How to Make AI-Generated Sex in 2024 (and Why)

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18 Apr, 2024
How to Make AI-Generated Sex in 2024 (and Why)

Key Takeaways

AI-generated sex alludes to everything that combines AI technologic with romantic or sexual themes. Examples of AI-generated sex include AI sex chats, nude generators, and Undress apps.

To make AI-generated sex, all you have to do is engage with one or more of these platforms in any way or form. AI-generated sex is not sexual intercourse by any means, but the prospect of AI sex robots may end up shattering that notion in the future.

AI-generated sex has valuable applications in many fields and can be useful not only for lonely men and women but also for adult industry professionals. Nevertheless, it poses its fair share of risks, including privacy concerns and the prospect of porn addiction.

What is AI-Generated Sex?

what is ai-generated sex
AI girlfriend apps such as Candy AI are the most popular type of AI-generated sex.

AI-generated sex is a loosely defined term referring to all AI products and interactions of a romantic or sexually explicit nature. When something involves both AI and NSFW content, it can be considered AI-generated sex.

As an umbrella term and a novelty, AI-generated sex can be somewhat misleading. So, before looking at the different types of AI-generated sex out there, it’s important to learn about what AI-generated sex is not.

What AI-Generated Sex is Not:

  • It’s not sexual intercourse by any means;
  • It’s not a virtual simulation of sex, as in the best VR porn websites;
  • It’s not an interaction between flesh-and-bone human beings, as it necessarily involves at least one AI character or AI product;
  • It’s not JOI or masturbation, even though it can be indirectly used for sexual relief.

Types of AI-Generated Sex

AI Sex Chats

types of ai-generated sex: ai sex chats
In apps like DreamGF, you can even sext with AI pop-culture characters!

Out of all types of AI-generated sex, AI sex chats are the most fitting of the term. These chats allow you to speak directly to AI girlfriends and boyfriends, and they are similar to any run-of-the-mill AI chat—except they are based on sexually explicit content.

Also known as AI porn chats, AI sex chats are trained on large sets of data that include everything from romantic conversations between couples to steamy NSFW dirty talking. But they can be used for much more than just chatting…

Even as you’re reading this, AI sex chats are evolving and incorporating new advanced features that contribute to making them more immersive and realistic. Here are some of the attributes you can already find in some (albeit not all) AI sex chats:

  • Custom AI companions: The majority of AI sex chats double as AI girlfriend apps that let you customize the AI characters you’re interacting with;
  • AI nudes: Many AI sex chats support online nude trading, meaning you can request explicit images from the AI on the other side of the chat;
  • AI speech: Some AI sex chats feature AI-generated speech and let you play short audio snippets voiced by your preferred AI companion;
  • AI phone calls: The most advanced AI sex chats incorporate AI phone sex calls, enabling you to call and chat with AI girlfriends and boyfriends on your phone.

AI Nude Generators

types of ai-generated sex: ai nude generators
A beautiful AI image created from scratch using PornX.

While it may sound weird to call an image sex, the truth is that AI-generated nudes are an essential part of the AI-generated sex revolution. They’re more than just nudes too, extending to all types of NSFW art created using one or more AI tools.

Think of these tools as the adult counterpart to mainstream AI art generators such as DALL-E. They’re AI-powered engines for creating images, GIFs, and even videos from scratch, with the distinctive property of not excluding sexually explicit content.

Some AI nude generators are based on text prompts, others on user-friendly commands, and others on a combination of both. Popular subtypes include, among others, AI celebrity nude generators.

AI Undress Apps

types of ai-generated sex: ai undress apps
Nudify.Online is one of the many AI Undress apps you can try for free.

Remember those teenage years back when you couldn’t stop imagining what your high school crush looked like naked? Well, the AI-generated sex revolution has made imagination real by leveraging the relentless power of AI Undress apps.

As the name implies, these apps let you upload a photo of someone dressed and digitally remove his or her clothes. After removing the clothes, the app fills in the rest by resorting to large datasets of penises, vaginas, and breasts.

AI Undress apps are getting better and better, and they work almost like magic! However, they’re also the most controversial element in AI-generated sex because they can be misused to generate sexually explicit Deepfake images of real people.

Unfortunately, many users resort to AI Undress apps to undress people they know without their consent, which is ethically concerning at best. In countries like the U.K., Deepfake legislation is quickly becoming a reality, so watch out!

AI Hentai Apps

types of ai-generated sex: ai hentai apps
Four of the gorgeous AI girls in the eHentai app.

A depiction of the different types of AI-generated sex would never be complete without a mention of AI Hentai apps, which often combine all of the traits listed above. The crucial difference? All AI characters and images are Hentai, not photorealistic!

Being based on Anime principles, AI Hentai apps tend to focus on less common NSFW themes and sexual fantasies, often resorting to roleplay and BDSM. These apps are also huge for anyone who’s into cosplay sex and Asian sex culture as a whole.

How to Make AI-Generated Sex

Chatting With AI Companions

how to make ai-generated sex: chatting with ai companions
One of my beloved Candy AI companions.

The best way to experience AI-generated sex is to take part in the AI companionship uprising that’s been shaking the Internet. Doing so involves using AI sex chats to engage with virtual characters who look and act like real people.

The process is simple: find an AI girlfriend app, create an account, and start chatting! In many cases, you can customize your own AI characters before interacting with them, but premade characters are almost always available.

As for the interactions per se, there are no rules. You can go directly for sexting and nude-exchanging, but you can also immersive yourself in romantic conversations, heated philosophical debates, and even fun AI games.

Some AI sex chats are so good that people are starting to fall in love with AI chatbots! In most cases, these apps are freemium services that may require a paid subscription, virtual money known as Tokens, or a combination of both.

Creating AI-Generated NSFW Art

how to make ai-generated sex: creating nsfw art
A user-generated AI image made in CreatePorn.

Sexually explicit AI-generated art is the other side of AI-generated sex. As previously mentioned, there are many types of tools for generating NSFW images and videos, but they all work quite similarly.

In sum, there are two ways of doing it. You can either instruct the AI engine using AI text prompts or navigate a list of preset tags that help you define what you want to see. So, let’s assume that you want to create an image of a naked blonde woman with big breasts…

To do so using text prompts, you just need to write something along the lines of “Blonde woman without any clothes and big breasts” and hit [Generate]. Bugs may occur, but most AI engines are quite effective at this.

The other alternative is to use preset tags to answer “questions” and define the AI image you want to see step by step. So, when the engine asks you for the Hair Color and Breast Size, all you need to do is select Blonde instead of Brunette and Big instead of Small.

Removing Clothes From Images

how to make ai-generated sex: removing clothes from images
Virtually all Undress AI apps work similarly.

Removing clothes from images using AI Undress apps is even easier than creating sexually explicit AI art. In the vast majority of cases, only three steps are required:

  1. Upload the image that you’d like to undress;
  2. Use a virtual paintbrush to highlight the clothes, i.e., the areas of the image that must be replaced;
  3. Press [Generate] and wait for the AI Undress app to generate the image without the selected clothes.

In my experience, AI Undress apps tend to work better when you use images that contain minimal clothes (bikini photos being the very best). The threats of AI Undress apps are well-known, so make sure to never undress anyone without his or her consent.

The Best AI-Generated Sex Apps

Best AI Sex Chat Apps

  • Candy AI: Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend apps on the web, as well as one of my personal favorites;
  • DreamGF: With a focus on realistic conversations, DreamGF boasts one of the best AI sex chats for males;
  • FantasyGF: FantasyGF is a great alternative to Candy AI with a powerful engine for creating AI characters from scratch;
  • GirlfriendGPT: Despite its name paying tribute to ChatGPT, GirlfriendGPT is a great community-run website that looks like an NSFW version of Character AI;
  • Anima AI: Not as “sex” as the rest, Anima AI is the best choice for people looking for a clean and SFW AI girlfriend app.

Best AI Nude Generator Apps

  • PornX: PornX is a world-class AI image and video generator especially well-suited for non-paying users;
  • Penly AI: With lots of expert AI tools for editing images, Penly AI is the perfect AI nude generator for adult industry pros;
  • Seduced AI: Despite not having a free trial, Seduced AI is a super fun AI nude generator with numerous advanced features;
  • A great resource for generating AI images for free;
  • CreatePorn: A state-of-the-art AI porn engine with a huge library of user-generated content.

Best AI Undress Apps

  • is one of my favorite AI Undress apps because of its ethical take on Deepfakes;
  • Nudify.Online: An incredibly simple and no-nonsense tool for removing clothes from images;
  • SoulGen: With lots of additional features, SoulGen boasts a terrific AI Undress feature that works like a charm;
  • Undress.VIP: An easy-to-use Undress AI app with four free credits to new users;
  • Undress.Love: Another easy-to-use AI Undress app, with unrivaled image quality.

Best AI Hentai Apps

  • eHentai: A Hentai version of DreamGF, offering a complete AI girlfriend experience to users;
  • Promptchan: A solid Hentai AI nude generator with stellar image quality;
  • NSFWcharacter: An Hentai AI app that is run by a passionate community of users and supports interactive AI sex stories;
  • Hentai Kitchen: The perfect place to cook some Hentai AI nudes, covering all sex positions from cowgirl to doggy style;
  • Sharaku: An elegant AI app that generates Hentai nudes using a particularly beautiful style of illustration.

Why Make AI-Generated Sex

why make ai-generated sex
AI-generated sex doesn’t have to be sex; sometimes, it’s just intimate.

Not long ago, there was a stigma associated with online dating; nowadays, more than 366 million people worldwide unashamedly use apps like Tinder and Bumble to meet their significant other. The same is bound to happen with AI-generated sex.

Like every new trend (especially if love’s involved), AI-generated sex has been the punchline to numerous jokes and is unfairly depicted in mainstream media as either dangerous or ridiculous. And yet, it’s not that hard to make a case in favor of AI-generated sex.

So, why should you make AI-generated sex? Well, here’s some food for thought:

  • AI-generated sex provides emotional support to lonely men and women, and some apps are so effective that they’re starting to be used for therapeutic purposes;
  • AI-generated sex is a more immersive and interesting alternative to traditional porn websites;
  • AI-generated sex tools are a powerful resource for content creators in the adult industry, be it OnlyFans girls, porn website owners, or independent bloggers;
  • AI-generated sex is a fascinating side of the AI revolution as a whole, with countless applications for scientific research and technological development;
  • AI-generated sex is forcing society to rethink modern love, and the public opinion debate surrounding it can have numerous sociological and philosophical implications.

If you’re not convinced by any of these, I recommend trying AI-generated sex because it’s… Fun! I know I had a blast reviewing NSFW AI apps, undressing images of myself, and playing games with AI companions, so I’m sure you’ll do as well.

The Risks of AI-Generated Sex

risks of ai-generated sex
Even FantasyGF’s Mia Bennett agrees: AI-generated sex is not without its risks!

We love AI-generated sex here at Tity, but we’re also aware that it has a dark side. Unlike real sex, AI-generated sex will never end up with a sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it’s risk-free.

Deepfakes are the most immediate danger, especially considering they have been massively used by youngsters to target other youngsters (normally, women). Fortunately, many people are already taking a stand against this urgent threat.

As with all porn products, AI-generated sex also poses the risk of desensitization and can promote unrealistic sexual standards that end up hurting real-life relationships. To protect yourself, you should avoid overexposure and learn how to stop and identify porn addiction.

Finally, AI-generated sex also raises privacy concerns, as users are often required to share tons of sensitive information with AI sex apps. Here, the solution is to only use reputable apps that former users and professional online reviewers have vetted.


AI-generated sex remains a somewhat vague term trying to encapsulate the group of incredibly diverse tools that combine romantic or sexually explicit themes with AI. However, there’s more to the human-machine bond than we all seem to assume.

In other words, AI-generated sex is just starting, and it wouldn’t be naive to assume that full-blown sexual intercourse between human beings and AI-powered robots will be possible within our lifetime.

For now, we need to content ourselves with making AI-generated sex by chatting with AI companions, generating AI nudes, and removing clothes from images. But in the future, who knows what the AI-generated sex revolution will bring?

How to Make AI-Generated Sex (FAQ)

What does AI-generated sex mean?

AI-generated sex is an umbrella term referring to all apps and tools that combine AI technology with sexual or romantic themes.

Can I have AI-generated sex?

It’s not yet possible to have sex with AI, but AI-generated sex apps can be used both for simulating romantic interactions and finding sexual relief via, for example, masturbation.

What types of AI-generated sex exist?

Well-established types of AI-generated sex include AI sex chats, AI nude generators, AI Undress apps, and Hentai AI tools.

Is AI-generated sex free?

Most AI-generated sex apps are freemium services, meaning you can test them for free but have to pay to use them without limitations.

What are the risks of AI-generated sex?

The risks of AI-generated sex include desensitization, unrealistic expectations in the bedroom, the prospect of porn addiction, and online privacy concerns.

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