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Seduced AI is an adult AI service for generating images and videos. With its powerful engine for porn-content creation, it allows its users to make their most passionate fantasies come to life on the screen of their computers and cellphones.

  • High-quality prompt-generated images and videos

    High-quality prompt-generated images and videos

  • Tons of options for creating custom content

    Tons of options for creating custom content

  • Very easy to use despite the advanced features

    Very easy to use despite the advanced features

  • Resources for adult-industry professionals

    Resources for adult-industry professionals

  • Crypto-compatible


  • No free trial subscription period

    No free trial subscription period

  • The

    The "Replicate Pose" feature is still experimental

  • The

    The "Recreate" feature is not available for Crypto users

Seduced AI 2024 Review: Customized Adult Images & Videos


With Seduced AI, users can utilize a series of preset options (or generate entirely new text prompts) to create adult images and videos on the spot. No fetish, body type, or visual effect is left behind, and there’s no limit to what content you can produce.

With three affordable plans for creating up to 3000 new images per month, Seduced AI is not only on the map of the average porn consumer, but it’s also a high-quality tool good enough to fit the needs of adult industry professionals.

Despite its apparent complexity and endless customization options, Seduced AI is extremely user-friendly and can be easily navigated even by people who don’t know much about technology, AI, and multimedia.

With new features still being added in beta mode, Seduced AI is expected to grow into an even more complete AI service in the future.

AI-generated girls from Seduced AI
AI-generated girls from Seduced AI

Seduced AI Overview

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own adult images and videos? Thanks to Seduced AI, that’s now possible, and the best part is that you don’t even have to understand the slightest thing about technology to make your secret fantasies come true.

Seduced AI is an AI nude generator that’s both surprisingly advanced and extremely easy to use. It suits the needs of individual users who want to create custom adult images and videos and also of industry professionals running their blogs, OnlyFans, and social media profiles.

Opening a Seduced AI Account

Anyone can open a Seduced AI account in three simple steps:

Step 1: Join Seduced AI

Visit the Seduced AI website and click on [Join Now] to speed up the registration process, you can use Google, Discord, Reddit, or Twitter/X to sign up.

Seduced AI Review
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Seduced AI is an adult AI service for generating images and videos. With its powerful engine for porn-content creation, it allows its users to make their most passionate fantasies come to life on the screen of their computers and cellphones.

  • Pros

    High-quality prompt-generated images and videos

  • Pros

    Tons of options for creating custom content

  • Pros

    Very easy to use despite the advanced features

  • Pros

    Resources for adult-industry professionals

  • Pros


  • Cons

    No free trial subscription period

  • Cons

    The "Replicate Pose" feature is still experimental

  • Cons

    The "Recreate" feature is not available for Crypto users

Seduced AI sign-up
Seduced AI sign-up

Step 2: Enter Your Email and Password

Enter a valid email address and unique password. These guys aren’t kidding about online safety, so make sure to select a password with Caps, numbers, and symbols (otherwise, it won’t be accepted).

Join Seduced AI
Join Seduced AI

Step 3: Enter the Verification Code

Check your email inbox and paste the verification code into the box.

Seduced AI verification code
Seduced AI verification code

Step 4: Select a Nickname (optional)

Registration is complete after the verification code is confirmed, but your Seduced AI profile will only go public once you select a nickname.

To do so, all you have to do is click on [Profile] on the top right corner of the Seduced AI homepage.

Select a nickname Seduced AI
Seduced AI: select a nickname

Now that you have a full-blown Seduced AI account, you can explore its full potential for creating AI-generated adult images and videos.

How Does Seduced AI Work?

Navigating the Seduced AI website couldn’t be any simpler, especially if you’re accustomed to AI prompts. Anyone who’s ever used tools such as ChatGPT should be at least a little bit familiar with Seduced AI’s generator, which features “Simplified” and “Advanced” versions.

In Seduced AI, access to the image and video generator requires user credits, which can be bought on the website. Generating one image costs 0.90 credits while generating one video costs 6.0 credits.

Creating Images and Videos

There are four different modes in the Seduced AI generator: a Simplified image generator, an Advanced image generator, a Video generator, and a feature for replicating model poses.

Seduced AI image generator modes
Modes for generating new images/videos

The Simplified image generator is perfect for people who are not comfortable writing their own AI prompts. It features a series of preset options that make it easier to create custom porn images, starting with the selection of the AI model style:

Seduced AI model style
Style of model in Seduced AI

Further options for Simplified image generation include:

  • Characters: Number of models in the image;
  • Hair color: Including Orange and Rainbow hair;
  • Haircut: From Shag Hair to Curly Hair;
  • Breasts: Small, medium, large, and massive;
  • Body type: Including Apple and Hourglass;
  • Wearing: For selecting the model’s clothing;
  • Nationality: American, Ukrainian, Korean, and so forth;
  • Environment: The background of the image;
  • Style: Including “Cinematic” and “Vaporwave;”
  • Effects: Motion blur, HDR, Monochrome, and so forth.

In addition to these preset options, the Simplified image generator also suggests a series of extensions that make it easier for the users to get the images that they want. It’s like a collection of well-known porn fetishes, from flashing and bondage to group sex and even Futanari.

Seduced AI extensions
Seduced AI extensions

Finally, the Simplified image generator features some recommended extension tags to make things even easier, as well as a prompt box for adding extra details.

I was baffled by how versatile the Simplified Seduced AI image generator is, so I couldn’t wait to test the Advanced version. Despite featuring the same AI models and extensions, the Advanced image generator is best suited for professional purposes and relies on the full power of AI prompts.

Seduced AI image-generation prompts
Seduced AI image-generation prompts

The Advanced image generator is much more versatile at the cost of difficulty, as it may take some getting used for your prompts to hit the spot—as it normally does with AI.

The Video generator is similar to the image generators, but it also includes an option for creating sequences. Each added sequence costs an extra 1.00 credits.

Seduced AI video generator sequences
Seduced AI video generator sequences

Finally, Seduced AI empowers its users furthermore by allowing them to instantly replicate popular poses (even though this feature is still in the beta stage) and request features that haven’t been added to the website yet.

If you want to request a feature from Seduced AI, just click on the profile icon and select “Request a feature.”

Buying Credits

Seduced AI subscription plans
Seduced AI subscription plans

If the image and video generator is the bread and butter of Seduced AI, then the credits are its fuel. To make original porn images and videos, you must have credits on the website. Luckily, there are three quite affordable plans to choose from:

  1. Pro ($25 per month): Ideal for recreational users, allows you to generate up to 300 images per month;
  2. Platinum ($50 per month): Seduced AI’s recommended plan, can generate up to 750 images per month;
  3. Diamond ($150 per month): A professional package for generating a whopping 3000 images per month.

All images and videos generated using Seduced AI can be monetized and used for commercial applications (social media platforms, stock photos, posters, and so forth). 

Credit cards and crypto are the two payment methods available. In case of a subscription renewal, users may receive bonus credits.

What Makes Seduced AI a Good Choice?

As AI gets more and more funding, there’s a growing number of solutions for generating adult content. So, why should you choose Seduced AI over any other of the alternatives?

High-Quality Custom Images and Videos

AI images generated by Seduced AI
AI images generated by Seduced AI

The days of blurred AI-generated images seem to be gone by now, at least if you take Seduced AI as an example! All images and videos created using Seduced AI’s generators are HD, high-quality, and highly realistic even when fantastical/grotesque themes are added to the mix.

Number of Options

It’s hard to find an adult content generator on the web that’s more complete than Seduced AI. The number of options in the Simplified generator is quite extensive, and the possibilities for image and video generation using the Advanced prompts are virtually limitless.

Ease of Use

Despite the vast number of options, Seduced AI is also very simple to use. You don’t have to be a prompt engineer or tech whiz to create the adult images and videos you have ever dreamed of, and the website is equally useful for porn enthusiasts, AI aficionados, and full-blown adult-industry professionals.

Model Verification

Seduced AI model verification
Seduced AI model verification

Are you a porn professional looking for an AI feature that allows you to generate countless images of you? Then Seduced AI’s got your back! The Model Verification (under the Profile menu) is just what you need to create limitless new images for your fans without the hassle of actually taking a picture.

This feature also helps Seduced AI prevent identity theft, which is considered to be one of the worst risks of AI technology.

Affiliate Program

Even though Seduced AI doesn’t have a free trial period, it does include an affiliate program that grants you up to 40% in rev-share per referred user.

Disadvantages of Seduced AI

This one’s short, as I had some trouble finding things I didn’t really like about Seduced AI!

As just mentioned, it’s a pity that there’s no free trial period for new members, as it would be great to test Seduced AI’s capabilities at least once or twice without having to buy credits on the website. However, I do understand that online users tend to abuse free trial periods…

Further disadvantages (such as the lack of a “Recreate” feature for Crypto users) are quite minimal and mostly related to the fact that Seduced AI is still beta-testing some of its features. In other words, Seduced AI is not quite ready yet despite already working wonders in AI-generating adult images and videos.

Seduced AI Products and Features

Google ruled the Internet with just one blank screen and a search box, and Seduced AI doesn’t need many products and features to stand out. On the website, there are basically just two things users can do: generate porn images, videos and check out porn images and videos generated by other users via the “Discover” tab.

Image and Video Generator

Seduced AI fetish incorporation
Fetish incorporation in Seduced AI

In a way, the image and video generator is Seduced AI. As previously mentioned, this feature is both complex and easy to use, delving into much detail and leaving no fetish, model type, or steamy pose behind.

If you have a sexual fantasy and want to put it in an image or video, then Seduced AI’s most probably got you covered.

Thanks to the generator extensions, it’s easy to get an idea of what’s possible with Seduced AI, customizing everything from what’s in your model’s mouth (maybe braces, maybe something more…) to the image background. 

Whereas creating photorealistic images and videos is pretty easy, Seduced AI also makes a mark by investing in rarer or even fantastical kinks that include everything from impossibly massive breasts to erotic lactation.

Discover Page

Seduced AI discover page
Seduced AI: Discover Page.

With the Discover page, users get to see a glimpse of what’s possible to do with Seduced AI, navigating a finely curated selection of AI-generated images. Due to the inclusion of text prompts, the app can even produce realistic AI celebrity nudes.

I was surprised by how diverse these images can be, with different models in different poses, often performing specific sexual actions and showcasing distinct body parts, but without ever feeling forced or making me feel like I’m taking a trip down the Uncanny Valley.

The Discover page also works as a learning tool, as you can check out the prompts used for each of the featured images simply by clicking them:

Seduced AI image prompts
Prompts from a Seduced AI-generated image.

These prompt examples can inform Seduced AI users (and adult industry professionals in particular) regarding how prompt messages can be used effectively.


With Seduced AI, the future is now! It’s hard to believe that, not long ago, porn images and videos had to be shot by real people, in a real setting. Today, all people need is an Internet connection and some basic AI prompt skills to give life to their most inner secret fantasies and create their ideal men and women from scratch.

With its straight-to-the-point interface, no-nonsense approach to AI, and incredibly detailed number of customization options, Seduced AI is at the forefront of AI-generated adult content and it’s recommended for everyone from average porn consumers to bonafide industry professionals.

Is Seduced AI free?

Everybody can create an account on Seduced AI for free, but the image/video generator can only be used by premium members. There are three subscription plans available, ranging from $25 to $150 per month.

Can I use Seduced AI to generate pictures of myself?

For sure! Seduced AI is designed to help adult industry professionals as well as porn enthusiasts. If you’re a model/influencer, you can monetize any Seduced AI-generated images of yourself as long as you submit a verification selfie and ID card (under “Model Verification,” in the Profile drop-down menu).

Can Seduced AI-generated pictures be saved?

Yes. Seduced AI users can save their favorite pictures (as well as their own original pictures) on the website and check them back later in the “Generations” tab.

What payment methods are available in Seduced AI?

Credit/debit card and crypto.

I know nothing about AI prompts; can I still use Seduced AI?

Yes. While it’s possible to generate images and videos with prompts in Seduced AI, there are several presets and customization options requiring no prompts.

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Carolina Rodrigues

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