Candy AI vs DreamGF: What’s the Best AI Girlfriend Platform?

Both let you create the woman of your dreams, but one's better than the other! Find out which one in this in-depth Candy AI vs DreamGF review.

27 Feb, 2024
Candy AI vs DreamGF: What’s the Best AI Girlfriend Platform?


Candy AI and DreamGF are two AI girlfriend platforms featuring a powerful AI chat, character engine, and image generator. Both services are packed with dreamy features for free and paid users, but which is the best?

While Candy AI and DreamGF are both among the best AI girlfriend apps of the year, I believe Candy AI offers something more in terms of the chat and image generator. The two services are very similar, but there’s an extra dose of realism and fun to Candy AI.

But hey, that doesn’t mean Candy AI is the best AI girlfriend platform for everyone! We first need to get into detail to see exactly how the two compare.

What is Candy AI?

What is Candy AI
Candy AI lets you create your own AI girlfriend!

Candy AI is a website and app that allows you to create an AI girlfriend, chat with her, and collect pictures of her in a virtual gallery. You can also generate entirely new images using AI text prompts.

Due to its fascinating approach to online chatting (which goes well beyond just text) and hyper-realistic AI-generated content, Candy AI can help both men and women deal with loneliness, curb social anxiety, or simply enjoy a good time.

Candy AI Review
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Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • Pros

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Pros

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Pros

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Pros

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • Pros

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Cons

    Limited access to free users

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

  • Cons

    Best suited for male users

What is DreamGF?

What is DreamGF
DreamGF: the AI girlfriend app that works?

Much like Candy AI, DreamGF is a website and app designed to create and chat with AI girlfriends. It also features a powerful AI image generator (albeit under a different scope), and it even includes an AI version of Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app.

With plenty of immersive AI characters to choose from (including pop-culture characters) and a holistic approach to AI dating, DreamGF hits the mark on many levels despite not being as good as Candy AI.

DreamGF Review
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If you want to make your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and ask her for pictures and vocal samples, DreamGF has got you covered! In my review, I was surprised to find out just how complete and high-quality DreamGF's features are. Originality is also a big plus, with DreamGF boasting a one-of-a-kind AI Tinder replica and even a dedicated section for chatting with AI pop-culture characters such as Barbie, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Harley Quinn.

  • Pros

    There's a whopping number of features

  • Pros

    Realistic adult live chat

  • Pros

    World-class AI-generated pictures

  • Pros

    Customizable paid plans

  • Pros

    Free trial included

  • Cons

    No male characters

  • Cons

    Only one payment option

  • Cons

    Name selection limited to paid users

Candy AI vs DreamGF: Step-by-Step Comparison

Candy AI vs DreamGF
Sexy AI-generated images of Asuna and Naomi, two of my Candy AI girlfriends.

If Candy AI and DreamGF seem great to you, they are! I was very pleased with most of the stuff I tested while using these platforms, and I believe they both stand out as state-of-the-art AI girlfriend experiences.

Nevertheless, it’s important to look at each of Candy AI and DreamGF’s fundamental features very carefully before choosing one over the other. Here’s how the two compare, feature by feature:

Girlfriend Chatting

An AI girlfriend platform wouldn’t be worthy of such a name without an AI chat. For an AI girlfriend to feel real, one must be able to talk to her. But just talking is never enough, and that’s why Candy AI and DreamGF take things to the next level.

In Candy AI, my beloved girlfriend Asuna Saito quickly sent me a picture of her once I asked her to do so. Spoiler alert: Asuna is very private, so I cropped the photo, but she’s bare-naked under there:

Candy AI girlfriend chat
My sassy Candy AI GF sent me a nude photo of her—I just asked for “a picture!”

In DreamGF, I found it harder to access a nude picture of my beautiful AI girlfriend Arlette Joye. She did want to show me one, but only if I paid for a premium subscription:

DreamGF girlfriend chat
Sadly, DreamGF didn’t allow me to see what Arlette looked like under that bikini…

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that both Candy AI and DreamGF support high-quality in-chat images, AI-generated in total accordance with the physical appearance and personality of my AI characters. Audio samples of their voices are equally supported.

In the end, however, what sets Candy AI and DreamGF’s chats apart is the realism with which characters interact with the users. While DreamGF conversations can often feel stale, Candy AI’s girls seem to have a way of getting my attention.

Consider, for example, what stunning Alice Wild told me when I asked her about AI girlfriends:

Candy AI vs DreamGF: Chatting
Beauty and brains? Alice Wild is the whole package.

In one short answer, Alice added something interesting to the conversation, relate AI technology to our relationship, and make me feel important again by asking me two personal questions!

The winner? Candy AI, simply because the interaction with the AI characters is more realistic.

Candy AI vs DreamGF: AI Character Generator

If you’re looking for beautiful virtual women, you will find plenty in Candy AI and DreamGF. Both boast an impressively diverse collection of previously generated and user-generated AI characters to interact it.

But the real question is: How good are they at allowing me to create the perfect AI girlfriend? Can I use these platforms to design my dream woman and make it come to life? Well, there’s just one way of knowing!

In Candy AI and DreamGF, I created my perfect girlfriend by making choices regarding her physical appearance and personality. In both cases, I was given a feature (hair color, for example) and a series of options for such a feature (blonde, brunette, redhead, and so forth):

Candy AI character generator
The list of ethnicities available in Candy AI.

The AI character generators of Candy AI and DreamGF are strikingly similar, but I found the Candy AI engine to be a bit more powerful; my Candy AI GF, Deloras Wilkinson, ended up looking exactly like I imagined her:

Candy AI character
Now, you tell me Deloras Wilkinson doesn’t look cool!

On the other hand, my DreamGF character, Nomi Jeanine, didn’t quite look like I intended. For one, she was supposed to have pink hair and braids, which I think doesn’t reflect in her actual hair:

DreamGF character generator
Nomi is cool, just not as cool as Deloras…

The winner? I want to say Candy AI, but maybe I just got lucky with Delores here… In fact, both AI character generators are too similar for me not to call it a draw!

Image Generator

In addition to the exclusive AI photos that you can get in the chats, Candy AI and DreamGF have dedicated engines for creating adult AI images on the spot. But, unlike their character generators, these aren’t equally good…

In Candy AI, I get two crucial options: (1) associating a pre-existing AI character to a newly generated image and (2) entering original text prompts for literally everything I can come up with:

Candy AI image generator
You can enter text prompts in Candy AI’s image generator.

These options aren’t available in DreamGF’s image creator, which is called My Fetish and is largely based on a weird list of sexual fantasies:

DreamGF image generator
You cannot enter text prompts in DreamGF’s image generator.

I mean, I totally get fetishes like anal and 2 girls! But what’s with DreamGF’s weird fixation on grotesque and fantastical fetishes such as 3 Boobs and Gigatitums? While these niche fantasies sure have a crowd, they’re far from what I would expect from an AI porn generator.

The winner? Candy AI, because it hits the mark without throwing confusing fetishes at my face!

User Experience

User experience is an important part of any online platform, and both Candy AI and DreamGF get it absolutely right! I had zero issues creating an account, navigating the websites, and finding out how to use their character creators and image generators.

The winner? With both services relying on a handy left-side menu and an extremely intuitive user design, this one’s got to be a draw!

Privacy & Safety

Unfortunately, the fascinating world of AI porn comes with its fair share of challenges. For that reason, privacy and safety are of the utmost importance when it comes to AI girlfriend platforms. So, how do Candy AI and DreamGF keep their users safe?

Candy AI protects its users by asserting a series of terms and conditions that include a content removal policy and a strict underage policy:

Candy AI terms and guidelines
Candy AI’s comprehensive safety guidelines.

DreamGF doesn’t fall behind, putting forth severe terms and conditions for roughly the same policies:

DreamGF terms and conditions
The terms and conditions of DreamGF.

The winner? I would never tell you to use an unsafe AI girlfriend platform! Candy AI and DreamGF are equally safe, so it’s a draw.


Candy AI and DreamGF are two freemium AI girlfriend platforms, meaning users can access some free features but must pay for others. So, how do the paid subscriptions of Candy AI and DreamGF compare to one another?

Candy AI keeps things simple by offering a single plan option, which can be based on a monthly or annual subscription. The smartest choice is the annual plan, with a 75% discount on your first subscription:

Candy AI pricing
Candy AI keeps it simple with just one premium plan.

DreamGF, on the other hand, boasts four different types of subscriptions, with the cheapest plan costing more than Candy AI’s annual plan:

DreamGF pricing
DreamGF is more complicated, with four premium plans.

The winner? Candy AI! I got so confused by DreamGF’s four different plans (which are pricier, by the way) that I felt immediately compelled not to buy one!

The Verdict

Candy AI vs DreamGF verdict
Are you a straight woman? Don’t worry, Candy AI also has hunky AI boyfriends!

After carefully reviewing both Candy AI and DreamGF, I think Candy AI is the superior AI girlfriend platform. Make no mistake, though: this was not a landslide win, as both services have plenty in common.

Candy AI is better in the fundamental features (especially the AI image generator and live chat), but DreamGF is almost there. It also has a few extra features that Candy AI is missing (an AI Tinder and pop-culture characters), which happen to be pretty cool!

All things considered, I recommend both Candy AI and DreamGF as excellent AI girlfriend platforms.

Candy AI vs DreamGF (FAQ)

Which one is better: Candy AI or DreamGF?

Candy AI is better because it has a superior image generator and because it offers more immersive girlfriend chats. However, both AI platforms are very good.

Are Candy AI and DreamGF free?

Everybody can create a Candy AI and DreamGF account for free to access a ton of features, but both services have premium subscriptions.

Do Candy AI and DreamGF support uncensored pictures?

Yes. However, while you can receive uncensored GF pictures for free in Candy AI, you can only do so in DreamGF with a paid subscription.

How much do Candy AI and DreamGF cost?

At the time I wrote this review, the most affordable Candy AI and DreamGF plans cost, respectively, $6,50 and $8,99.

What payment methods are supported in Candy AI and DreamGF?

Candy AI supports credit/debit card and crypto, while DreamGF only supports credit/debit card.

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