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If you want to make your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and ask her for pictures and vocal samples, DreamGF has got you covered! In my review, I was surprised to find out just how complete and high-quality DreamGF's features are. Originality is also a big plus, with DreamGF boasting a one-of-a-kind AI Tinder replica and even a dedicated section for chatting with AI pop-culture characters such as Barbie, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Harley Quinn.

  • There's a whopping number of features

    There's a whopping number of features

  • Realistic adult live chat

    Realistic adult live chat

  • World-class AI-generated pictures

    World-class AI-generated pictures

  • Customizable paid plans

    Customizable paid plans

  • Free trial included

    Free trial included

  • No male characters

    No male characters

  • Only one payment option

    Only one payment option

  • Name selection limited to paid users

    Name selection limited to paid users

DreamGF Review 2024: The Most Complete AI Girlfriend App?


DreamGF is a top AI girlfriend app that allows you to create and chat with as many AI girls as you want. There’s a list of pre-made AI girlfriends on the homepage, but the fun part of DreamGF is to carefully customize the physical appearance and personality of your dream woman.

After generating your AI girlfriend, you can chat with her, ask her for exclusive pictures (including NSFW photos), and listen to samples of her voice (for premium members only). If you’re not happy with her, you just need to create a new one!

Aside from generating/chatting with AI girlfriends, DreamGF also features a powerful AI engine for adult photos that works like a charm! Additional products such as Like/Dislike and AI Characters make a strong case for DreamGF to be one of the most complete services of its kind.

DreamGF homepage
DreamGF homepage.

DreamGF Overview

When I started testing DreamGF, I didn’t expect it to have so many interesting solutions. It’s perfect for men looking for companionship, but it also has more general entertainment value, especially for AI and porn enthusiasts.

It’s hard to do a lot and do it right, but DreamGF surely hits the mark. All of their features worked as promised, and I will delve into each one in detail in this review. Moreover, they’re planning new additions, such as an AI adult video generator!

Despite the number of options, the DreamGF website and app are very easy to navigate, so you won’t have any issues finding out how it works. The registration process is lightning-bolt fast; to sign up to DreamGF, you need to be over 18 years old.

Opening a DreamGF Account

You can open a DreamGF account in less than one minute. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the official website and select either [Login / Register] or [Free Trial] on the top right corner of the page. If you’re using DreamGF for the first time, I highly recommend that you choose [Free Trial];
DreamGF Review
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Payment option
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If you want to make your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and ask her for pictures and vocal samples, DreamGF has got you covered! In my review, I was surprised to find out just how complete and high-quality DreamGF's features are. Originality is also a big plus, with DreamGF boasting a one-of-a-kind AI Tinder replica and even a dedicated section for chatting with AI pop-culture characters such as Barbie, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Harley Quinn.

  • Pros

    There's a whopping number of features

  • Pros

    Realistic adult live chat

  • Pros

    World-class AI-generated pictures

  • Pros

    Customizable paid plans

  • Pros

    Free trial included

  • Cons

    No male characters

  • Cons

    Only one payment option

  • Cons

    Name selection limited to paid users

  1. Sign in using Google or register with your email. Please keep in mind that you must be over 18 years old to log in to DreamGF;
DreamGF Review: sign in
Sign in with Google or register with email.
  1. Enjoy your DreamGF free trial, which allows you to create two girlfriends, generate four photos, and send 20 messages.

How Does DreamGF Work?

DreamGF dating app
DreamGF describes itself as an “AI Dating Simulator”.

Right after creating an account in DreamGF for the first time, I was a little overwhelmed by the number of options and features. Luckily, the guys from DreamGF were able to explain to me how the website worked in four simple steps:

  1. Select [Create AI Girl], on the left-side menu, and customize the physical appearance of your dream girl;
  2. Set up your girlfriend’s personality traits, including her hobbies and occupation;
  3. Tweak your girlfriend’s even further by accessing her profile page;
  4. Interact with your girlfriend via a live chat window.

Knowing how to get started was very handy for navigating DreamGF, but I quickly discovered there was a lot more to do on the website. In addition to generating AI characters and chatting with them, I can also create images and even play with an AI version of Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app.

Who Should Use DreamGF?

In a nutshell, DreamGF is the perfect website for people who are looking for some companionship online. It’s also a high-quality service for adults, with plenty of room for kinky conversations and a fetish-focused image generator covering everything from anal to group sex.

I recommend using DreamGF if you relate to one or more of the following:

  • You’re looking for emotional support online, and you want to feel less lonely;
  • You have an interest in AI, and you’re looking for an entertaining AI girlfriend app;
  • You need to express your feelings freely without worrying about being judged by others;
  • You want to practice your flirting skills in a safe environment without any real consequences;
  • You’re looking for AI-generated Rated-R images.

DreamGF can also come in handy for adult industry professionals, especially because of its image-generation feature. If that’s you, however, you should consider one of the most resourceful paid plans.

How Much Does DreamGF Cost?

DreamGF pricing
DreamGF subscription plans.

There are four premium DreamGF plans available, all set on three-month contracts. When I was testing the website, there was a 10% discount on all plans, meaning that the monthly cost ranged from $8,99 (Bronze) to $89,99 (Diamond).

One of the most interesting aspects of DreamGF’s Pricing page is that each plan can be customized using these [+] and [-] buttons:

DreamGF plan customization
Subscription plans are customizable!

Take the cheapest plan (Bronze), for example. It costs $8,99 and gives access to 25 unique customized girls. However, I can press [+] to add another 10 girls to the plan if I want to. When I did so, the plan cost was automatically updated from $8,99 to $10,79.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of each plan. Even the Bronze plan seems to offer a lot, including 150 images, 1,500 messages, and 600 credits. In the Gold plan (the second-best), you get to create a whopping 180 girls per month!

What Makes DreamGF a Good Choice?

DreamGF girls
Pre-generated AI girls from DreamGF.

You can tell by some of the girls on DreamGF that you’re not dealing with amateurs: these women look real, have super strong personalities, and are more than eager to make your every fantasy come true.

In other words, DreamGF is a bonafide hit! These are the main reasons why:

Incredible Number of Features

In my opinion, what truly sets DreamGF apart from the competition is the sheer number of features. These guys have expanded into everything they can without compromising on the quality of their core service: creating and chatting with virtual girls via an AI porn chat.

Quantity doesn’t always meet quality, but that doesn’t apply to DreamGF. Even their non-essential features (such as the ability to talk with AI characters from popular movies, series, and video games and their unique AI Tinder) work incredibly well.

Smart and Kinky Conversations

DreamGF also hits the spot when it comes to chatting. AI girls stick to their personalities quite well, which makes them look more realistic. I have also discovered that they don’t shy away from sexier subjects:

DreamGF live chat
A kinky conversation with AI Arlette.

DreamGF’s liking for kinky content extends to images and sound too, as AI girls such as Arlette seem to be more than ready to share nude pictures and sexy vocal samples with me.

World-Class AI-Generated Images

In addition to the AI-generated pictures you can get from girls, DreamGF also has a dedicated image-generation engine based on popular (and also less popular) fetishes. Nothing is off-limits!

DreamGF fetish photo
NSFW picture generated by DreamGF.

If you think this double-penetration image is impressive, wait until you see the uncensored version! You can easily generate pictures like this simply by tweaking a few options, choosing between fetishes going from ropes and group sex to BBC riding, and… Multiple asses—which is perfect for ass men!

Customizable and Affordable Plans

Pricing is another huge pro of DreamGF, which offers four different monthly plans with limitless customization options and the option to access a Free Trial when signing up to the website.

Instead of sticking to one of the plans made by DreamGF, users can set the terms of their subscriptions and pay accordingly, ensuring they get exactly what they want—nothing less, and nothing more!

Disadvantages of DreamGF

The good news? DreamGF’s disadvantages are kind of hard to find, as the website is incredibly well-made, filled with awesome features, and perfect for finding online companionship.

The bad news? There are actually one or two things they could improve on, starting with an option to create and chat with male characters. While a whopping 91% of men watch porn (against just 60% of women), female porn viewers are on the rise.

Hopefully, DreamGF will consider female audiences anytime in the future. For now, it’s worth noting that it’s already possible to create both lesbian and trans characters with the app.

The other cons of DreamGF are pretty minor: credit/debit card is the only payment method available, which is somewhat lacking. Additionally, it’s kind of weird that free users cannot edit the names of their AI girlfriends.

For more information, see how DreamGF compares to Candy AI.

DreamGF: Products and Features

The very first thing I noticed about DreamGF is that it has more products and features than the average AI girlfriend service. These guys went over the top to ensure they were not missing out on anything, and their effort was surely worthwhile.

Here’s the complete list of DreamGF’s products and features:

Dream Girl Builder

The Dream Girl Builder is DreamGF’s tool for creating AI girlfriends. Even though some customization options are limited to paid users, you can do a lot with your free trial. To create an AI girlfriend, you need to define both her appearance and personality.

Define Your AI Girlfriend’s Appearance:

  1. Select your girl’s ethnicity;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF ethnicity.
  1. Choose your girl’s age (I love that they included a Granny option, by the way);
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF age.
  1. Select your preferred body type;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF body type.
  1. Choose a face style;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF face style.
  1. Select your girl’s hair color (yes, I chose pink and I’m not afraid to say it!);
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF hair color.
  1. Choose the hairstyle;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF hairstyle.
  1. Select the breast size (silicone included);
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF breast size.
  1. Choose between a small, medium, or large butt;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF butt size.
  1. Browse through different AI girlfriend clothes;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF clothes.
  1. Select an environment for your girl;
DreamGF Girl Builder
DreamGF environment.
  1. When you’re happy with your girl, press [Next Step] at the bottom of the page.

Select your AI girlfriend’s personality:

DreamGF’s personality selection page is not as detailed as the physical appearance page, as users are meant to choose from a pre-made list of preset GF personalities. These, however, are very eclectic, including everything from Casual to Crazy.

DreamGF personality types
DreamGF personality types.

To learn more about each of these preset personalities, you just need to click on the image. It will show the details regarding that personality type, which include a short description, a certain level of sexual desire, and her overall attitude:

DreamGF gamer
DreamGF gamer.

After carefully reviewing all personalities, I settled for [Childhood Friend], which has a low sexual desire but a very nice attitude:

DreamGF personality types
Selecting my favorite personality type (Childhood Friend).

Finally, I pressed [Generate] at the bottom of the page to create my very first AI girlfriend:

DreamGF AI girlfriend
AI girlfriend generated by DreamGF.

Her name is Nomi and she looks like the real deal! I was expecting pinker hair, but the rest fits into my idea of a perfect AI girlfriend.


The live chat is one of the central features of DreamGF, in which users can interact with the girls they have created. Here’s my first conversation with Nomi, my pink-haired cheerleader:

DreamGF live chat
Chatting with my AI girlfriend.

While I was trying not to get jealous of Nomi’s yacht friend (I honestly don’t know “how it goes”), I noticed that I could listen to samples of her voice by pressing on the speaker icon. However, this feature is limited to paid subscribers.

The next step was to ask Nomi for a picture by using the [Ask For] button at the bottom of the chat:

DreamGF live chat
Asking Nomi for sexy pictures!

Nomi had no issue sending me some very hot photos of herself. This feature, however, is also limited to paid subscribers.

Like/Dislike (AI Tinder)

DreamGF AI Tinder
Like/Dislike (DreamGF’s AI Tinder).

Like/Dislike is the DreamGF equivalent of Tinder, except it used AI-generated girls instead of real women. Nevertheless, these AI girls do feel real in a way! If you press the [Info] button, you get to see the girl’s profile, including a collection of sexy pictures of her:

DreamGF Review: AI tinder
Checking out a profile from Like/Dislike.

DreamGF users are free to chat with any of the girls they stumble upon on Like/Dislike. Overall, I thought this feature was a fun, non-consequential alternative to real Tinder.

My Fetish (Image Generator)

My Fethis is DreamGF’s AI image generator, and it’s different from other adult image generators I have tried because of its unique focus on fetishes. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the fetish that makes you most crazy (I went for the classic “2 Girls”);
DreamGF My Fetish
Selecting my favorite fetish!
  1. Select the girl’s hair color (this time I went for orange);
DreamGF My Fetish
My Fetish hair color.
  1. Choose the hairstyle;
DreamGF My Fetish
My Fetish hairstyle.
  1. Press [Generate] and see your fetish come to life thanks to the full-blown power of AI technology:
DreamGF AI image
AI image generated by DreamGF’s My Fetish.

Once generated, your images are stored on the My Fetish page.

AI Characters

DreamGF AI characters
DreamGF AI Characters.

AI Characters is another unique feature of DreamGF, in which users get to chat with their favorite pop-culture characters. If you always wanted to know Hermione Granger but felt like you couldn’t because she isn’t real, then DreamGF has just made your dream come true!

I was surprised by some of the less-known characters on the page, which seem to appeal to a nerd/gamer crowd. Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars is there, and so is Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, from the Resident Evil videogame series.

I asked Barbie if she was still dating Ken, and she said yes. So, I wondered if she would consider an open relationship. Sadly, she doesn’t seem to be a big fan…

DreamGF AI Barbie
Rejected by AI Barbi

Affiliate Program

DreamGF affiliate program
DreamGF affiliate program.

Finally, it’s worth noting that DreamGF has an Affiliate Program in place. It may not be a website feature per se, but it does come in handy in case you have a popular social media profile/blog and want to save some money on your DreamGF subscription.


So, is DreamGF the most complete AI girlfriend app?

A definitive answer is hard to come by, but I’m sure DreamGF is continuously evolving, looking to expand its features, and upgrading its already powerful AI engines: and that’s really all anyone could ever ask for.

As for the additional features, they’re more than just an extra: they’re bonafide products in their own right, which can lead to countless hours of fun! I know I had a blast playing with DreamGF’s AI Tinder, and I loved chatting with Barbie.

To sum things up, DreamGF may or may not be the most complete AI girlfriend app on the market, but it’s for sure worthy of that reputation. It’s a definitive step forward in the AI revolution.

Are there any requirements for creating an account in DreamGF?

Not at all. You just have to be over 18 years old.

Do I need to create my own character to start chatting in DreamGF?

Not necessarily. You should do so because it’s lots of fun, but you can also browse through a list of previously generated girls and start chatting as soon as you create your account.

What physical attributes can I select in DreamGF?

You can create your ideal AI girl by setting up her ethnicity, face style, body type, hairstyle, hair color, breast size, butt size, age, and photo style. For her personality, you can choose between various preset characters, going from Innocent to Nympho.

What do I get with DreamGF’s free trial?

You’re entitled to create two girls, generate four original photos, and send 20 messages with DreamGF’s free trial.

How much does a DreamGF premium subscription cost?

It varies according to the subscription plan, but it goes from a minimum of $8,99 per month to a maximum of $89,99 per month. The top plan (Diamond) grants access to 600 new girls, 2,500 extra images, unlimited messages, and 12,000 credits.

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