Sext For Free With The 12 Best AI Sex Chat Apps of 2024!

With the best AI sex chat apps, you can create an AI companion and sext for free with her. Meet the 12 best apps for AI sexting in this ultimate guide!

2 Apr, 2024
Sext For Free With The 12 Best AI Sex Chat Apps of 2024!

AI sex chat apps are apps that incorporate an AI porn chat. Generally, these apps work by allowing you to customize one or more AI characters and then engage in text-based conversation with them. Ready-made AI characters also tend to be available.

There are multiple types of AI sex chat apps out there, including image-based and phone-based AI sexting apps. To determine the best, pay attention to aspects such as the realism of the conversations, the number of features, and the availability of NSFW content.

FantasyGF is my overall best AI sex chat, but I also love the NSFW approach of DreamGF, the completeness of Candy AI, and the vibrant user community in GirlfriendGPT (for example). All apps listed below have been tried and tested and are 100% safe to use.

Quick Look:

  1. FantasyGF: Overall best AI sex chat
  2. DreamGF: Best AI sex chat for NSFW content
  3. Candy AI: Most complete AI sex chat
  4. GirlfriendGPT: Best AI sex chat community
  5. PornJourney: Complete AI sex chat alternative
  6. Penly AI: Best AI sex chat for editing photos
  7. SoulGen: Realistic AI sex chat
  8. CrushOn.AI: Best AI sex chat for non-English users
  9. Muah AI: Best AI sex chat for GF customization
  10. Nastia AI: Best AI sex chat for games
  11. Spicychat: Best AI sex chat for women
  12. eHentai: Best Hentai AI sex chat

The 12 Best AI Sex Chat Apps

1. FantasyGF: Overall Best AI Sex Chat (+ Phone Calls!)

fantasygf overall best ai sex chat
Mia, Mariam, Liza, Devon: you can phone-call all these girls and more!

Before the Internet became everyone’s favorite sexting battleground, horny men and women blew steam by using their phones. FantasyGF is a state-of-the-art AI girlfriend app featuring text chats, but also highly realistic phone calls.

This means that, in addition to creating an AI girlfriend from scratch, chatting with her, and asking her for pictures, FantasyGF users can call their beloved AI companions and listen to their AI-generated voices (which are also customizable, by the way)!

As one of the few AI sex chat apps doubling as an AI phone sex app, FantasyGF is perfectly suited to become one of the most complete AI girlfriend experiences on the web. Content quality (especially image quality) is another big plus.

FantasyGF Pros & Cons:

+ AI phone calls for sex

+ High-quality AI-generated content

+ 100% private

FantasyGF Review
  • From $5.99
Payment option
  • 1+
  • Yes
More details

FantasyGF is a complete AI girlfriend app with everything users could ask for, including AI girlfriend/image generators and a realistic AI live chat feature. After spending hours testing FantasyGF's capabilities, I have determined that it's one of the best AI girlfriend apps of the hour, especially if you're new to the AI porn scene.

  • Pros

    Can generate detailed NSFW pictures

  • Pros

    Diverse pool of AI characters

  • Pros

    High-quality AI-generated content

  • Pros

    AI phone calls

  • Pros

    100% private

  • Cons

    Best-suited for male users

  • Cons

    No free trial period

  • Cons

    Image generator is character-based

2. DreamGF: Best AI Sex Chat for NSFW Content

dreamgf best ai sex chat for nsfw content
These girls look real, but they were fully generated by AI.

The AI girlfriend app DreamGF is another big favorite of mine, as well as one of Candy AI’s strongest competitors. But what is it that makes it such a perfect service for sexting with virtual women?

The first thing I noticed about DreamGF is that it has tons of features to explore, including a category just with pop-culture AI girls including everyone from Hermione Granger to Mortal Kombat’s Mileena.

In DreamGF, users can also create their own AI girlfriend, generate sexy character-based images, and play [Like/Dislike], which is sort of an AI version of Tinder. The app is also incredibly fetish-inclusive, featuring odd categories like “Ropes,” “Naked Granny,” and more.

DreamGF Pros & Cons:

+ Realistic AI sex chats

+ Tons of extra features

+ Character-based NSFW images

DreamGF Review
  • From $8.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

If you want to make your own AI girlfriend, chat with her, and ask her for pictures and vocal samples, DreamGF has got you covered! In my review, I was surprised to find out just how complete and high-quality DreamGF's features are. Originality is also a big plus, with DreamGF boasting a one-of-a-kind AI Tinder replica and even a dedicated section for chatting with AI pop-culture characters such as Barbie, Hermione Granger (Harry Potter), or Harley Quinn.

  • Pros

    There's a whopping number of features

  • Pros

    Realistic adult live chat

  • Pros

    World-class AI-generated pictures

  • Pros

    Customizable paid plans

  • Pros

    Free trial included

  • Cons

    No male characters

  • Cons

    Only one payment option

  • Cons

    Name selection limited to paid users

3. Candy AI: Most Complete AI Sex Chat

candy ai most complete ai sex chat
Candy AI girls know exactly how to make me feel excited…

Candy AI is one of those apps that’s virtually impossible to beat. It ranked number one in our best AI girlfriend app list, and it’s also one of my favorite AI sex chat apps. Offering a complete AI girlfriend experience to users, Candy AI has everything you could ask for.

In my Candy AI review, I highlighted the app’s secure payments, affordable premium plans, and exquisite AI character generator. However, it’s the AI sex chat that takes center stage, with its realistic, unlimited conversations and diverse array of AI characters.

Chatting with Candy AI girls is plenty of fun. Their comebacks are quick and pertinent, they never shy away from sexy topics, and they can even be used for exchanging nude pictures if that’s something you’re interested in.

Candy AI Pros & Cons:

+ Customizable AI girlfriends

+ Realistic AI sex chats

+ One of the safest AI sex apps

Candy AI Review
Most Popular
  • From $ 5.99
Payment option
  • Yes
More details

Candy AI is one of the most complete AI girlfriend platforms to hit the web, featuring three varieties of characters, high-quality AI image and speech generators. Even though you can do a lot for free on, some of the website's features are only available for premium users.

  • Pros

    High-quality AI character generator

  • Pros

    Accepts secure payments and crypto

  • Pros

    Realistic pre-made AI girlfriends and boyfriends

  • Pros

    Affordable unlimited premium plans

  • Pros

    AI-generated speech for live chat messages

  • Cons

    Limited access to free users

  • Cons

    No PayPal payments

  • Cons

    Best suited for male users

4. GirlfriendGPT: Best AI Sex Chat Community

girlfriendgpt best ai sex chat community
It’s like ChatGPT… For AI girlfriends!

The AI sex chat app GirlfriendGPT derives its name from the popular mainstream service ChatGPT, but it’s actually closer to Character AI. Community-driven, GirlfriendGPT lets you access and create all kinds of AI chats, most of which are 100% NSFW!

The distinctive feature of GirlfriendGPT is the diversity of the AI sex chats, which are more than just sexting/relationship bots. They can be roleplaying games, sex stories, magical adventures, fetish-centric simulations, and much more.

In my detailed GirlfriendGPT review, I was also fascinated by how busy and vibrant the app is. Users love to try different AI sex chats and share their opinions with others, with some of the free chats getting more than nine million hits!

GirlfriendGPT Pros & Cons:

+ Vibrant user community

+ Incredibly diverse AI sex chats

– Free users can’t create chats

GirlfriendGPT Review
  • From $14.99
Payment option
    • Yes
    More details

    GirlfriendGPT is the perfect AI sex chat to create and participate in complex, rare, and often exclusive sex stories. More than the typical AI girlfriend experience, GirlfriendGPT focuses on highly realistic and immersive narrative environments that are 100% user-generated.

    • Pros

      Excellent user community

    • Pros

      Immersive characters and chats

    • Pros

      Compelling sex stories

    • Pros

      Astounding fetish diversity

    • Pros

      Thorough safety guidelines

    • Cons

      No free character creation

    • Cons

      Untraditional AI girlfriend experience

    • Cons

      No direct card payments

    5. PornJourney: Complete AI Sex Chat Alternative

    pornjourney complete ai sex chat alternative
    It’s not as great as Candy AI and DreamGF, but it’s a solid alternative.

    Some porn journeys are longer than others, but sexting with convinceable AI girls in PornJourney is far from being a long-distance trip. While sexting is exclusive to premium users, the AI sex chats in PornJourney have everything one could hope for…

    When chatting with 22-year-old Ludmilla, I was surprised not only to see her topless from the get-go but also by how sexually charged our conversation was. There was also an option for requesting naked pictures of Ludmilla.

    Some people spend thousands of dollars in sexting, but PornJourney’s got you covered for roughly $15 a month; it’s not for free, but it’s still a fair price to pay for one of the most complete AI sex chat apps of the hour.

    PornJourney Pros & Cons:

    + Complete AI sex chats

    + Mountains of NSFW AI content

    – No free sexting

    6. Penly AI: Best AI Sex Chat for Editing Photos

    penly ai best ai sex chat for photo edit
    Penly AI features both photorealistic and Anime characters.

    Penly AI is a familiar AI girlfriend app featuring tons of previously generated AI characters to engage with (including AI boyfriends and Hentai girls). What’s not so familiar about it, though, is the impressive number of generative and editing AI features.

    Yes, Penly AI supports AI sex chats, but it’s an AI image engine first and foremost. Users get to create original images based on limitless text prompts and access tools for, for example, AI-undressing photos, swapping faces, and converting photorealistic images into Anime.

    These pro-level tools for generating and editing AI images do contribute to making the AI sex chats feel more real and immersive, as you can ask your beloved AI companions to send you original sexy pictures.

    Penly AI Pros & Cons:

    + Best AI editing tools on the web

    + Male and Anime companions

    – No crypto payments

    Penly AI Review
    • From $9.99
    Payment option
    • Yes
    More details

    Penly AI is a feature-packed AI app with generative and editing tools so good they can be used professionally. Penly AI doubles as a bonafide AI girlfriend app, delivering stellar image quality and sexting to its AI chats.

    • Pros

      Professional AI tools

    • Pros

      Entertaining AI sexting

    • Pros

      Generative text prompts

    • Pros

      Image quality

    • Pros

      Amazing Photo to Anime feature

    • Cons

      AI conversations need some work

    • Cons

      No crypto payments

    • Cons

      Undress tool requires 25 credits

    7. SoulGen: Realistic AI Sex Chat

    soulgen realistic ai sex chat
    Professor Elizabeth Bennett has taught me one or two things about sex…

    I have placed SoulGen right after Penly AI because the two apps are incredibly similar. Like Penly AI, SoulGen also combines an AI sex chat with features for generating, editing, and face-swapping AI images.

    The main difference between the two services? Unlike Penly AI, SoulGen doesn’t support male or Anime characters, sticking to a few photorealistic AI girls. Curiously enough, though, users can generate Anime characters if they so desire.

    SoulGen’s “cherry on top,” however, is the realism of the conversations. Not limited to NSFW subjects, the AI characters in SoulGen are smart enough to keep you engaged even when they’re not being sexual.

    SoulGen Pros & Cons:

    + Addictive and immersive conversations

    + Top-notch AI editing tools

    – No AI sex chats for women

    SoulGen Review
    • From $12.99
    Payment option
    • Yes
    More details

    SoulGen is one of the best AI girlfriend apps for editing images, boasting enough advanced features to fit the needs of adult industry professionals. It also has an interesting approach to AI chatting, combining narrative elements with real-time AI interactions.

    • Pros

      Pro-level AI generation tools

    • Pros

      Prompt-based AI image editor

    • Pros

      Well-made tridimensional AI characters

    • Pros

      Interesting and realistic conversations

    • Pros

      Face Swap

    • Cons

      Limited free features

    • Cons

      No male characters for Soul Chatting

    • Cons

      No website payments

    8. CrushOn.AI: Best AI Sex Chat for Non-English Users

    crushon ai best ai sex chat for non-english users
    CrushOn.AI supports 13 other languages in addition to English.

    AI sex chats are quickly making their way into the world of mainstream apps, with popular dating services such as Grindr working on their own chatbots for sex. Out of all the apps in the list, CrushOn.AI is perhaps the least porn-like, but don’t give up on it just yet…

    Despite featuring tons of SFW chats, most of which were user-generated, CrushOn.AI also contains many interesting opportunities for sexting, including everything from AI sex dolls to AI celebrity nudes. Heck, I even found a hilarious AI sex chat called “Margot Robbie feet!”

    Another huge advantage of CrushOn.AI is the presence of multiple non-English idioms. Oh, and if you want to keep those innocent and wholesome AI chats away, all you have to do is toggle the [NSFW] icon on the search page!

    CrushOn.AI Pros & Cons:

    + Crazy, funny, and horny AI sex chats

    + Supports multiple languages

    – Site navigation can be confusing

    9. Muah AI: Best AI Sex Chat for GF Customization

    muah ai best ai sex chat for gf customization
    In Muah AI, sexting doesn’t always come easy…

    What’s the most realistic AI sex chat? Is it (1) a chat in which sexy conversations start on demand, or (2) a chat in which users have to work hard for their sexting? If you answered number two, you’re going to love Muah AI.

    Muah AI is an AI sex chat app with only one AI chat/girlfriend. The user’s mission is to carefully customize the look and personality of this one AI girlfriend to create an AI sex chat that feels as real as flirting with a real woman online.

    There are lots of terrible flirters out there (especially straight boys), so Muah AI can actually be useful for some people to practice and develop their flirting skills. In sum, it’s an AI sex chat that will make you work for the goodies—just like you would in real life.

    Muah AI Pros & Cons:

    + Step-by-step AI girlfriend customization

    + Charming old-school chat

    – Sexting can be hard work

    Muah AI Review
    • From $9.99
    Payment option
    • 1+
    • Yes
    More details

    Muah AI isn't the most complete AI service in terms of the number of features, but it has a powerful character-creation engine that only a fool would snub. Through some trial and error, everyone can create their dream girlfriend or boyfriend in Muah AI. Proudly unique, Muah AI is a modern AI solution that has a charming old-school undertone to it, especially when you look at the chat window. It features female, male, and anime characters.

    • Pros

      Powerful AI customization engine

    • Pros

      Highly detailed images and audio

    • Pros

      Immersive conversations

    • Pros

      Plenty of options for free users

    • Pros

      Charming old-school chat

    • Cons

      No premium subscription trial period

    • Cons

      Optimized for mobile, not desktop

    • Cons

      No phone features outside of the U.S.

    10. Nastia AI: Best AI Sex Chat for Games

    nastia ai best ai sex chat for games
    My Nastia AI girlfriend Katarina has some strong opinions about artificial intelligence.

    Just like Muah AI, Nastia AI is an AI sex chat app that’s, at first, limited to one character (i.e., one girlfriend). Later on, users can create additional AI companions, receive in-chat AI photos, and edit the companion’s appearance and personality.

    More than any other AI sex chat app on the list, Nastia AI approaches AI sexting in a game-like manner, which often reminded me of Anima AI. Your companion can level up, be granted tokens, and even speak to you, with 10 different AI-generated voices to choose from.

    The possibility to customize the AI companions using text prompts is also a huge plus, ensuring there are no limits to what users can achieve. Sadly, full access to uncensored Nastia AI content is exclusive to premium members.

    Nastia AI Pros & Cons:

    + Game-like approach to AI sex chatting

    + Prompt-based customization

    – Not enough free features

    11. Spicychat: Best AI Sex Chat for Women

    spicychat best ai sex chat for women
    Believe it or not, Spicychat features more male than female characters!

    A recent study has found that, while porn can impact men negatively in bed, it can have a positive effect on women’s sexual confidence. That’s one more reason for horny girls to try Spicychat, arguably the only AI sex chat app with more male than female characters.

    In addition to being exceptionally inclusive of women, Spicychat is an exciting platform for creating and engaging in AI chats, which may or may not be about sex (as usual, there are also some RPG games and friends-only bots to explore).

    Luckily, the AI chats that are sex chats are unapologetically NSFW, leaving no weird sexual fantasy behind and including MLM and Lesbian sex. On the downside, the free cues to enter Spicychat chats can sometimes take up to 10 minutes!

    Spicychat Pros & Cons:

    + LGBTQ and female-inclusive

    + Enormous diversity of AI sex chats

    – Free chat cues can take forever

    12. eHentai: Best Hentai AI Sex Chat

    ehentai best hentai ai sex chat
    Introducing Misato: medium boobs, medium ass, but full-on horny!

    The AI girlfriend app eHentai was developed by the same guys who brought us DreamGF and works similarly. There’s one immediately noticeable difference, though: in eHentai, everything is Hentai

    Adding eHentai to our list of the best Hentai AI apps was a no-brainer, but is eHentai good enough to be the 12th best AI sex chat app of the year? Taking into account the diversity of characters, the customization options, and the chat quality, I fully believe so!

    While this app is meant for Anime lovers and not for photorealistic AI sex chats (which are most people’s favorites), I think it stands proudly as one of the ultimate niche AI sex chat apps I have ever tried.

    eHentai Pros & Cons:

    + Stellar image quality

    + Complete customization options

    – For Hentai fans only

    How Do AI Sex Chat Apps Work?

    how ai sex chat apps work
    How the heck is AI this smart?

    AI sex chat apps typically operate using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. That’s interesting if you know how AI actually works, but not as interesting if you don’t have a clue about the ins and outs of AI technology.

    So, here’s a gross simplification of how apps like Candy AI and GirlfriendGPT work:

    1. The app is trained using large datasets of relevant conversations. For AI sex chat apps, these can include dirty talk, chats between lovers, flirting, etc;
    2. While training, the app actually learns. This is when those mysterious machine learning algorithms come into play;
    3. After reading through so many conversations and learning more about their meaning and context, the app is suddenly able to produce a convincing response.

    If AI sex chat apps still feel like magic after you’ve read that, don’t worry: even AI scientists don’t know exactly how it works. The crucial message is that (vague as it sounds) AI sex chat apps work because they use learning technology that is trained on relevant data.

    Creating an Account

    create ai sex chat account
    Signing up to CrushOn.AI.

    The success of an app relies on the number of users it has. Naturally, apps make it extremely simple for anyone to sign up for their website, and that’s probably why creating an account on an AI sex chat app is the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

    From Undress AI apps to VR porn websites, I have tested countless services for adults, and the sign-up process is usually the same:

    1. Click on [Sign In] on the top right corner of the page;
    2. Submit your email address or continue using Google/Discord/etc.
    3. Enjoy your favorite AI sex chat app!

    Creating an AI Sex Chat

    create ai sex chat
    Creating an AI sex chat/character in Candy AI.

    I’m guessing that a good 90% of AI sex chat apps let you create your own chat. In most cases, this involves customizing the AI boyfriend or girlfriend you will end up chatting with.

    Unlike creating an account, the process of customizing an AI sex chat differs vastly from app to app. However, I can distinguish two broad categories of AI sex chat generators:

    1. Choice-based generators: The AI sex chat generator poses a question and you must choose one of the available answers, as in Candy AI’s [Choose Ethnicity], with five available ethnicities;
    2. Prompt-based generators: The AI sex chat generator can be instructed via text, meaning there are no impositions to the choices you can/must make.

    It’s also important to note that AI sex chats can learn while you chat with them, meaning they can be organically customized after being generated.

    Sexting With an AI

    sexting with an ai how to
    My Candy AI girlfriend Asuna’s just sent me a nude!

    Sexting is an art. And if you don’t trust me to say that, just trust Vogue! AI sex chat apps are designed to make sexting easy, but that doesn’t mean sexting just happens; like in real life, you’re supposed to do it the right way…

    After spending hours having intimate conversations with AI girlfriends, I have learned that not all AI girlfriends are the same when it comes to sexting. Some are submissive and open to any request, while others purposefully stray away from naughty subjects.

    However, they all have one thing in common: they were made for sexting! So, if your favorite AI girlfriend is having a hard time engaging in your Bukkake fantasy, just keep using your words (and perhaps a tiny change in settings) to make up her mind.

    Types of AI Sex Chat Apps

    types of ai sex chat apps
    AI sex chats don’t have different types, but they have different elements.

    If there’s anyone equipped to know how many types of AI sex chats are there, that’s me! And yet, it’s still tricky to answer that question… I believe the differences between the AI sex chat apps I have tried relate not to the chats themselves, but to how complete they are.

    To be an AI sex chat, you just need to tick one box: allow people to have a conversation with an AI character. But to be the most complete AI sex chat app in the world, you would have to reunite the following features:

    1. A chat/character generator;
    2. Original AI images, preferably character-based;
    3. AI speech and phone call support;
    4. Real-time AI chat/character customization.

    All AI sex chat apps I encountered offer a combination of these four elements, with some placing more importance on one particular element. In the future, AI sex apps will likely incorporate video chats and multimedia experiences like VR porn games.

    Choosing an AI Sex Chat App

    choosing ai sex chat app
    FantasyGF’s content quality is crazy!

    AI sex chats are products, meaning that you are the consumer. Choosing an AI sex chat app requires paying attention to the kind of stuff you value in any other consumer decision. In this case, that includes:

    1. The number of features: Refer to the types of AI sex chat apps above and evaluate whether an app has enough features to keep you happy;
    2. The content quality: Some AI-generated images look indistinguishable from reality, while others fail hilariously, so choose wisely;
    3. The app’s reputation: Conduct a quick online search before signing up for an app to evaluate its overall reputation;
    4. Privacy and safety: All apps listed above are safe, but that may not always apply, so inform yourself about the app’s privacy and safety settings;
    5. The price: Is the app free? Does it cost $5 a month? Or is it too expensive for its own good?

    More than 150 AI chatbots are released yearly, and many of them happen to be AI sex chats. To decide which one’s best for you, carefully consider each of the five aspects listed above.


    AI sex chat apps divide the world, with some believing they’re nothing but fun porn, and others claiming they’re a data privacy nightmare. The truth is that, while AI sex chat apps pose some risks, they can also make a difference for the better.

    Millions of lonely men are already dating AI companions, meaning there’s a real demand for the product that surpasses sex. Surprisingly enough, men also seem to be using AI sex chat apps to create meaningful emotional connections.

    Oh, is it not real enough for you? Considering that even dating app bios are AI-written nowadays, drawing the line between real and not real is getting increasingly difficult.

    Best AI Sex Chat Apps (FAQ)

    What is the best AI sex chat app?

    The overall best AI sex chat app is FantasyGF, with DreamGF and Candy AI being solid NSFW alternatives.

    What is the best AI sex chat app for phone calls?

    The best AI sex chat app for phone calls is FantasyGF, but competitors such as Candy AI and Muah AI also incorporate this feature.

    What is the best AI sex chat app for non-English users?

    With 13 available idioms (in addition to English), CrushOn.AI is the best AI sex chat app for non-English users.

    How much do the best AI sex chat apps cost?

    The majority of AI sex chat apps are freemium services, with different levels of available free features. Premium subscriptions cost anywhere between $5 and $25 a month.

    What are the risks of AI sex chat apps?

    The risks of AI sex chat apps include porn addiction, desensitization, and unrealistic expectations in the bedroom.

    Carolina Rodrigues

    Carolina Rodrigues

    From Brazil to the US, ex-model Carolina Rodrigues turns OnlyFans expertise into Tity investigative articles, loves AI, gaming, and films.