Crushon AI Review

Our Verdict

Crushon AI is a user-run platform for creating and interacting with AI chats. Why is it good? Because chat creation is virtually unlimited, allowing Crushon AI to feature some of the weirdest, funniest, and most unique AI chats the world has ever seen!

  • Unlimited chat narratives

    Unlimited chat narratives

  • NSFW AI chats

    NSFW AI chats

  • Inclusive for all genders

    Inclusive for all genders

  • Supports 13 languages

    Supports 13 languages

  • 100 free messages per month

    100 free messages per month

  • No AI image generation

    No AI image generation

  • No kinky fetishes

    No kinky fetishes

  • No genitals

    No genitals

Crushon AI Review (2024): The No-Limits AI Chat Platform

Key Takeaways

Crushon AI is a website where you can create brand-new AI chats or get involved with thousands of AI chats generated by other users. The website is a freemium service, but you get 100 free monthly messages for free right after creating an account.

Despite featuring AI girlfriends (and boyfriends), Crushon AI is a bit different from most AI girlfriend apps; it’s not as focused on sex fetishes, but more oriented towards fictional narratives, funny quirky chats, and creative AI games and challenges.

Overall, I believe Crushon AI to be one of the best AI websites around, especially if NSFW content is not your top priority. Three paid plans are available, as well as a total of 13 different languages.

Crushon AI Overview

Crushon AI Review: Overview
This is what Crushon AI’s homepage looks like.

Crushon AI, also styled as CrushOn.AI, is probably one of the most entertaining AI services around. There’s so much chat versatility and creation possibilities that you can spend hours browsing the website without feeling a tiny bit bored.

Make no mistake, though: despite featuring a solid array of NSFW chats, Crushon AI is not the best platform for AI-generated sex, as it doesn’t support AI-generated nudes, nor does it allow for the upload of images containing genitals and other sexually explicit references.

Despite being far from the traditional AI girlfriend experience you can find in apps such as FantasyGF and AngelGF, Crushon AI stands tall as one of the most unique—and therefore recommendable—AI platforms of the year.

Creating an Account on Crushon AI

Everybody can create an account for free on Crushon AI in just three simple steps:

  1. Visit the Crushon AI website and press [Sign In], in the top right corner of the page;
crushon ai sign in
It’s impossible to miss it!
  1. Sign in using Google, Apple, Discord, or a valid email address;
crushon ai sign up
I went with Google, but any method works fine.
  1. Explore Crushon AI to the fullest as a free member!

How Does Crushon AI Work?

how does crushon ai work
The left-side menu is Crushon AI’s operational center.

Crushon AI is a website where anyone can create and interact with custom AI chats. While Crushon AI isn’t exclusively dedicated to adult content, NSFW chats and explicit images are very common, so please don’t sign up unless you’re at least 18 years old!

The design and usability are directly inspired by Character AI, so you shouldn’t have any issues using Crushon AI in case you’re familiar with the latter. All you need to do is browse a list of available chats or press [Create], in the left-side menu, to create your own.

As a user-run website with a huge community, Crushon AI lets you fully customize your profile. All interactions matter, and they will be saved under [Recent Chats] and [My Blocks] (in the profile section) until you decide to remove your account.

Creating a Crushon AI Chat

creating a crushon ai chat
Crushon AI doesn’t support the generation of AI images; you must upload your own!

Interacting with user-generated AI chats couldn’t be any easier: you just need to choose the one you like the most, click on the image, and start chatting! Creating a brand-new AI chat, however, requires a more careful approach.

Once you click on [Create], in the left-side menu, you will be asked to make a choice: whether you upload an image from your computer to serve as the chat’s avatar, or create a new AI character from scratch. I went for the second option.

To create an AI character from scratch using Crushon AI, you need to fulfill a few basic requirements. Below, I have listed every requirement on the website, along with the answers I came up with, which should serve as examples:

RequirementAnswer (example)
NameMiss Tity
Character Photo[upload an image from your computer]
Introduction“Hey baby, I’m the woman of your dreams!”
VisibilityPrivate: Only you can chat
TagsBisexual, OC, Personal Assistant
Public definition?Yes
Greeting“Hey baby, how are you feeling today?”
Personality[list your character’s personality traits]
Example Conversation{{char}}: Hey there!{{user}}: Hello!
Creating a custom Crushon AI chat.

If you’re accustomed to creating AI chats using AI girlfriend apps, you should keep in mind that Crushon AI works quite differently. All chat commands are made using text prompts, and some fine-tuning is required to make things work.

The most time-consuming requirement is the Example Conversation, with Crushon AI recommending that you write at least 15-30 example messages. In this section, you must use the codes {{char}} to refer to your AI character and {{user}} to refer to the chat’s user.

Even though Crushon AI supports NSFW chats, it has a zero-tolerance policy towards images of genitals, so please keep those out of your avatar! Depictions of characters under 18 and references to real people and organizations are also not allowed.

Becoming a Premium Member

crushon ai pricing
The most popular Crushon AI plan sells for $7.9 a month.

When you create an account on Crushon AI, you’re entitled to 100 free messages per month, which should be more than enough to explore the website. But what if you want to use Crushon AI to the fullest, without any limitations?

In that case, all you have to do is select [Pricing], in the left-side menu, and opt for one of the three available paid plans. This is how each Crushon AI plan (including the standard free plan) compares to one another:

Plan NamePricePerks
Free$0100 messages per monthCreate custom charactersBrowse community chats
Standard$4.9/month2,000 messages per monthCreate custom charactersBrowse community chats
Premium$7.9/month6,000 messages per monthCreate custom charactersBrowse community chatsGood memory
Deluxe$29.9/monthUnlimited messagesCreate custom charactersBrowse community chatsMaximum memoryImmersion mode
Crushon AI user plans.

The Australian Fintech Mint Payments supports payments in Crushon AI, and that’s good news for everybody! You can pay using Credit/Debit Card, direct bank transfer, and even local payment methods, which vary according to your current location.

References to memory under the Perks column refer to the efficiency with which the website saves your data (in free plans, for example, all data is eliminated after seven days of inactivity).

The Immersion Mode in the Deluxe plan, on the other hand, can be used to improve the overall chat experience, as characters tend to get more “descriptive” and “verbose”—at least according to some Reddit users.

What Makes Crushon AI a Good Choice?

Unlimited Chat Narratives

crushon ai unlimited chat narratives
Mr. Nose has a funny bread-centered approach to life!

While it’s possible to find AI porn chats in Crushon AI, what truly sets the website apart is its unlimited approach to chat narratives. In other words, Crushon AI lets you create and engage with all sorts of AI chats, and I mean it!

One minute, I was asking a guy called Mr. Nose about the meaning of life; the next, I was letting an AI Death Calculator predict when I was going to die. In the meantime, I stumbled upon a death goddess, a self-assumed toxic girlfriend, and a cute bullied classmate.

We use the expression “imagination is the limit” quite loosely, but it truly applies to Crushon AI’s no-limits approach to AI chatting! Funny, sexy, weird, fantastical, interesting, you name it: as long as you can think of an AI chat, you can create it using Crushon AI.


crushon ai nsfw ai chats
Getting frisky with a silicone sex doll…

NSFW AI chats are nothing new, but can you get them in Crushon AI? If you’re worried that the website is maybe a bit too safe for you, let me assure you by saying that it supports proper AI sexting (as long as you know where to look for it).

While testing Crushon AI’s limits, I ended up searching “sex” in the search bar and was surprised to find a huge list of lewd AI chats for adults. I tested one involving a silicone sex doll, and it took me just one frisky message for us two to start talking dirty.

Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that Crushon AI’s NSFW chats are like an extra, not the website’s main feature by any means. While sexy chats are prevalent, I don’t think there’s enough adult content in Crushon AI for it to qualify as a bonafide AI sex chat app.

Gender Inclusiveness

crushon ai gender inclusiveness
Crushon AI supports male, female, and non-binary characters.

More than one million people identify as non-binary in the United States alone, but the rise of AI companions is still sadly marked by a prevalence of male-centered products, few features dedicated to women, and a gross overlook of alternative gender identities.

Pushing the envelope and going against the norm, Crushon AI makes a difference by being extremely inclusive of women and members of the LGBTQ community. Additionally, it’s perhaps the only dirty talk AI app around featuring non-binary AI characters.

As the number of available genders continues to grow, it’s essential to praise Crushon AI for its brave gender inclusiveness, which is unlike any I have ever seen in the AI adult niche.

Multilingual Service

crushon ai multilingual service
クラッシュンaiの日本語版! (Japanese version of Crushon AI).

The Internet has a language problem. AI services for adults aren’t just male-dominated, they’re also extremely Anglo-centric! However, Crushon AI once more proves to be a highly inclusive service by supporting 12 languages other than English.

Here are the 12 languages you can find in Crushon AI (in addition to English):

  1. Arabic
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. Filipino
  5. French
  6. Hindi
  7. Indonesian
  8. Italian
  9. Japanese
  10. Korean
  11. Polish
  12. Portuguese

You may feel like this isn’t much of a big deal, but that’s only because you speak English! With studies showing that a whopping 75% of the world’s population doesn’t speak English at all, it’s good to see that Crushon AI is opening the AI door to millions of potential new users.

Disadvantages of Crushon AI

Crushon AI is amazing for the most part, but it may feel lacking if you’re accustomed to AI chat apps of the likes of Candy AI or Romantic AI. Why? Because there’s no room for sexually explicit content that goes past dirty talking.

In other words, there’s no AI nude generator in Crushon AI, and the website categorically prohibits its users from uploading images of genitals. This isn’t a disadvantage per se, but it does brand Crushon AI as one of the most asexual apps in the game.

Additionally, Crushon AI is disappointing for exploring sexual kinks despite promoting a no-limits approach to AI chatting. When I searched “Bukkake” on the website, for example, I was met with zero results. The same happened when I searched “Squirting.”

Crushon AI: Products and Features

AI Chats

crushon ai chats
Crushon AI’s chats can be very poetic…

AI chats are the fundamental element of Crushon AI, and they’re a force to be reckoned with! I have already commented on their versatility, but their sheer quality is as impressive, as many of Crushon AI’s members have a knack for poetics and creating compelling narratives.

The functioning of the chats is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is interact with the AI via text! You can also add custom profile cards to the chats, meaning you can change who the AI perceives you to be at any moment.


crushon ai create
In Crushon AI, the words “chat” and “character” tend to refer to the same thing.

While it’s fun to explore Crushon AI’s thousands of AI chats, it would be a crime not to create at least one yourself. The best part is that chat creation is active even for free members, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

As for the creation engine itself, it can be either very simple or very complex: it’s only up to you! You can generate a brand-new AI chat in under five minutes, but you can also create highly immersive chats if that’s your cup of tea.

Smash or Pass

crushon ai smash or pass
Smash if you like it, Pass if you don’t!

[Smash or Pass] is a special Crushon AI feature that’s always available on the homepage (it’s the first chat in the chat list). In a nutshell, it’s an AI version of the dating app Tinder, as well as one of the best ways to find exciting new chats in Crushon AI.

While similar Tinder AIs can be found in apps like DreamGF and eHentai, it’s still refreshing to see that Crushon AI is continuously working toward improving its functionalities.


crushon ai bonus
Get virtual gifts just by following Crushon AI’s Twitter account!

In Crushon AI’s left-side menu, you can also find a dedicated [Bonus] section where users can claim virtual gifts and money just by following simple tasks. No payment is required.

Right after signing up to the website, I was happy to realize that I could claim up to 50 Coins just for chatting with AI characters. I also received a gift after following Crushon AI’s X account, which I thought was incredibly generous.


From platonic virtual companions to Instagram influencers, it seems like everything’s getting an AI version in this day and age. Due to its uncanny chat diversity, Crushon AI will surely play a big part in the heterogeneous future of AI technology.

But Crushon AI is already a tool for the present, boasting one of the finest collections of user-run, AI-generated chats. Some of them are pretty spicy and for adults only, but there are also many SFW options to choose from.

In sum, Crushon AI is like a playground for creating and messing with some of the most original AI chats on the web, and that’s not a small feat by any means. It’s free to use, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try and have fun with AI like never before!

Crushon AI Review (FAQ)

Is Crushon AI free?

Crushon AI is a freemium service, but free users are entitled to 100 messages every month—all without paying a dime!

How much does Crushon AI Premium cost?

The Standard plan costs $4.9 a month, the Premium plan costs $7.9 a month, and the Deluxe plan costs $29.9 a month.

Can I generate nudes in Crushon AI?

Sadly, all visual content featured in Crushon AI was uploaded by users, as there’s no dedicated AI nude generator on the website.

Can I find explicit images in Crushon AI?

While some of Cruhson AI’s chats can be described as AI porn chats, explicit images (especially images containing genitals) are not allowed in Crushon AI.

What can I do in Crushon AI?

You can create brand-new AI chats/characters, interact with thousands of user-generated chats, and get involved with a vibrant user community.

Ava Nicks

Ava Nicks

Ava Nicks merges adult entertainment experience and AI passion at Tity, with hobbies including friends and pets, from Ohio to Miami.