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POVR doesn't offer as much for free as some of its competitors, but it's an incredibly affordable high-end solution for VR porn consumers looking for a premium service. If you're going to pay for a VR porn website, POVR should be one of your top candidates!

  • Mountains of HQ content

    Mountains of HQ content

  • Top pornstars and studios

    Top pornstars and studios

  • Female POV

    Female POV

  • No registration is required

    No registration is required

  • Immersive VR porn room

    Immersive VR porn room

  • Strong competition

    Strong competition

  • No free trial

    No free trial

  • No 2D version

    No 2D version

POVR Review 2024: Is This the Best Website to Watch VR Porn?

Key Takeaways

POVR is a freemium website containing more than 20.000 high-quality VR porn videos. Free users can watch snippets of these videos without even registering to the website, but only premium users are allowed to see the whole thing.

Premium users can also download the video in full in as many formats as they desire. Video quality is almost too good to believe, with only a minimal amount of videos falling below 5K.

The videos are produced by high-end studios dedicated to VR porn and feature many popular pornstars, including Blake Blossom, Riley Star, and Tru Kait. POVR is inclusive of both men and women, featuring a dedicated Female POV category.

POVR Overview

POVR overview
I guess The Porn Dude loves POVR as much as he loves us!

The famed sexologist Tracey Cox says VR porn will become the norm quite soon, and who am I to disagree? Knowing that virtual-reality environments will eventually replace boring 2D porn, it’s time to start looking out for the perfect VR porn website.

VR porn is hard and expensive to produce, so most VR porn websites are still freemium services. So, is POVR the best VR porn website to watch porn? What makes it great? And how inclusive is it for women and people with weird fetishes?

In this review, I will try to answer all of these questions as simply as possible. For now, let’s begin by learning how to create an account on POVR; the bad news is that you need to pay to have one, but the good news…

Creating an Account on POVR

The good news is that you don’t even have to register to the website to access tons of free content! However, creating a premium account on POVR grants you benefits such as unlimited access and 8K downloads. Here’s how you do it:

POVR Review
  • From $0.27/day
Payment option
  • 1+
  • 20.000+
More details

POVR doesn't offer as much for free as some of its competitors, but it's an incredibly affordable high-end solution for VR porn consumers looking for a premium service. If you're going to pay for a VR porn website, POVR should be one of your top candidates!

  • Pros

    Mountains of HQ content

  • Pros

    Top pornstars and studios

  • Pros

    Female POV

  • Pros

    No registration is required

  • Pros

    Immersive VR porn room

  • Cons

    Strong competition

  • Cons

    No free trial

  • Cons

    No 2D version

  1. Open the POVR and click on [Start Now], in the top right corner of the page;
POVR create account
You can also use [Log In], but the process is more time-consuming.
  1. Select one of the three available plans and press [Join Now];
POVR join now
POVR has three plans starting at $0.27 per day.
  1. Decide on one of the available payment methods, choose a username, submit a valid email address, select a password, and hit [Continue];
POVR username
You can pay using Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and Crypto.
  1. Complete payment and confirm your email address to start using POVR without any limitations! Please keep in mind that website registration (and usage) is exclusive to people 18 or older.

How Does POVR Work?

how does POVR work
Two nice POVR tips on how to improve your experience on the website.

POVR is a freemium website filled with VR porn content. Anyone can see short snippets of the available videos without even creating an account, but access to the whole thing requires a premium subscription.

To properly watch VR porn on POVR, you need a VR headset. In our complete guide to watching VR porn, you can find a selection of the best VR headsets for watching porn right now, including affordable solutions retailing for $60 or less.

Sometimes, additional software is also required. However, this software (aka VR content players) is generally included in the VR headset or available for free download in Google Play and Apple Store.

Concerning how POVR truly works, let’s just say it’s not magic. Virtual Reality is a complex world-changing technology, but here are the basics:

  • VR headsets are equipped with two screens (one for each eye) and motion sensors;
  • The VR headset creates a stereoscopic 3D effect because the presence of two screens imitates the way humans perceive depth in the real world;
  • The VR headset tracks the movements of your head using the motion sensors, which can include gyroscopes, accelerometers, and external sensors;
  • The VR video is rendered in real-time via software, with the images shown perfectly matching the movements tracked by the sensors.

Luckily, watching and finding videos on POVR isn’t nearly as complicated as understanding how VR technology works…

Watching Videos on POVR

POVR watch videos
Bored Slutty is a 35-minute video, but free users can only see a 1-minute trailer.

Watching videos on POVR is as easy as pie: just open the website, click on the thumbnail that appeals to you the most, and press play. There are more than 20.000 videos to enjoy, spanning all porn categories from Amateur to Threesome.

Unfortunately, POVR videos are not free. You can watch a trailer or snippet, but you cannot see the whole thing unless you’re a premium member. The same applies to downloads, which are deactivated for all non-premium users.

Finding Videos on POVR

POVR find videos
VR orgies are super-hard to film, but POVR delivers anyway!

Due to the abundance of cameras required to film VR porn, I decided to put POVR up to a real test and search for “orgy” videos, which are arguably the hardest ones to produce in VR. To my surprise, POVR delivered with a whopping 130 responses!

Finding videos on POVR is as easy as that: just write something in the search bar and you’ll get it. During my orgy search, I found numerous videos featuring four or more actors, which is incredibly hard considering how VR porn is filmed.

If you’re not so sure about what you’re looking for, the [Categories] and [Pornstars] tabs are there to inspire you to find the video you didn’t even know you needed. Please be reminded Cosplay Sex and Female POV categories are available!

POVR Premium

POVR premium
The cheapest subscription? A Lifetime one!

As mentioned, you need to pay for a subscription to become a POVR premium member and use the website features freely. Doing so brings benefits beyond unlimited access and 8K streaming and download because premium users can also see more than 100 weekly updates and download videos in all types of formats (including smartphone).

To become a premium member, you must choose one of the three available subscription contracts:

  1. One-year contract starting at $0.27 per day;
  2. One-month contract starting at $0.50 per day;
  3. Lifetime contract for $449.95.

POVR ensures that all payment transactions are private (just in case you’re a bit shy about your VR porn addiction) and allows you to cancel your contract anytime. PayPal is one of the available payment methods, which is relatively rare when it comes to adult services.

What Makes POVR a Good Choice?

Mountains of High-Quality Content

povr advantages
Most videos in POVR are 8K, and I don’t think I have seen any below HD…

Producing VR porn videos is a lot of work. VR porn is not like AI porn, in which anyone can generate nudes and undress celebrities in five minutes. With that in mind, it’s baffling that POVR managed to collect more than 20.000 high-quality VR porn videos in one single place.

On their homepage, POVR claims to have “every video ever made (seriously)” and, while we know that’s not true (VRPorn, for example, has a few more thousand videos), it certainly feels like it once we begin to explore the website.

But POVR isn’t just about mountains of content; it’s also about content quality. Every single video can be downloaded into multiple formats, with the video resolution going from HD to 8K—in a nutshell, there’s no room for mediocrity.

The Top Pornstars and Studios

POVR pornstars
The amount of talent in POVR is over the roof!

Who’s your favorite pornstar? Sera Ryder, Riley Star, Marica Hase? Mine was Blake Blossom, but then I learned she was fighting back against AI… Either way, no matter who you like to watch doing it doggy style for a living, POVR probably has got you covered. 

The list of pornstars contributing to the website is very impressive from top to bottom, enlisting the likes of Lauren Philips and bonafide OnlyFans girls such as Tru Kait. 

As for the studios, they’re some of the best working in the VR porn industry right now, including all-time greats such as WankzVR and, one of my personal favorites, BrasilVR.

Inclusive for Women

POVR vr porn for women
I just love the amount of pussy-eating in this picture!

I know it’s sad, but we still need to give props to VR porn websites that consider women and produce Female POV content for them to enjoy. Porn continues to be male-centric, so it’s laudable that adult websites such as POVR are pushing for a change, especially considering the huge porn gap that exists between men and women.

It’s still just one category, I know (unless you count in pussy-eating), but it features more than 100 VR porn videos of the highest quality putting women at the center.

Super Easy to Navigate

Due to its effective search bar and multiple opportunities for discovering VR porn videos—such as curated playlists—POVR is extremely easy to navigate.

Freemium and Premium

Despite most features being only available to premium users, POVR doesn’t let free users behind, allowing them to access snippets of the full videos that are sometimes 5 minutes long or even longer—could it be enough for a quick one?

Disadvantages of POVR

The main disadvantage of POVR is that it isn’t as free as some of its competitors, with standouts being VRPorn.com and VRBangers. While their premium subscription is incredibly affordable and all-around awesome, they could be a bit more generous; why not some free full videos, for example, or perhaps even longer trailers?

Apart from that, naming any disadvantages in POVR would be splitting hairs. It does miss a VR Games section, but hits back with a one-of-a-kind VR Porn Room (more on that below); some users complained about poorly-tagged videos, but I had no issue finding what I needed.

POVR: Products and Features

VR Porn Videos

POVR vr porn videos
POVR has Maxximum amounts of VR video content!

Without its high-quality VR porn videos, POVR wouldn’t be anything. They have a database of more than 20.000 videos that are extremely easy to find, excellently categorized using multiple tags, and fully downloadable for premium members.

I was also happy to find a photos section underneath each video containing screenshots of all of the action, which is a nice free resource for all 2D porn lovers out there. As for the comments section, it genuinely has some nice discussions in there!

VR Porn Room

POVR vr porn room
It’s like the POVR website… But in VR!

As AI begins to change companionship forever, VR porn is putting people in increasingly immersive situations. POVR’s VR Porn Room is a great example of how far adult industry platforms are willing to go to make their users forget about the world out there.

VR Porn Room is an amazing feature that lets you choose your next VR porn video inside a virtual-reality simulation that mimics POVR’s website itself! It’s a great way of making sure that the immersive environments in the POVR videos don’t feel fake (even when you’re just choosing a video).

POVR Playlists

POVR playlists
There are playlists for everything in POVR…

POVR Playlists is a premium-only feature comprised of carefully curated VR porn video playlists ranging from “Best Doggystyle” to “Multiple Cumshots.” It’s the equivalent of letting the Spotify algorithm pick up on your next VR porn, and I’m sure you’re going to love it!


VR porn is just taking its first steps, but its emergence is growingly obvious. After all, why wouldn’t I prefer to live my porn, rather than just watch it? Platforms like POVR are paving the way for the brave new world of VR porn, and they’re doing it with swagger.

Yes, POVR could offer more to free users (or, why not, registered ones), but it delivers on every single other aspect. Since you’re probably going to have to pay for a VR porn website anyway, why not go with POVR’s neverending catalog of high-quality VR videos?

My suggestion? Even though free POVR is nothing but trailers, I advise you to go to the website and check some of these trailers using your VR headset; I’m certain that, then, you will find POVR’s premium subscription to be an incredible deal!

POVR Review (FAQ)

What are the main benefits of POVR Premium?

Unlimited streaming of full videos, unlimited downloads up to 8K, and access to weekly updates.

How much does a Lifetime POVR subscription cost?

A Lifetime POVR subscription costs roughly $450, but the price can change according to seasonal promotions.

What do I need to watch VR porn videos on POVR?

To watch VR content on POVR, you must have a VR headset. With a headset, POVR videos can be watched on all types of platforms, including smartphones.

What is POVR’s VR Porn Room?

The VR Porn Room is a virtual-reality environment that mimics the POVR website itself, allowing users to choose videos while already immersed in VR.

Is POVR safe?

POVR is 100% safe as long as you’re 18 or older. Your privacy and security are guaranteed by the POVR Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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