Explicit Images

What are Explicit Images?

Explicit images are images that display content that’s only meant for adults, such as hardcore pornography or genitalia. However, there’s no clear definition of what constitutes an explicit image, as this can change from country to country and even person to person!

While a picture of a penis being stroked generally constitutes an explicit image, a picture of a penis in a biology book doesn’t. So, to call an image explicit or not depends on two things: (1) its context and (2) its shock value in such a context.

In Europe, women can take their tops off at the beach without shocking anyone; in the Middle East, they cannot show their faces without suffering dismal consequences. Just like the liberty women enjoy in relation to their place of birth, the explicitness of an image is fundamentally relative.

Are Explicit Images Dangerous?

Explicit images aren’t dangerous per se, but they can be sensitive material. For example: Having a nude of yourself on your phone is harmless, but sharing a nude picture of someone online without his or her consent constitutes a crime.

Annoyingly enough, the same relativeness applies to explicit depictions of violence. A child can be traumatized for life by seeing a picture of a man getting decapitated, but a doctor can use it as a learning resource. Once more, it’s all about context…

Explicit images
A clear picture of a vagina is a textbook example of an explicit image.

Where to Find Explicit Images?

For the most part, though, explicit images are images meant for adults to see, generally because they contain some sort of pornographic content. Here are some cool places where you can find (and create) explicit images: