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Fuckbook is an incredible website with tons of free features and possibilities for meeting men and women. Due to its focus on NSFW content and chats, Fuckbook puts most competitors to shame by delivering on its promise of facilitating quick and easy sex online!

  • Perfect for casual sex

    Perfect for casual sex

  • Real profiles

    Real profiles

  • Tons of free features

    Tons of free features

  • Easy to connect with men and women

    Easy to connect with men and women

  • Affordable premium options

    Affordable premium options

  • Made for sex, not relationships

    Made for sex, not relationships

  • Homepage ads

    Homepage ads

  • Can't change the current location

    Can't change the current location

Fuckbook Review (2024): The Best Dating Site for Easy Sex?


Fuckbook is a dating website for adults. I know, there are lots of them out there! So, what is it that makes Fuckbook different? And why do I think it’s one of the best places on the Internet to meet real people and have casual sex with them?

First and foremost, Fuckbook is filled with real people, not annoying chatbots. In addition, it won’t ask you for money to do the basic stuff you’d expect from any social media website, including sending friend requests, chatting, and seeing who viewed your profile.

Finally, Fuckbook sets itself apart from the competition due to its fun and laidback take on casual sex. The men and women in Fuckbook don’t seem to be looking for wives and husbands, and they’re more than ready to share their wildest fantasies online! Dating apps don’t seem to work for marriage anyway…

Fuckbook review: homepage
In Fuckbook, you don’t have to pay to see who viewed your profile.

Fuckbook Overview

There’s Facebook, and there’s Fuckbook. When I started my review, I was happy to see that the latter took inspiration from the first to create a social media website that’s intuitive and user-friendly. But there is, of course, one massive difference…

While Facebook is for making friends and sharing SFW photos with the entire family, Fuckbook is filled with user-uploaded NSFW content, not to mention horny men and women dying to find their next sexual partner.

If you’re tired of dating websites and apps that are marketed for adults, but make dating look like child’s play, then you’re going to love Fuckbook’s no-nonsense, sex-first approach to online dating!

Creating an Account on Fuckbook

To create an account on Fuckbook, you just need a valid email address. Unlike other adult dating sites, Fuckbook doesn’t require a sign-up photo. However, uploading a sexy profile picture drastically improves your chances of finding a sexual partner.

The whole account-creation process on Fuckbook takes less than five minutes and can be completed in just four steps:

Fuckbook Review
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Fuckbook is an incredible website with tons of free features and possibilities for meeting men and women. Due to its focus on NSFW content and chats, Fuckbook puts most competitors to shame by delivering on its promise of facilitating quick and easy sex online!

  • Pros

    Perfect for casual sex

  • Pros

    Real profiles

  • Pros

    Tons of free features

  • Pros

    Easy to connect with men and women

  • Pros

    Affordable premium options

  • Cons

    Made for sex, not relationships

  • Cons

    Homepage ads

  • Cons

    Can't change the current location

  1. Visit the Fuckbook website and enter the following information: gender, sexual orientation, age, e-mail address, and password. When you’re ready, press [Sign Up] at the bottom of the page;
Fuckbook sign up
If you’re looking for both men and women, select [Couple].
  1. Upload your photo and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service carefully before agreeing. Then, hit [Continue];
Fuckbook agree to privacy policy
You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for Fuckbook.
  1. Follow the instructions to complete your Fuckbook profile, starting with the verification of your email address;
Fuckbook complete profile
Fuckbook will show your profile completion percentage.
  1. If you want to continue editing your profile, just open the page by clicking on your name on the top right corner of the homepage and select [Edit Profile].
Fuckbook edit profile
You can complete editing your profile at any time.

How Does Fuckbook Work?

Fuckbook feed
This is what the Fuckbook Feed looks like!

Fuckbook is a dating site for adults. So, when you create an account on Fuckbook, you will be immediately exposed to tons of NSFW content uploaded by other users. The website’s goal is pretty clear: to connect people who want to have sex with one another!

But how does Fuckbook connect these people? Well, there are two main guidelines:

  1. Fuckbook filters potential sexual candidates according to the user’s preferences. For example: Since I informed Fuckbook that I was looking for women, my Fuckbook feed only includes profiles of females;
  2. Fuckbook filters potential sexual candidates according to the user’s location. For example: Since I was in Portugal when I created my Fuckbook account, my Fuckbook feed shows the profiles of the people closest to me first.

From the get-go, Fuckbook looks different from your average dating website. The women in Fuckbook enjoy taking the first step (I received three friend requests in under 15 minutes) and love sharing naughty pictures of themselves (Fuckbook is awesome for trading nudes).

All things considered, Fuckbook looks like the perfect platform for finding people near me who are truly looking for a sexual partner. But how does one go from creating an account to actually meeting someone?

Meeting a Sexual Partner on Fuckbook

Fuckbook matches
Three of the women I found under [Matches] on Fuckbook.

Meeting a potential sexual partner on Fuckbook couldn’t be any easier! Right after creating my account, I received a couple of friend requests from women in my area. These, as well as private messages, can be viewed by clicking the Bell symbol in Fuckbook’s top bar:

Fuckbook top bar
The top bar also shows two other options: [Search] and [Matches]. 

If you’re not happy with the people who have sent you a friend request, don’t worry: Finding other partners in Fuckbook is easy as pie. In [Search], you can access a list of the people closest to you and sort it by location, newly-added profiles, and most recently online.

On the other hand, the tab [Matches] shows a finely curated list of the people who best suit your preferences. This list is normally comprised of people who are close to you, have a similar age range, and meet your preferred gender (in my case, women).

When you find someone you think is interesting, just click the person’s photo and click [Add Friend]. Once that person accepts your friend request, you can start chatting, send a gift, or simply save the profile by adding it to your pinboard:

Fuckbook profile page
Just click on [Add Friend] to send a friend request.

Accepting Friend Requests on Fuckbook

Fuckbook friend requests
These three lovely women asked to be my friend minutes after I created my account!

To accept friend requests made to you, just click on the Bell symbol in the top bar, select [Friend Requests], and press [Add].

After accepting the friend requests, you can see your full friends list also by clicking the Bell symbol in the top bar. To engage with friends, just click on the profile picture. Once you’re friends with someone, you can view their entire feed and published photos.

Upgrading to Premium on Fuckbook

Fuckbook pricing
Monthly subs are the most popular, but the quarterly option is great for saving money!

Now that you know how to connect with potential partners on Fuckbook, it’s time to evaluate whether you need a premium subscription or not. I recommend that you test the website for a little bit before making a decision, as there are plenty of free features to enjoy.

Fuckbook includes two premium plans, starting at €14,99 per month (for three-month subscriptions) and going up to €29,99 per month (for one-month subscriptions). To pay for the subscription, you just need to press [Continue].

What are the benefits of being a premium Fuckbook user? Unlimited messages and gifts, a premium badge for your profile, and access to the Icebreaker feature, which automates first messages to increase your chances of finding a sexual partner.

What Makes Fuckbook a Good Choice?

Fuckbook is one of the best adult dating websites I have ever tried because it does exactly what it’s supposed to: connect men and women who are looking for casual sex!

Most adult dating websites work just like Fuckbook, but they fail because they don’t have an active user base, don’t offer enough free features, and make it hard to connect and message other users.

So, without further ado, here’s what makes Fuckbook such a great choice for singles looking for sex online:

Real Profiles

Fuckbook real profiles
Three real Fuckbook women in my area.

When it comes to dating websites for adults, fake profiles are the worst! These tend to be abundant (and sometimes even represent the vast majority of profiles) in some adult dating sites, but that’s hardly the case with Fuckbook.

I was very happy to find a vibrant community of users in Fuckbook, with plenty of real profiles to choose from in my area. These women are not bots, and there’s enough of them for me to feel like I have a real shot of meeting someone who’s up for sex!

There are people of all types in there too, from sweet MILFs to women who look like the best OnlyFans girls.

Sex-First Dating Website

Fuckbook NSFW amateur photos
Most profiles in Fuckbook include one or more NSFW pictures.

Aside from fake profiles, some adult dating sites suffer from being way too clean. Even though they’re marketed as platforms for finding sex, users tend to be shy and discreet, using the website just like they would use a normal, vanilla dating app.

Once more, Fuckbook proves to be different from the bunch by really being a sex-first dating website. I was surprised by the amount of sexy pictures I saw in most profiles and was immediately convinced that Fuckbook is THE place for finding sex online.

In the [Search] tab, I was also able to browse through hundreds of blog posts and feed entries, and they all painted a vivid picture of what Fuckbook girls are looking for. They’re not messing around, and they seem more than ready to get down to business…

Lots of Free Features

Fuckbook premium subscription
To get Fuckbook Premium, just click on the green pop-up.

Premium features are another capital sin of dating websites for adults. Many websites will charge you to send messages to girls, see who viewed your profile, and even send/accept friend requests! Fuckbook, on the other hand, lays it all down for free.

Make no mistake: Fuckbook Premium is worth it because it offers tons of benefits to users. However, everybody can use the website for free and still make the most of it. In other words, it’s 100% possible to meet a sexual partner in Fuckbook without paying a dime.

Quick and Easy Connections

Fuckbook chat with girl
It was super easy to connect with anais1990, one of my first Fuckbook friends.

Connecting with a sexual partner in Fuckbook can be harder or easier depending on your profile and location, but it sure was effortless for me! While other adult dating sites make it super hard to actually talk to other users, Fuckbook connections are almost too easy…

I was impressed by the sexy pictures in anais1990’s profile, so I sent her a friend request. In less than five minutes, I was being treated to an exclusive nude photo of her, sent via private message just for me to enjoy.

Disadvantages of Fuckbook

Fuckbook is a website for people over 18 who want to have casual sex with other people. Think of it as a medium that facilitates connections between like-minded people who, in this case, are feeling a little bit lonely, horny, or desperate for some action—a must-have in these strange days.

If you’re looking for casual sex, Fuckbook is downright perfect. However, it’s not the best website for old-school dating. I would recommend against using it for finding your next wife or husband, especially if you’re a hopeless romantic.

There are some minor cons I could point out, such as the presence of ads and the inability to change the current location, but these are just minor details that, in my experience, didn’t cause any real trouble.

Fuckbook: Products and Features

Fuckbook is just like your run-of-the-mill social media page, with a central homepage feed and some resources for finding new friends, but it also includes an additional off-site feature for live NSFW webcams. Here’s what it has to offer:

Fuckbook Feed

Fuckbook Feed
The Fuckbook Feed shows more than just friend posts.

The Feed is the place where Fuckbook users can check in on all of the action, and it includes not only your added friends but also beautiful strangers that are more than happy to share their posts with strangers.

Take hana9341, for example. Even though she’s a beautiful woman, she’s a little sad that nobody wished her a happy International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. Looks like the perfect opportunity to say hello!

Fuckbook Search

Fuckbook Search
You can use filters to find the woman of your dreams in Fuckbook.

Is one of your college friends on Fuckbook? How many women aged 25-35 are there in your area? These are some of the questions that the Fuckbook Search feature can answer in a matter of seconds.

Fuckbook Search lets you find male and female profiles by searching by gender, location, and age range. You can search profiles, photos, and even blog posts, and you can search by keyword (basically entering any term) by selecting [More Options] in the top right corner.

Fuckbook Matches

Fuckbook Matches
Four profiles I found in my Fuckbook Matches section.

If you feel like Fuckbook Search is a little bit too much for you, you can always narrow down your options by going to the Fuckbook Matches section and see which potential sexual partners have been lined up for you by the Fuckbook algorithm.

The algorithm will use your sexual preferences and current location to put together a convincing list of real men and women registered to the website. If you don’t like the results on the first page, just click [Next] to see more!

Fuckbook Shows

Fuckbook shows
I must admit that Fuckbook shows is a great place to enjoy yourself

Fuckbook Shows is not a real feature of Fuckbook because it redirects you to a third-party website. However, this platform for live webcam girls is perfect for killing time in between long sexting and flirting sessions on the original Fuckbook.

Fuckbook Shows is great, and it works just like your average webcam shows website, featuring tons of real-time videos of gorgeous webcam girls. While not all girls are free, most can be accessed without paying a dime.


The verdict? If you are looking for a dating website for adults that makes it easy to connect with potential sexual partners and where NSWF content is the norm, not the exception, then Fuckbook is exactly what you need!

Oh, and if you feel like you want to get more experience before talking with real people on Fuckbook, feel free to put your flirting skills up to the test with the best AI girlfriend apps!

Fuckbook (FAQ)

What is Fuckbook?

Fuckbook is a dating website for adults. Its main goal is to help adults connect and find one or more new sexual partners.

Who can use Fuckbook?

Anyone who’s over 18 can use Fuckbook, regardless of geographic location.

Is Fuckbook safe?

Fuckbook is safe because it protects the privacy of its members. However, please be careful not to share more than you’d want online.

Do I need to pay to use Fuckbook?

No! You can send friend requests, receive messages, and interact with other users on Fuckbook 100% free.

How much does Fuckbook cost?

The premium version of Fuckbook costs €14,99 per month for quarterly contracts and €29,99 per month for monthly contracts.

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