone Calls feature puts FantasyGF right on the top of the most believable and realistic AI girlfriend apps of the hour.

Generate Image

FantasyGF generate image
FantasyGF’s image generator supports AI text prompts.

From Candy AI to DreamGF, numerous AI girlfriend platforms include an AI image generator. FantasyGF is no exception, and its Generate Image feature is unique because it is entirely character-based.

This means that, before generating an image on FnatasyGF, you must select an existing character or create a new one yourself. This character serves as the basis for the AI-generated image, which supports limitless text prompts.

FantasyGF’s Generate Image also includes a series of suggested tags to help customize actions, clothing, scenes, accessories, and views. Generated images cost 7 Tokens and are immediately stored in the user’s gallery.

My Girls & Gallery

The final features in FantasyGF are My Girls and Gallery, which are merely tabs in which, respectively, all AI-generated characters and images get stored. This may not look like much at first, but it happens to be very convenient from the user’s perspective.


Maybe you feel lonely, maybe you want to practice your flirting skills, or maybe you’re just looking for someone you can talk to about rimming without being judged. Either way, FantasyGF is the complete AI girlfriend app that’s got you covered!

Perfectly designed for AI porn newbies, this website/app is nevertheless capable of surprising AI porn veterans such as myself, much due to its diverse pool of characters, high-quality AI-generated content, and affordable pricing options.

All things considered, I highly recommend FantasyGF as one of the leading AI girlfriend services in the world right now.

FantasyGF Review (FAQ)

What is FantasyGF?

FantasyGF is a website/app that allows you to create your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and generate original content based on her features.

Does FantasyGF support uncensored images?

No doubt! You can receive all kinds of photos from AI girlfriends in FantasyGF, including NSFW pictures.

How much does FantasyGF cost?

FantasyGF can be used for free, but it also features a premium plan that costs $5,99 per month.

How does FantasyGF protect my privacy?

All payments made to FantasyGF are filed under the elusive name “Cortex AI,” hence ensuring the privacy of all paying members.

Does FantasyGF have an affiliate program?

For sure! If you’re interested in partnering up with FantasyGF, you can contact them at any time via hello@fantasygf.ai.

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