Dirty Talk

What is Dirty Talk?

Dirty talk is what happens when a couple engages in explicit, stimulating rhetoric before and during sexual intercourse. Dirty talk can involve everything from the proverbial “Fuck me harder” to extremely detailed depictions of sexual activity.

While dirty talk is not the same thing as sexting (dirty talk happens for real during intercourse, whereas sexting happens predominantly online), the two concepts are closely related.

Why is Dirty Talk Sexy?

According to psychologist Jordan Rullo, dirty talk is sexy for the following reasons: (1) it helps partners to connect, (2) it builds trust in the bedroom, and (3) it taps into a kind of societal taboo, which only helps to make dirty talk more exciting.

As for what makes dirty talk good, everybody seems to have their version. Rapper Iggy Azalea, for example, believes dirty talk is better once people let go of their inhibitions. She also recommends that people only dirty talk once they’ve gotten to know their partner.

Dirty talk
Did he call you a whore? Take no offense, it’s just loving dirty talk!

Dirty Talk Resources

While dirty talk is amazing, it’s not always easy to pull off with the necessary class. The following online resources can help you develop your dirty-talk game before putting it into practice in the real world:

  • AI sex chats: The best AI sex chats can be used as a training ground for practicing dirty talk without any real-world consequences;
  • AI girlfriend apps: The best AI girlfriend apps can help you incorporate dirty talk into a relationship that, albeit virtual, mimics a real relationship;
  • OnlyFans: The top OnlyFans girls often engage in dirty talk with their subscribers; what better way to learn how to talk dirty than directly from the pros?