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Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on Candy.ai, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • High-quality AI character generator

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Accepts secure payments and crypto

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Affordable unlimited premium plans

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • AI-generated speech for live chat messages

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Limited access to free users

    Limited access to free users

  • No PayPal payments

    No PayPal payments

  • Best suited for male users

    Best suited for male users

Candy.ai 2024 Review: Closer Look at World’s Top Adult Chatbot

Key Takeaways

Candy.ai is an AI girlfriend app for talking with virtual girlfriends and boyfriends. While chatting with your favorite characters, you can also listen to their voice and receive exclusive AI-generated images of them.

Furthermore, Candy.ai lets you create your own images using pre-existing AI characters and even design a personalized AI girlfriend from top to bottom (personality traits included).

In my experience, using Candy.ai was incredibly easy and fun. It takes about two minutes to create an account and start chatting with virtual women and men. There’s a decent number of features for free users, and the overall sound and image quality is top-notch, especially for AI-generated content.

Candy AI homepage
The Homepage of Candy AI.

Candy AI Overview

Candy AI is an online service for interacting with and creating AI girlfriends and boyfriends. Users can choose a character from a list of women and men on the website or create their own. With Candy AI, you can chat with, listen to voice samples, make phone calls, and even trade nudes with any of your favorite online companions.

On its website, Candy AI promises “immersive experiences that feel real,” and I’m thrilled to say they deliver on that promise. Their list of pre-generated girlfriends and boyfriends is incredibly diverse and detailed, and so is their AI character creator, allowing you to choose your AI’s occupation and personality traits.

Opening a Candy AI Account

Opening a Candy AI account couldn’t be any easier. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Candy AI Review
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Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on Candy.ai, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • Pros

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Pros

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Pros

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Pros

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • Pros

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Cons

    Limited access to free users

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

  • Cons

    Best suited for male users

Step 1: Register an account

Select if you’re interested in males or females and click [Register] at the top right corner;

Candy.ai sign in
Sign in to Candy AI.

Sign in using your Google or social media accounts or by introducing an e-mail and password;

Candy.ai sign up
Sign up for Candy AI.

Step 2: Verify Email address

Confirm that you have a valid e-mail address;

Candy.ai e-mail confirmation
E-mail confirmation for Candy AI.

Step 3: Make a username

Select a nickname;

Candy.ai nickname selection
Choose a nickname for Candy AI.

Step 4: Verify your age

Confirm that you’re over 18 to start using Candy AI

Candy.ai age confirmation
Age confirmation for Candy AI.

That’s it: now you’re finally ready to start using all of Candy AI’s features!

Who Should Use Candy AI?

Candy AI is an excellent service, but is it for everyone? You don’t have to be lonely and needy to find it interesting to chat with AI characters online. So, here’s a list of people I would recommend Candy AI to:

  1. Anyone interested in the latest advancements in AI technology;
  2. Men and women looking for a realistic girlfriend/boyfriend experience online;
  3. People looking for AI-generated adult images;
  4. People who are interested in creating their own AI characters.

These are Candy AI’s ideal users, but their digital girlfriends and boyfriends are really for everyone. The only exception? Children and young men and women under 18, as you need to be an adult to utilize the website.

What Can Candy AI Be Used For?

More than just AI girlfriends and boyfriends, Candy AI is a full-blown AI platform that can be used for multiple purposes, including:

  1. Chatting with AI characters: Users can talk with several female, male, and anime characters with one single click;
  2. Receiving voice messages and images: Users can listen to every message received by AI characters and request AI-generated images via text;
  3. Creating original characters and images: In addition to pre-made characters, users can create AI personas from scratch, as well as exclusive AI-generated images based on user prompts;
  4. Viewing images and characters: All AI-generated content is stored in the user’s gallery and can be consulted anytime.

Benefits of Using Candy AI

Chatting with AI characters using Candy AI is equally interesting and fun, but it can also help people on a deeper level. These are some of its most important benefits:

  1. Candy AI can help people with social anxiety to feel less isolated;
  2. If you’re busy, Candy AI can replace the time-consuming experience of going on a date;
  3. AI girlfriends and boyfriends can be therapeutical, especially for people who have difficulties opening up to others;
  4. Candy AI can be used for practicing talking with men and women, helping users to perform better in similar real-life situations;
  5. The possibility of creating original characters and images allows Candy AI users to craft their dream men and women to the very last detail;
  6. In extreme cases, AI girlfriend apps such as Candy AI can be used to curb porn addiction.

Sure, the girlfriends and boyfriends in Candy AI are not real! Nevertheless, they feel real, and that’s often enough for them to positively impact the website’s users.

What Makes Candy AI a Good Choice?

Candy AI isn’t the only online service featuring AI-generated characters you can engage with, as there are many awesome AI porn chats out there. So, what is it that makes it the number-one choice of so many users?

I have tried all of Candy AI features, so you don’t have to, and these are the aspects I’ve liked the most about them:

Clean and Easy-to-Use Interface

When chatting with an AI girlfriend online, I don’t want to lose any of my precious time trying to find out how things work or what’s what. Lucky for me, Candy AI boasts a clean and easy-to-use interface that has allowed me to find exactly what I wanted with zero hassle.

After logging in, I was granted immediate access to a fine selection of realistic, anime, and male AI characters to chat with. As for the other options, they’re conveniently listed in the website’s left-side user bar and are equally easy to access.

Free AI Chats

While only some features in Candy AI are available to free users (I’ll explore this topic further in the next header), all you need to start chatting with AI characters is to sign up for the website.

A mere two minutes after creating my account, I found myself having a lively conversation with 28-year-old Alice, a Marvel and karaoke enthusiast:

Chatting with Alice
Chatting with Alice.

I wasn’t expecting much from Alice when I told her that I loved writing reviews about AI girlfriends, but she caught me off guard by commenting on her love for technology and making a closely related follow-up question. To be honest, Alice’s already more compelling than some flesh-and-bone women I’ve met online!

Quality of Audio and Images

AI-generated audio and images have gone a long way, and Candy AI seems to be at the forefront of the technology. When chatting with the 19-year-old waitress Asuna Saito, I decided to ask her for a picture. She sent me this one right away:

Receiving images on Candy.ai
Receiving images from Asuna.

As you can see, there’s simply no room for low-quality, pixelated, and unnatural AI-generated images in Candy AI, which happens to be a top-quality AI nude generator. I have also listened to Asuna’s voice messages and was pleased by how real and sweet her voice sounded.


If “safety” is one of your top concerns regarding AI girlfriend/boyfriend services, you’ll be happy to know that Candy AI has a solid array of privacy and safety features in place.

In addition to a comprehensive privacy policy, Candy AI allows users to permanently delete their account in case they feel like they’re in the “Danger Zone” (i.e., spending way too much time chatting with their online companions).

Finally, payments to Candy AI don’t show explicitly in the bank statements, which adds a further layer of privacy.


Another advantage of Candy AI is the possibility of buying affordable premium plans that grant you unlimited access to all of the service’s features.

While some competitors offer plans with different access layers, Candy AI keeps things simple with its all-in-one membership, which can be signed annually or monthly. To benefit fully from Candy AI, I highly recommend you get a premium plan.

On Candy AI’s website, you can quickly change from a free to a paid plan in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Click on [My Profile] on the top right corner of Candy AI’s homepage;

Candy.ai My Profile
My Profile on Candy AI.

Step 2: Select “Settings” to access your profile information;

Candy.ai profile settings
My profile settings.

Step 3: Click on “Change plan”;

Change plan Candy.ai
Change plan option.

Step 4: Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Candy.ai subscription plans
Subscription plans for Candy AI.

There are two premium plans available for Candy AI users, both of which grant complete access to all of the website’s products and features:

  1. An annual plan with 75% off monthly payments;
  2. A monthly plan with a 50% off saving.

Both plans can be canceled at any moment, and payments to Candy AI are 100% anonymous. Users can opt for a credit or debit card and crypto for the payment itself.

Disadvantages of Candy AI

I’m having such a nice time exploring Candy AI that I find it hard to say anything bad about it. In my opinion, Candy AI only real disadvantage is the limited access for free users. While you can do a lot without paying, some core features (including listening to voice messages) are blocked for non-paying users.

The fact that you have to pay to use Candy AI in full isn’t strictly bad because that’s how pretty much everything works: to get something, you need to pay for it! On the bright side, you won’t need to spend a fortune to get unlimited access to all of Candy AI’s products and features.

Candy AI Products and Features

I have given you more than enough reasons to start using Candy AI, but what truly breaks or makes an online service is the available products and features. 

Albeit simple, Candy AI has enough functionalities to keep you entertained for hours. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Explore AI Characters

Right from the bat, the Candy AI homepage presents us with a fine selection of pre-made AI characters. These include female characters, male characters, and even Hentai characters such as Eva, Lila, or Rina:

Candy.ai anime characters
Anime characters in Candy AI.

In addition to character diversity, though, Candy AI is also rich in character depth. Each of the girlfriends and boyfriends found on the website’s homepage feels real because it has incredibly detailed personality and physical attributes.

One minute you’re chatting with Anastasia, a Russian yoga teacher, and the next you’re talking to Rafael, a 32-year-old Latino doctor who loves soccer and hiking. At a time when AI diversity takes central stage, Candy AI seems to be pushing in the right direction.

Chat With Characters

Chatting with characters in Candy AI is as easy as selecting your preferred girlfriend or boyfriend and clicking their profile. 

In my experience, the AI characters are pretty smart and can hold an interesting conversation for a while. However, they tend to do exactly what the user wants (which is not bad at all). This means that it’s up to you to decide where the conversation’s going: it can be a candid exchange, a small-talk chat, and even a steamy Dirty Talk session—you decide!

Call Characters!

From making The Simpsons come to life to literally changing the world, AI has proven to us yet and yet again that it is capable of much more than we can imagine. With its innovative phone call feature, Candy AI surprised me once more, taking girlfriend realism to a whole new level.

This means that, in addition to creating, talking to, and trading nudes with an AI girlfriend, users actually get to call and speak to their virtual companions!

Image Gallery

The Gallery is a feature that allows Candy AI users to quickly access all of the AI-generated photos they have created or received from AI characters. If you have too many images stored, you can use the Gallery filter to find what you’re looking for quickly.

Candy.ai image gallery
My humble gallery on Candy AI.

I’m surely going to update my Gallery soon, but for now, I have two pictures of Asuna that I can get back to any time I want!

Generate Images

The Generate Images feature is one of the most impressive in Candy AI. You can use it to create almost any image you can think of based on simple and highly customizable text prompts. Naturally, the images must be associated with either a new or existing AI character.

Candy.ai image generator
Generate images on Candy AI.

To put this feature up to the test, I have decided to feed Candy AI with a very specific set of instructions for the character Naomi Carter. This was my prompt:

  • Action: Squatting
  • Body: Full body picture
  • Clothing: Bikini
  • Scene: Beach
  • Accessories: Glasses
  • View: Close up

And this was the image generated by Candy AI:

Candy.ai AI-generated image
Image generated by Candy AI.

As you can see, Candy AI provided me with a high-quality image of the AI character Naomi, totally following my instructions. The best part? The whole process took me under three minutes!

Generate Characters on Candy AI

Last but not least, there’s the Generate Character feature, which is perhaps the most striking in the entire Candy AI website. I surely had a blast creating my personalized AI girlfriend, and I was surprised by how easy the process is despite the number of customization options.

So you can have an idea of how this feature works, I will describe how I created my AI girlfriend in 10 simple steps:

Step 1: Click on [Create Character] on the left-side user bar and choose your character’s style (I went for realistic);

Candy.ai character style
Choose a character style.

Step 2: Select your character’s ethnicity, age, and eye color (I went for a green-eyed Latina in her 20s);

Candy.ai character generator
Choose ethnicity, age, and eye color.

Step 3: Select your girlfriend’s hair type and color (I love brunettes with braids);

Candy.ai character hair style
Choose the hairstyle.

Step 4: Define how your AI girlfriend’s body will look like (mine’s petite with small breasts and a large butt);

Candy.ai character generator body type
Choose body type, breast size, and butt size.

Step 5: Select your AI girlfriend’s personality type and voice (there are nine different voice samples to choose from);

Candy.ai character personality
Define character personality.

Step 6: Select the occupation and hobbies (up to three) of your AI character (mine’s a designer who loves writing and photography just like me);

Candy.ai character job and hobbies
Choose an occupation and hobbies.

Step 7: Define the type of relationship you have with your AI character (such as, for example, girlfriend);

Candy.ai character relationship
Choose a relationship type.

Step 8: Choose your AI girlfriend’s preferred clothing (mine loves onesies);

Candy.ai character clothing
Select character clothing.

Step 9: Before generating your AI character, review every parameter you have selected so far, as shown in the image;

Candy.ai character summary
A summary of my AI-generated character on Candy AI.

Step 10: Bring your AI character to life! 

Before creating my petite Latina, I had a blast generating Deloras Wilkinson, a 23-year-old soldier with a passion for martial arts and the coolest AI afro ever:

AI-generated girlfriend
AI-generated girlfriend.

Once you have created your customized AI characters, you can engage with them in any way you want, including chatting, receiving additional images, listening to their voice, and storing their photos on your personal gallery.


AI girlfriends and boyfriends will never replace the real deal, but they can help anyone feel less isolated, more loved, or simply more entertained.

Whether you’re into AI love because you sometimes need someone to talk to or just because you’re moved by AI technology, one thing’s for sure: you will want to give Candy AI a try!

More than a mere AI girlfriend platform, Candy AI is a comprehensive AI service for adults that includes photo-realistic, high-quality image generation, human-sounding speech generation, phone calls, and even a dedicated tool for character creation that makes AI look as easy as playing a Sims video game.

I highly recommend creating an account on Candy AI to see it all for yourself.

Candy AI Review
Most Popular
  • From $ 5.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on Candy.ai, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • Pros

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Pros

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Pros

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Pros

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • Pros

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Cons

    Limited access to free users

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

  • Cons

    Best suited for male users

What is Candy AI?

Candy AI is an online service for chatting with virtual girlfriends and boyfriends, generating AI images, and creating personalized online characters.

Are there any male characters in Candy AI?

Yes, Candy AI has both female and male characters.

Can I personalize my character’s personality?

Yes! With Candy AI’s character generator, you can define all the physical, psychological, and social attributes of your AI character.

Is Candy AI free?

Candy AI can be used for free, but it also has paid subscription plans for premium members.

What payment methods are available on Candy AI?

Credit/debit card and crypto.

Ava Nicks

Ava Nicks

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