What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying sex occurs when two or more people pretend to be someone else while having sex, either by using costumes or engaging in fantasies. Because they’re pretending to be someone else, people often can let go of their inhibitions and feel more free to explore specific fetishes.

However, roleplay sex can be a fetish in itself. People who are into cuckolding, for example, may enjoy roleplaying fantasies in which they cheat or are cheated. For people who are into cosplay sex, roleplaying can be about experiencing sex as their favorite pop culture character.

In sum, there are really no limits to roleplaying in the bedroom! Did you know, for example, that werewolf roleplay is a thing now? When done right, roleplaying can be extremely satisfying and reinforce intimacy between a couple.

Roleplaying 101

The best thing about roleplay sex is that it is loosely defined, meaning there’s probably at least one roleplay fantasy for everyone. Statistics show that one in every three people (32%) want to try roleplaying during sex, which goes to show just how appealing the act can be.

When roleplaying, it’s a good idea to start early. Roleplaying foreplay can start even before a couple is together and intensify the act once it finally comes. To keep the fantasy alive, try to be as good of an actor as you can be and take roleplaying seriously—breaking character is a definite turn-off!

In roleplaying, you and your partner can be whoever you want…

Roleplaying Resources

Roleplaying is a lot of fun, but you don’t always need a partner to enjoy the wonders of roleplay sex. Here are some resources to keep you interested:

  • You can use AI sex chats to roleplay your secret sexual fantasies with a virtual companion;
  • You can access websites such as VRPorn to experience immersive roleplaying simulations;
  • You can subscribe to the best OnlyFans girls to roleplay online with a real person.