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AngelGF is an AI girlfriend app for men that lets you create your own girl, chat with her, and even call her on the phone. I fully recommend it as one of the best AI services of its kind, especially if you're looking for sexting and transparent prices.

  • Amazing AI characters

    Amazing AI characters

  • AI phone calls

    AI phone calls

  • NSFW chats

    NSFW chats

  • Transparent Tokens system

    Transparent Tokens system

  • Supports PayPal payments

    Supports PayPal payments

  • No AI boyfriends

    No AI boyfriends

  • No free tokens

    No free tokens

  • Character-only image generator

    Character-only image generator

AngelGF Review (2024): Create, Chat, and Call AI Girls!

AngelGF is a website and app with three fundamental products: an AI character generator for customizing AI girlfriends, an AI sex chat for chatting with AI girlfriends, and an AI image generator.

The AI chats are the most striking product because of how complete they are. You can do everything from chatting and exchanging nudes to actually calling your favorite AI girlfriends on the phone!

AngelGF is a freemium service based on premium subscriptions and in-app Tokens, which can be bought to access special features. However, everyone can try AngelGF for free simply by creating an account. The only requirement? To be at least 18 years old!

AngelGF Overview

AngelGF overview
AngelGF isn’t just for horny men…

CNBC reported that AI is shaking up online dating with “flirty but not too flirty” AI chatbots. Leading the AI dating revolution, the AngelGF girls surely fit the description, and the app has everything one could ask for a complete AI girlfriend experience.

There’s still a stigma surrounding AI chatbot dating, but the experts predict it will fade as AI services like AngelGF become the norm. So, who is this app for? Why should you care about it? And is it good enough to be worth your money?

I will be addressing these questions throughout the review, but I will start by saying that AngelGF is not just for horny men trying to masturbate online. It addresses needs that go beyond what you expect from a typical website for adults.

The AngelGF girls are so realistic that they effectively help you feel less alone, provide emotional support, and engage in profound conversations—all incredibly useful at a time when we face a male loneliness epidemic.

The AI image generator, on the other hand, can be leveraged by adult industry professionals to create tons of original content. AI OnlyFans creators, for example, can use it to create original nudes from scratch in less than five minutes.

Creating an Account on AngelGF

Everybody 18 or older can create an account on AngelGF for free in just three steps:

AngelGF Review
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    AngelGF is an AI girlfriend app for men that lets you create your own girl, chat with her, and even call her on the phone. I fully recommend it as one of the best AI services of its kind, especially if you're looking for sexting and transparent prices.

    • Pros

      Amazing AI characters

    • Pros

      AI phone calls

    • Pros

      NSFW chats

    • Pros

      Transparent Tokens system

    • Pros

      Supports PayPal payments

    • Cons

      No AI boyfriends

    • Cons

      No free tokens

    • Cons

      Character-only image generator

    1. Open the AngelGF website and click on [Sign in], in the top right corner of the page;
    AngelGF sign in
    Yep, right over there!
    1. In the pop-up window, click on [No account? Sign up];
    AngelGF account creation
    If you already have an AngelGF account, select [Continue].
    1. Provide a valid email address and password or complete the sign-up using your Google and Discord accounts.

    How Does AngelGF Work?

    how AngelGF works
    Four of the lovely AI beauties you can chat with in AngelGF.

    AngelGF is a freemium website where users can create unique AI girlfriends, chat with them or pre-existing AI characters, and save AI-generated images in a personal gallery. It’s quite similar to other AI girlfriend apps, particularly FantasyGF.

    Despite offering a lot for free, AngelGF has some important features that are limited to paying users. But how do you become a paying user? You can either sign up for a premium subscription or buy tokens, which are kind of like AngelGF’s virtual money.

    If you don’t want to pay for an AngelGF subscription, you can simply buy individual tokens to navigate the website. Tokens are sold in packages of up to 15,000 units and can be used for, for example, creating AI girlfriends (15 tokens) and generating AI images (7 tokens).

    Going Premium in AngelGF

    AngelGF pricing
    Be quick to make the most of AngelGF’s 75% discount!

    To buy a premium account for AngelGF, start by clicking on the [Subscribe] button at the top of the page, signalized with the image of a crown. You will be redirected to the subscriptions page, where you can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription.

    Both subscription plans are identical and paid monthly, but the first only lasts a month while the second is a one-year commitment. Depending on the promotions available at the time you’re reading this, these subscriptions cost, respectively, $17.99 and $7.49.

    In addition to unlimited chat messages and no image blur for explicit images, AngelGF’s premium subscription comes with 100 free tokens every month and access to one of the website’s superstar features: live AI phone calls!

    Buying Tokens in AngelGF

    AngelGF tokens
    I recommend the 350 Tokens package as the smartest choice.

    If you don’t want to commit to AngelGF Premium, you can always buy individual tokens on the website. To see the available packages, click on the [Tokens] button at the top of the page, right next to the profile icon.

    There are eight different token packages available. This is how much each package costs (please keep in mind prices may be subject to change over time):

    1. 100 Tokens: $9.97
    2. 350 Tokens: $27.97
    3. 550 Tokens: $34.97
    4. 1,150 Tokens: $69.97
    5. 2,400 Tokens: $119.97
    6. 3,750 Tokens: $149.97
    7. 7,500 Tokens: $299.97
    8. 15,000 Tokens: $599.97

    The AngelGF website supports three different payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and Crypto. All payment checkouts are processed by Stripe, one of the safest financial infrastructures for Internet businesses.

    What Makes AngelGF a Good Choice?

    Amazing AI Characters

    AngelGF characters
    Each AI character has a detailed bio description.

    AI characters are at the center of most AI companion apps, and AngelGF is no exception. For that reason, the available characters must be as interesting and realistic as possible. AngelGF didn’t just get that right… It absolutely nailed it!

    From MILF nurse Gabrielle Carter to Anime characters worthy of the best Hentai AI apps, AngelGF boasts enough character diversity to please any man and keep users entertained for hours on end.

    To learn more about each character, you can either chat with them or click on their profile, which shows the character’s main prompts, a complete written bio, and even a series of high-quality nude photos (the latter of which is an AngelGF Premium exclusive).

    Even after testing so many apps similar to AngelGF, I was still surprised by the sheer quality of the characters available on this website, be it user-generated ones or pre-existing AI girls like Gabrielle Carter.

    AI Phone Calls

    AngelGF phone calls
    Calling your AI girlfriend is as easy as pressing that button!

    There aren’t that many AI phone sex apps out there, but I’m proud to announce that AngelGF has just joined this very exclusive group! The AI phone calls are one of the website’s definite standouts, and they contribute to making the AngelGF experience eerily realistic.

    It’s no wonder people are leaving Tinder for AI chatbots… After all, AI girlfriend apps are getting more and more complete over time, incorporating state-of-the-art technology for creating AI images, generating chat responses, and literally talking with AI girls.

    I’m a huge fan of AngelGF’s AI phone calls feature because I believe it takes the overall website experience to the next level, allowing lonely men to listen to the voices of their beloved virtual companions. In terms of realism, it’s a huge difference-maker.

    NSFW Chats

    AngelGF NSFW chats
    Seductive Veronika loves pleasure and power more than money.

    AngelGF’s chats aren’t necessarily AI porn chats, but users are more than free to explore their most secret sexual fantasies on the website. Yes, you can use AngelGF to have a nice conversation with an AI character, but you can also use it for some proper dirty talk!

    I tested the waters by chatting with the dominant Veronika Kuznetsova and was immediately fascinated. Following an exciting chat about power play in the bedroom, Veronika was kind enough to spontaneously send me a photo of her favorite lingerie attire.

    Some AI companion apps promise NSFW chats but fail to deliver on that promise. AngelGF, on the other hand, prioritizes sexting over everything else and is never afraid to get sexy!

    Transparent Tokens System

    AngelGF transparence
    Tokens can be confusing, but not in AngelGF.

    Price transparency is another thing that AngelGF does outstandingly right. While payments in similar services are sometimes confusing, AngelGF is very clear about the cost of each of its products, leaving nothing to chance.

    For an AI app reviewer like myself, this is refreshing! From the AI girlfriend creator to the AI nude generator, AngelGF is extremely transparent about how much it costs to do something on the website, resulting in a relaxed and easygoing experience.

    Disadvantages of AngelGF

    When it comes to the cons of AngelGF, there’s really not much to say. I believe the biggest disadvantage is the absence of AI boyfriends, which excludes non-lesbian female users from enjoying the website.

    Apart from that, I believe AngelGF could give at least 10-15 Tokens for free to new users (even though I understand they’re a business, and businesses are supposed to make money). Luckily, AngelGF makes up by supporting PayPal payments!

    Finally, [Generate Image] can only create images based on existing AI characters, which can be slightly restrictive compared to other AI generative apps

    AngelGF: Products and Features

    Create AI Girlfriend

    AngelGF create AI girlfriend
    Now that I think about it, I should’ve gone with a larger butt size…

    The [Create AI Girlfriend] feature is perhaps the most important in AngelGF because everything about the website is character-based. Without a trustworthy AI character on the other side, users cannot chat with AI girlfriends nor generate AI images.

    While AngelGF features an amazing list of pre-made AI girlfriends, it’s way more fun to carefully customize your own virtual companion. Doing so costs a mere 15 Tokens and is super easy: you just have to make smart choices!

    AngelGF’s AI girlfriend engine reminded me a lot of the character creator features in apps like Candy AI and DreamGF. The engine poses a “question,” as in What’s your character’s ethnicity? and you’re supposed to pick one of the available options, such as Latina.

    Once you have answered all the questions (covering both physical and psychological attributes) you can review a summary of your AI girlfriend (like in the image) to see if everything’s the way you like it. Once you’re happy, just press [Bring your AI Girl to life].

    AI NSFW Chat

    AngelGF girlfriend chatting
    You can see nude photos of each character in AngelGF.

    The AI chats are the place where AngelGF users spend most of their time. It’s no surprise: the chat is up there with the best AI sex chats of the year, featuring numerous possibilities for human-AI engagement, including AI phone calls and virtual gifts.

    I tested AngelGF’s AI chats by talking to submissive Zara Lux, and I was immediately impressed to find out that I could see her naked from the get-go! You can too: just click on the arrows in the image on the right side of the chat.

    Zara’s naked pictures at the pool and sauna are probably enough to get you excited, but you can also request new pictures from characters via chat (each image requested costs 7 Tokens). Premium members get to exchange nudes with AngelGF girls freely.

    To use AngelGF’s most striking feature—the AI phone calls—just click on the green phone icon in the chat. Talking with your favorite AI girlfriend costs 30 Tokens per minute. AngelGF recommends that you speak “clearly and slowly” while on the phone.

    Generate Image

    AngelGF generate image
    The image generator may not look like much, but it’s incredibly powerful.

    In line with the top AI girlfriend apps, AngelGF includes an AI image generator capable of producing any picture you can think of. There’s one requirement: all images created using AngelGF need to be based on an AI character, be it an original or pre-existing one.

    The best thing about the [Generate Image] feature is that you can enter text prompts to describe the image, meaning there are no limits to what you can do. Creating an image costs 7 Tokens; premium members can create as many as 16 images simultaneously.

    All images created are stored on the website under [Gallery], so you can check them out anytime you want. To consult all AI girlfriends generated using AngelGF, click on [My Girls].


    There are more AI chatbots online than ever, so it can get tricky to separate the ones that are worthy of your time… And the ones that aren’t. Luckily, AngelGF is a no-brainer must-try app with everything you could ask for a bonafide AI girlfriend service.

    I know I had a blast testing AngelGF while writing this review, and I fully recommend it to anyone looking for AI girls (especially if you enjoy talking sexy on the phone). The NSFW Chats are my favorite feature, but all of AngelGF’s products are outstanding.

    AngelGF (FAQ)

    Is AngelGF free?

    AngelGF is a freemium service, meaning you can sign up for the website for free but need to pay to access all of its features.

    How much does AngelGF Premium cost?

    AngelGF Premium costs $7.49 a month if you buy the annual subscription and $17.99 a month if you buy the monthly subscription.

    What are the AngelGF Tokens?

    The AngelGF Tokens are like virtual money that can be used in the app to access certain features. 100 Tokens cost $9.97, and you can buy as many as 15,000 Tokens.

    What can you do with AngelGF?

    You can create a unique AI girlfriend, chat with her (or with a list of pre-generated characters), and generate AI images based on text-prompt instructions.

    Is AngelGF safe?

    AngelGF is extremely safe, especially if you value data privacy. To learn more, check out AngelGF’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Ava Nicks

    Ava Nicks

    Ava Nicks merges adult entertainment experience and AI passion at Tity, with hobbies including friends and pets, from Ohio to Miami.