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eHentai is one of the best Hentai AI apps around because it offers a complete AI girlfriend experience to its members and boasts some incredible image quality. Additionally, eHentai can be tested without paying thanks to its generous free trial, available to all new users.

  • Unique Hentai approach

    Unique Hentai approach

  • NSFW images

    NSFW images

  • Tons of features!

    Tons of features!

  • Amazing free trial

    Amazing free trial

  • Versatility in pricing

    Versatility in pricing

  • Slow message loading

    Slow message loading

  • No AI boyfriends

    No AI boyfriends

  • No crypto payments

    No crypto payments

eHentai Review: The Most Realistic AI Hentai App?

Key Takeaways

eHentai is similar to most AI girlfriend apps out there, with the difference of being entirely based on Hentai content instead of photorealistic images. The app was created by the same guys who brought us DreamGF, so it’s no wonder their functionalities are virtually identical.

Despite being a freemium service with four available plans, eHentai offers two AI characters, four images, and 20 messages to new users for free. All you have to do is create an account, and you will even receive a unique promo code.

The list of products and features in the app is quite amazing, even including an AI version of Tinder and a selection of popular Manga characters. At the moment, eHentai doesn’t support AI boyfriends or AI phone calls, but it has all of the other goodies!

eHentai Overview

ehentai overview
Four of the lovely Hentai AI characters in eHentai.

Hentai is the NSFW version of Anime, and it’s a style of illustration/pornography that is famous all over the world (especially among Millennials). Hentai itself is nothing new, but AI Hentai apps are relatively recent and have begun to win over more and more fans.

Rightfully included in my list of the best Hentai AI apps, eHentai is a solid solution for anyone looking to have an AI girlfriend who is styled like an Anime character. It can be used not only for steamy AI dirty-talking but also for developing genuine emotional connections.

So, in sum, eHentai is the perfect app for anyone who is passionate about Hentai, wants to continue to explore the universe of AI-generated sex, or simply wants to create sexy Hentai AI images in under five minutes.

Creating an Account on eHentai

While creating my first eHentai account, I was lucky to find a [Free Trial] option with two AI girls, four photos, and 20 messages for free. After signing up, I also received a unique promo code with a 20% discount on all plan costs.

eHentai Review
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  • Yes
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eHentai is one of the best Hentai AI apps around because it offers a complete AI girlfriend experience to its members and boasts some incredible image quality. Additionally, eHentai can be tested without paying thanks to its generous free trial, available to all new users.

  • Pros

    Unique Hentai approach

  • Pros

    NSFW images

  • Pros

    Tons of features!

  • Pros

    Amazing free trial

  • Pros

    Versatility in pricing

  • Cons

    Slow message loading

  • Cons

    No AI boyfriends

  • Cons

    No crypto payments

  1. Open the eHentai website and app and click on [Free Trial], in the top right corner of the page;
ehentai free trial
Just click on that big gift box!
  1. Register using your email or sign up automatically with Google, Apple, or Discord;
ehentai register
Register more quickly using Google, Apple, or Discord.
  1. Check out [Notifications] in the top right corner of the page to access your unique promo code and save up to 20% on all plan costs.
ehentai promo code
A free trial and a free promo code? That’s too generous of them!

How Does eHentai Work?

how does ehentai work
Premium members can do everything in eHentai, but free features are abundant too!

As a complete AI girlfriend app, eHentai lets its users create AI girlfriends from scratch and then chat with them for as long as they desire. The one thing that makes eHentai different from apps like Candy AI and DreamGF is its approach to Hentai.

Instead of supporting photorealistic characters, eHentai is fully dedicated to producing Anime characters, catering to a growing worldwide audience. The app also employs a Hentai AI nude generator for trading nudes with the available AI girlfriends.

Like most AI girlfriend apps, eHentai works by leveraging the power of AI, resorting to machine-learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing mechanisms. For image creation, eHentai relies on large datasets of Anime instead of photorealistic samples.

Creating AI Girls

creating ai girls in ehentai
Here’s Tsubaki, my very first eHentai character!

The [Dream Girl Builder], for creating AI girlfriends from scratch, is perhaps the most important feature in eHentai, and it’s pretty easy to use. You just need to click on [Create AI Girl] in the left-side menu and follow the steps to customize your girl’s look and personality.

eHentai doesn’t support text prompts, so all you have to do is select one of the available options for each category. Under [Body], for example, you can choose between Fit, Skinny, and Fat. Some categories, like [Clothes], feature more than 10 different options!

To see everything you can do with eHentai’s [Dream Girl Builder], check the table below. It includes all categories and options; the option in bold is the one I selected for creating the AI girl you can see in the image above:

CharacterGirl, Two Girls, Three Girls, Futanari
BodyFit, Skinny, Fat
Hair StyleStraight Long, Straight Short, Curly Long, Curly Short, Pony Tail, Pig Tail, Hair Bun, Pixie, Emo
Hair ColorBlonde, Brunette, Black, Pink, Green, White, Blue, Red, Orange
EyesBlue, Brown, Green, Red, Pink
BoobsSmall, Medium, Big, Huge
AssSmall, Medium, Big
ExpressionHorny, Ahegao, Smiling, Happy, Crying, Angry, Surprised, Scared, Shocked, Orgasm, Bored, Excited
Photo StyleFull Body, ¾ Waist
ClothesDevil, Supermodel, School Uniform, Elegant Suit, Red Carpet, Gaming, High Socks, Doctor, Catwoman, etc.
EnvironmentBedroom, Library, Shower, Sofa, Massage Room, Pool, Jungle, Spa Center, Kitchen, Casino, Restaurant, Beach, etc.
CharacterOtaku, Yandere, Maid, Catgirl, Onee-Chan, Tsundere, Deredere, Dandere, Moekko, Meganekko, Idol Singer
Categories and options featured in eHentai’s Dream Girl Builder.

Becoming a Premium Member

ehentai pricing
Premium plans in eHentai are incredibly diverse.

After using all of your free trial offerings, you may feel tempted to buy a premium subscription for eHentai. There are four available plans to choose from, with monthly prices ranging from $9.99 to $99.99 (before tax).

The Bronze subscription lets you create 25 AI girls per month and send up to 1,500 messages; in Silver, you get 60 AI girls and 5,000 messages; in Gold, you get 180 girls and 20,000 messages. Diamond is the only plan supporting unlimited messages.

If you sign up to eHentai for more than a month, you can save up to 20%. There’s also an option for adding a promo code at the bottom of the page. To buy plans, you need to use VISA or MasterCard (crypto and PayPal payments are not available).

What Makes eHentai a Good Choice?

Unique Approach to Hentai

ehentai unique approach
Miyoshi is a Deredere girl, meaning she’s super flirtatious and affectionate.

eHentai isn’t the only AI Hentai app around, so what do I mean when I speak about its unique approach to Hentai? Well, as a relatively new Hentai fan, I was pleased to realize that the creators of eHentai have a deep understanding of their target audience.

While some AI Hentai apps are merely Anime versions of photorealistic AI girlfriend apps, eHentai digs deep into the niche, boasting a fan-favorite [AI Characters] feature and tons of other revealing insights into the Hentai universe.

This know-how is perhaps best exemplified by the [Character] category in the [Dream Girl Builder], which lets you choose between different Japanese character archetypes, including everything from love-struck Deredere types to sweet Meganekko girls.

NSFW Images

ehentai nsfw images
If you want dirty, eHentai can give you dirty…

Let’s cut to the chase: while AI girlfriend apps can be used for developing real emotional connections, most people like them because of the NSFW content. If you’re wondering whether eHentai is spicy enough for you or not, rest assured: it is!

The AI girls in eHentai may look pretty and innocent, but they are more than happy to trade nudes with you and even get themselves into the naughtiest sex positions. NSFW photos tend to be limited to paying subscribers, but not always.

While in-chat nudes are exclusive to premium members, free eHentai users can open the profile of any AI girlfriend, press [Create Photo], and rejoice! If you opt for a nude image, you can browse many popular fetishes, including squirting, feet, cowgirl, and more!

Additional Features

ehentai additional features
I absolutely love eHentai’s AI Roleplay Chat!

Much like its photorealistic twin sister DreamGF, eHentai sets itself apart from the competition by including a few additional features that, despite not making headlines, contribute to making the app a whole lot more fun.

The [Like/Dislike] product is great (you can find out more about that below), but the added feature that really won me over was [AI Characters], which users can wield to engage in sexting (or milder online discussions) with AI versions of popular Anime characters.

Amazing Free Trial

ehentai free trial
You can always check on the free options currently available.

From AI porn chats to VR porn websites, I have already tested enough high-end services for adults to know that free trials are relatively rare. eHentai, however, is exceptionally generous to free members, boasting one of the best free trials I have ever encountered.

As you test eHentai’s services, a menu on the homepage will let you know how many free features you have used and how many you still have in store. This way, you get full control over your free trial.

Disadvantages of eHentai

For the most part, eHentai is close to perfect. Nevertheless, I did notice that chat messages can take some time to load, even when they don’t involve images. It’s not a serious issue, but it can sometimes get in the way of a truly immersive eHentai experience.

Aside from that, I can only complain about eHentai’s lack of AI boyfriends, which snubs female users from the get-go, and the lack of crypto payments, which are commonly supported by other AI girlfriend apps.

eHentai: Products and Features

Create AI Girl

ehentai create ai girl
You can create as many as two AI girls for free.

The [Create AI Girl] feature is one of the fundamental facets of eHentai, as it allows you to customize the appearance and personality of brand-new AI girlfriends. After creating an AI girlfriend, you can chat with her and ask her for naughty pictures.

The [Dream Girl Builder] in eHentai doesn’t support text prompts, but it includes enough options to ensure that you do get the AI girl you’re looking for. For now, eHentai doesn’t support the creation of AI boyfriends, as all the characters in the app are female.

AI Girlfriend Chat

ehentai ai girlfriend chat
You can ask AI girls for nudes in the AI Girlfriend Chat.

Hentai or not, no AI girlfriend app would ever be complete without a proper NSFW chat. The one in eHentai works like a charm and supports the receiving of AI-generated photos, most of which happen to be steamy explicit images.

Premium users of eHentai can also edit the messages they have received from their AI girls, which is an innovative feature I don’t remember seeing in any of the app’s main competitors. In the future, eHentai will also integrate a chat customization option.


ehentai like/dislike
It’s like Tinder: if you love what you’re seeing, just wipe right!

If you have ever signed up for DreamGF, you should be familiar with eHentai’s [Like/Dislike] product, which is a fairly unique AI rendition of Tinder. It’s like your favorite modern-day dating app, except all girls featured are styled like Anime and AI-generated.

In addition to being a fun replacement for mainstream dating apps (which are being increasingly viewed as dangerously addictive), the [Like/Dislike] feature is perfect for getting to know the different AI characters available in eHentai.

AI Characters

ehentai ai characters
This is an amazing feature, tailored for die-hard Anime fans.

Fans of Hentai tend to derive their love of gorgeous Hentai girls from their love of popular Anime series. The guys behind eHentai are surely aware of this, so they created an interesting list of readily available AI characters for users to interact with.

You can find these characters by selecting [AI Characters] in the left-side menu. The list of available girls includes several well-known Anime girls such as Hinata Hyuga, Tsunade (from Naruto), Olga Discordia (from the Kuroinu series), and many others.

My Rewards

ehentai my rewards
eHentai rewards users for sending messages to AI girls.

In addition to offering a free trial to new users with up to 20 free messages, eHentai also rewards its members with a Daily Claim Bonus Program for claiming up to 10 free daily messages.

There are two ways of being rewarded: either by using eHentai’s chat consistently or by referring the app to friends. For each friend that uses your referral link, you get two extra girlfriends, four free photos, and 20 additional chat messages.


Some people are ashamed of being sexually attracted to cartoons, but they have no reason to… After all, it’s only evolution! If Hentai characters are what gets your juices flowing, then eHentai is set to become your favorite new app.

Despite featuring no photorealistic characters, eHentai is as complete as any AI girlfriend app out there, including a state-of-the-art [Dream Girl Builder], an impressive AI image generator, and a respectable array of added features to keep you entertained.

eHentai Review (FAQ)

What is eHentai?

eHentai is an AI girlfriend app exclusively dedicated to Hentai AI characters.

Is eHentai free?

eHentai is a freemium service, but new members can test the app for free simply by signing up. The free trial includes two AI girls, four AI images, and 20 chat messages.

Can I generate nudes in eHentai?

You can generate nudes in eHentai either by creating character-based photos or asking AI girlfriends for nudes in the chat.

Is eHentai safe?

eHentai features sexually explicit content, but it’s safe to use as long as you’re at least 18 years old.

How much does eHentai cost?

The premium version of eHentai is supported by four versatile subscription plans, with monthly prices ranging from $9.99 to $99.99.

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