What is Submissive?

Submissive describes a man or woman who likes to be dominated in the bedroom and finds being controlled or restrained sexually arousing. It’s the opposite of being dominant, and a key element in all types of sex involving power dynamics, including BDSM.

Why Do People Love Being Submissive?

In a Thought Catalog article, 18 submissive women shared what they love most about being submissive, and their answers were surprisingly diverse. Some stated that they liked “giving up control” in the bedroom, while others felt like being a sex slave was a way of rebelling against an oppressive society.

There’s no consensus about being submissive, with other women reporting to “hate [themselves] a bit for being submissive.” Nevertheless, all women agreed that, for one reason or another, they derived great sexual pleasure from letting their partners take control during sex.

Submissive individuals love to feel “helpless” in the bedroom.

The Risks of Being Submissive

Submissive sex poses all the risks of normal sex, but it brings its own set of dangers, most of which are emotional and psychological. Being submissive in sex is not the same as being submissive in life, but this notion can be clouded by extreme power dynamics in the bedroom.

When being sexually submissive or dealing with a sexually submissive partner, it’s essential to draw a line between what’s effectively sex roleplay and what’s the other side of the relationship. In other words, you can “mistreat” submissive people in bed, not anywhere else…