9 Best Undress AI Apps: Remove Clothes from Images

Discover the best Undress AI apps of the year! From quality to variety, find the perfect match for your interests. Curious how they work?

14 Feb, 2024
9 Best Undress AI Apps: Remove Clothes from Images

Generative AI has created a lot of value for its customers over the last few months. And while the most popular needs were obvious (everyone has had a high school crush and dreamed she was naked, right), who would suggest that undress AI apps would become so, so popular?

Well, it turns out the big market is not just a market – that’s a new reality, and many love it.

Stay with us because we will show you the best undress AI apps that match your kinks and bring a smile to your face.

Quick Look: Best Undress AI Apps 2024

  1. Nudify.Online: Best quick Undress app
  2. Undress.vip: Best to undress males
  3. Undress.love: Most Easy-To-Access Platform
  4. Undressing.AI: Best Undressing App For Style Choice (250+)
  5. SoulGen.net: All-in-One deepfake AI app
  6. Promptchan: Best for Anime
  7. Onlybabes.ai: Best AI Undressing App for Variations
  8. DeepNude AI: Least Restrictions
  9. Nudify.VIP: Best for Unlimited Images

1. Nudify.Online: Best Quick Undress App

Nudify.Online best quick undress app
Create an account, upload an image, and Undress: it’s as simple as that!

I have placed Nudify.Online in the top of the list for one reason: because it’s probably the quickest way of effectively undressing photos on the Internet. You just need to create an account (you can continue using Google and other accounts), upload an image, and hit [Generate].

Without confusing additional features and complicated editing options, Nudify.Online takes Undress AI technology and puts it at your fingertips. It’s simple, yes, but it’s based on the highly advanced generative power of AI technology.

The best part is that you can test Nudify.Online not once, not twice, but thrice before deciding whether or not you should upgrade to premium. It’s an amazing app for explicit images that’s good enough to fit the needs of both AI enthusiasts and professional adult content creators.

What we liked: How simple the app is! Nudify.Online cuts all the noise by focusing on delivering the quickest and simplest Undress AI experience on the Internet.

Pricing: There are three different plans available, starting at $21.66 a month and going up to $54 a month. With the Pro Plan, you get 600 credits a month, which is enough for undressing hundreds of photos.

2. Undress.VIP

Best to undress males

Undress.VIP homepage
Undressing an image with Undress VIP.

Undress.vip is an innovative AI tool accessible online or through a Telegram bot named “@lsp_prod_bot.” Users can start by issuing the “/start” command within the Telegram app and then upload any image they wish to modify. 

The tool quickly processes the image, and lets you immediately download or share it on social media platforms. The platform states it’s very cautious about the data used and doesn’t store anything on the platform.

We really loved it because it has a free version (and who doesn’t like free stuff when everything costs an arm and a leg?).

What we liked: 4 free credits to test the platform, easy to access from Telegram and the website.

Pricing: Price-wise, the best plan will see you pay $47.99 for 600 credits, which isn’t bad. You can also test it out.

3. Undress.Love

Most Easy-To-Access Platform

Undress.Love landing page
Undress.Love undress AI software.

Undress. Love is another top pick from our collection. Undress. Love provides an easy-to-access platform for users. You can log in using your Meta, Apple, or Google account, which gives it a speedy entry process. 

Moreover, access is available via Telegram, another convenient option for users, especially for more “spicy” stuff. But the website works pretty fast, which we like. 

The platform simplifies using its services by integrating with widely used accounts, making it straightforward for anyone to start. We loved the high-precision deepfake technology, unlike some inferior editors.

You still have a free version, so that’s a good point on our side.

What we liked: Image quality is supreme. If you look for crisp photos, well – you have them.

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $23.98, but you can pay $130 for annual access. The Pro plan is $99.98 or $540 if paid annually

4. Undressing AI

Best Undressing App For Style Choice (250+)

Undressing AI app
Undressing.io AI undressing

Undressing.AI is an app equipped with over 250 image processing styles, designed for simplicity in use. Each style may tweak the image and make it to your liking, which gives it a strong point.

It operates in two modes: auto and brush mode. Auto mode allows for effortless processing, while brush mode offers a more hands-on approach so that you can get aroused in the process. 

Price-wise, it’s not expensive, which we love. All plans offer the same features; the only difference is the credits. Fair enough, right?

What we liked: It’s certainly one of the most customizable apps on the list. You can choose what do undress…and what NOT!

Pricing: The cheapest plan starts at $6.99 for 10 images, while the Pro plan can grant you up to 700 images for $29.99. The in-between (our favorite) plan costs $14.99, and it provides 200 images – more than enough.

5. SoulGen.net

Best AI Girlfriend App

SoulGen landing page
SoulGet – The Best Sexting App

SoulGen is definitely one of the AI undress apps that can serve multiple purposes – like swapping faces, changing clothing (or simply removing it), and so much more.

You have to work with a prompt to get the best done, but the instructions can help you look like a realistic girl in seconds. It’s that realistic. And you can do a lot of things from the dashboard.

It’s one of the best deepfake AI image tools, but you can really get spicy and create a busty milf latina if you want it to.

What we liked: You have a lot of options to choose from, and it’s one of the most popular ai clothes removal apps in general.

Pricing: The one-month plan costs $12.99 but you can get the 12-month plan for just $90.99 on a 42% discount.

6. Promptchan

Best for Anime

Promptchan Hentai generator
Promptchan – Hentai Image and Video Generator.

Promptchan can take you to a whole new place, as you can create both images AND videos, which we simply adore. So, if you want to turn your dreams into a reality, this AI undress tool can certainly help.

You can keep things for yourselves or share your art with others. It’s especially a good one for anime and K-pop fans. These fans are actually making up a good chunk of its target audience, too!

You can explore, create a new image, or edit something you like to make it even more naughty. Whatever you like.

What we liked: You can create video prompts. It’s not that common.

Pricing: It starts at $5.99 but can get a lot more expensive. Vague terms related to the pricing, too.

7. Onlybabes.ai

Best AI Undressing App for Variations

OnlyBabes.ai styles
Onlybabes Homepage.

OnlyBabes.ai certainly ignites AI-generated imagery with its 7 sexy styles and has already fueled the creation of over 3.2 million images. You can modify the prompt and select their preferred image orientation, be it landscape or portrait. 

You can tweak the prompts to achieve perfection. A noteworthy addition is the custom faces feature, which was recently added but can get you aroused with so much more personalization.

And the AI undress app is not expensive, as well – another bonus point for it. We can also add some points for the unlimited credits.

What we liked: It’s easy to start and create your first images. We also love the GTA Vibes.

Pricing: Starts at $14 but it boasts unlimited usage. The platinum plan costs $23 and grants access to 4K images. Like, for real!

8. DeepNude AI

Least Restrictions

Deep-Nude AI homepage
Deep-Nude has the least restrictions.

DeepNude.ai is a cutting-edge AI platform masterfully designed to remove clothing from images and create highly realistic nude visuals. At its core, this platform leverages the latest in diffusion models, as it’s trained on extensive datasets – hence, it can strip down photos digitally within moments. 

A standout feature we absolutely loved is its ability to offer users precise control over the nudification process, alongside the flexibility to use custom prompts for truly bespoke image transformations.

The AI meticulously analyzes the source image and pays keen attention to details like clothing, skin tone, and overall image quality.  DeepNude.ai specifically zeroes in on achieving lifelike clothing removal, all while ensuring the original poses of the subjects remain undisturbed.

What we liked: You can “undress” an image in a few seconds. And the pose remains the same.

Pricing: 100 credits cost $2.99, while 500 credits will cost you $10.99. AI girl images cost 1 credit, while deep nude images cost 2 credits.

9. Nudify.VIP

Best for Unlimited Images

Nudify VIP landing page
Nudify.Vip – unlimited AI undressing images

Upon exploring Nudify, we discovered that the platform delivers on its promise of unlimited image generation – you can get endless creative possibilities. We adored the undress image generation feature, which quickly uses AI to digitally remove clothing from photos.

It’s great that users are not confined to just recent images – they can access a substantial photo archive. 

The platform’s system performance speed is commendable and provides a consistently smooth user experience without the lag that can often frustrate digital endeavors.

What we liked: The interface is very sleek, and the process of undressing is quick.

Pricing: You can start for free and donate if you want to. We didn’t find a pricing page.

How Do Undress AI Generators Work?

As the name suggests, undress AI apps employ generative AI to achieve their intended function. At the heart of this technology are Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) –  they are machine learning frameworks in which two neural networks compete to generate new, synthetic data instances that can pass for real data. That’s how “the magic happens.”

These apps have very large databases that they use to train their AI models. They have countless images on the servers  that the AI uses as a reference to understand how clothing appears on different body types and make that quick decision in the background (because no one loves to wait forever, right?) 

When you upload an image into the platform, the AI filters through its database to find similar instances and then adapts the information to create a brand new version of the uploaded image.

Thus, when you add an image to the platform, the AI, informed by its extensive learning and comparison, will provide the most accurate result it can infer. 

How to Choose an Undress AI App?

Before you pick an undress AI app, you’ll find that most tools offer similar core features. Therefore, your decision often hinges on additional parameters aligning with your needs. But we can help you decide.

  1. Security is everything. Never compromise on this aspect. Ensure that the app you choose has a robust privacy policy and security measures to protect your data and the images you process.
  1. Easy access is another crucial factor. Many platforms work with Google or Meta logins, simplifying access since you don’t need to remember your password. Opt for an app that reduces friction in logging in and getting started.
  1. Pricing is inevitably a decisive factor – it all comes down to bucks. Assess your budget against the app’s subscription or per-use fees. Some apps may offer a free tier with limited features, which could be a good starting point.
  1. Consider whether you need video support or if still images suffice. If you’re looking to process video content, ensure the AI app can handle that medium, as not all apps have this capability.


In conclusion, undress AI apps can make what once seemed like a fantasy become a virtual reality. We’ve all had that image – the epitome of beauty we’ve pictured in our minds, unadorned and in its most natural state. 

Now, with the rise of undress AI apps, these daydreams can actually become real – or, okay, nearly real, but you can get what you want and have fun with it!

What exactly do Undress AI Generators do?

Undress AI apps use Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to remove clothing from photos and create realistic nude representations based on extensive image databases.

How can I ensure my data is safe when using an Undress AI app?

Choose apps with strong security measures and clear privacy policies to ensure your data and processed images are protected.

How can I sign up for undress AI apps?

All you need to do is create a user profile (some apps let you create an account with Google/Meta), add your password, and then verify your account.

How do I choose the most cost-effective Undress AI app?

Compare the pricing of various apps with your budget. Consider free tiers for a trial before you commit to a subscription or a credit-based app.

Should I opt for an Undress AI app that supports video as well as images?

If you want to get more kinky, videos might actually add a lot of value, but they generally use more AI credits, thus, they’re more expensive.

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