OnlyFans Finder: How to Find Someone’s OnlyFans in 2024

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7 Mar, 2024
OnlyFans Finder: How to Find Someone’s OnlyFans in 2024

Are you looking for the perfect OnlyFans finder? In this guide for finding anyone’s OnlyFans, I will tell you everything you need to know about the best OnlyFans girl finder.

OnlyFans is more than a social platform; it’s a multimillion-dollar industry turning B-List celebrities into superstars, empowering thousands of independent content creators, and giving way to dedicated OnlyFans agencies.

With so many people looking to join the party, it’s impossible to know whether your crush, next-door neighbour, or old college friends have an OnlyFans account. Dying to know? You’ve come to the right place!

The Best OnlyFans Finder Websites

The best OnlyFans profile-finder websites are the only tools you need to find someone’s OnlyFans. While there are other helpful resources on the web (more on that later), these are the websites you need to find the best OnlyFans girls:

OnlyFinder: Best OnlyFans Account Finder

OnlyFinder best OnlyFans account finder
There’s an OnlyFinder copycat on the web, but don’t mistake it for the real deal!

Sometimes, people get it right at first. OnlyFinder is the original OnlyFans search engine, and it remains the best. Despite having one of the largest OnlyFans databases in the world, OnlyFinder is also the perfect local OnlyFans finder.

With OnlyFinder, being an Internet detective feels like child’s play: you can search by location, ethnicity, and any other relevant keyword, and the search engine works like a charm. All things considered, OnlyFinder’s your best shot to find someone’s OnlyFans.

FansMetrics: Best Free OnlyFans Finder

FansMetrics best free OnlyFans finder
OnlyFinder is also free, but FansMetrics deserved to be on the list.

FansMetrics is the best OnlyFans finder near me, and it’s 100% free. In just one click, FansMetrics lets you know what are the most popular OnlyFans in your country and what are the best OnlyFans profiles per category.

Being a proper search engine, FansMetrics also allows you to search OnlyFans accounts using any keyword you can think of, from social media nicknames to MILF.

Fanzz: Best OnlyFans Location Finder

Fanzz best OnlyFans location finder
Fanzz includes a [Locations] tab for quick location browsing.

More than just a search engine, Fanzz is like an OnlyFans finder map. The ultimate OnlyFans finder location engine, Fanzz lets you search accounts by country, state, and city, and it will even show you the free OnlyFans profiles first.

Even though the competition is fierce, I believe Fanzz is the best search engine for finding OnlyFans profiles of people living in a given geographical area. A true blessing for snoopy neighbours!

FreeFans.TV: Best OnlyFans Leak Finder

FreeFans.TV best OnlyFans leak finder
FreeFans.TV has some nasty ads, so please protect yourself with an antivirus!

If you want to take your detective skills to the next level, why should you stick just to finding OnlyFans profiles? FreeFans.TV is a bombastic website filled with NSFW content directly leaked from private OnlyFans accounts.

Whenever a source leaks once-secret OnlyFans content into the web, FreeFans.TV adds it to its database and makes it available to anyone to enjoy. The content (which also includes porn) is conveniently labelled by category.

8 Proven Methods For Finding Someone’s OnlyFans

The four websites I have listed above are all great for finding anyone’s OnlyFans in under five minutes. However, doing so requires different methods according to the information you have available.

Imagine that you’re looking for the OnlyFans account of your crush, but you only know her Instagram account or phone number. What can you do? Below, I have exhausted 8 proven methods for finding someone’s OnlyFans, step-by-step:

1. OnlyFans Finder by Username: Google

Do you know the username of the OnlyFans account you’re trying to find? Then—believe it or not—Google is your best friend!

  1. Open Google;
Google OnlyFans finder
Guess you never heard of Google, huh?
  1. Type “ [username]” in the search bar (without the brackets, of course);
Search Google OnlyFans
You can type “site:[URL]” to search any website using Google.
  1. Hit [Google Search] to find the profile.
Google search OnlyFans finder
Google found Emma Lovett’s profile immediately.

2. OnlyFans Finder by Real Name: Truthfinder

If you know the real name of an individual, and you want to find out that individual’s OnlyFans account(s), you’re going to have to put your detective hat on! Truthfinder is a massive online database of public records that’s perfect for uncovering anyone’s social media.

  1. Open Truthfinder and enter the first and last name of the individual you’re looking for. I’m using Mia Khalifa for this example;
Truthfinder OnlyFans
You can filter your search by selecting the individual’s state (if possible);
  1. Select the individual’s gender and provide as many further details as possible;
Truthfinder for finding OnlyFans
Mia’s middle name is Joe, by the way (her real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun).
  1. Wait a few minutes for Truthfinder to process all the provided information and locate the individual you’re looking for;
Truthfinder OnlyFans search
The whole process took about 3-4 minutes.
  1. Open the report of the individual you’re looking for and access all provided information, including associated social media accounts;
Truthfinder OnlyFans results
Truthfinder spilling all the beans on Mia Khalifa!
  1. Once you have links to one or more social media accounts, you can use them to further investigate and discover the individual’s OnlyFans.

Truthfinder is only available in the United States, but you can obtain similar results by using public records directories in your home country.

3. OnlyFans Finder by Social Media: FansMetrics

If social media is all you have, then FansMetrics is the best OnlyFans model finder!

  1. Type the slug of the social media account you’re searching for in FansMetrics’ search bar. For this example, I’m using Mia Khalifa’s Instagram, so I typed miakhalifa;
Search OnlyFans accounts
This one’s going to be easy…
  1. Hit [Search] and rejoice as FansMetrics unveils the OnlyFans account you are looking for!
FansMetrics OnlyFans finder
FansMetrics determined Mia’s OnlyFans with 100% accuracy.

4. OnlyFans Finder by Image: Google Lens

Finding an OnlyFans account with nothing but one image can be a bit tricky, but Google Lens is your best friend here! But first, you will have to do a reverse image search. Any reverse image website/app will do, but I’m using this one.

  1. Upload the image you want to reverse search;
OnlyFans finder reverse image search
Any random reserve image search app will do.
  1. Click on the Google link to be redirected to the Google Lens page associated with the uploaded image;
Reverse image search OnlyFans
Some apps will also show info from different search engines.
  1. Find the origin of the image in Google Lens and review all the provided links.
Google Lens OnlyFans search
Lens showing the origin of the image 

I used Mia’s photo to reach her FansMetrics entry, which took me directly to her OnlyFans profile. The lesson here is that, even though additional steps may be required, Google Lens is surprisingly good at finding OnlyFans.

5. OnlyFans Finder by Location: Fanzz 

Fanzz is the best OnlyFans map finder, and it’s super easy to use! However, it’s important to mention that OnlyFinder can get equally good results finding someone’s OnlyFans by location.

  1. Open Fanzz and search for the location you’re interested in (for example, Germany);
Fanzz finding OnlyFans
Fanzz also includes a helpful [Locations] tab at the top of the page.
  1. Browse the results to find OnlyFans accounts associated with the location;
Fanzz OnlyFans girls
Three German OnlyFans beauties?
  1. Open the OnlyFans profile that you find the most interesting and confirm Fanzz’s accuracy for yourself.
Fanzz finding OnlyFans by location
As you can see, she really is from Germany…

6. OnlyFans Finder by Fetish: OnlyFinder

Due to its keyword-inclusive approach, OnlyFinder is the best search engine for finding out about anything that’s on any OnlyFans profile. Naturally, OnlyFinder is by far the best method for filtering OnlyFans by fetish.

  1. Open OnlyFinder and type a popular fetish like facial;
Finding OnlyFans by fetish
You can search for any fetish or term in OnlyFinder.
  1. Treat yourself to a list of OnlyFans profiles that are super into facials.
OnlyFinder facial OnlyFans
This works just as fine for any other fetish, by the way!

7. OnlyFans Finder by Email: Truthfinder

Using Truthfinder and similar public records directories is the best way of finding someone’s OnlyFans with nothing but an email. However, there are some other things you can try:

  • Search for the email address in Google and any social media platform you can think of. By gathering additional information, you can use other methods to find someone’s OnlyFans;
  • Go to websites like Lullar to conduct reverse email searches and try to uncover any additional information;
  • Send an email to the person asking for more information regarding his/her OnlyFans account.

8. OnlyFans Finder by Phone Number: Truthfinder

Public records directories (such as Truthfinder) are the best we have to find someone’s OnlyFans profile with nothing but a phone number. But if you’re looking for an alternative, you can always try to:

  • Use PIPL and similar online identity services to see which social media accounts are associated with the phone number;
  • Search for the phone number on Google and popular social media platforms—you may get lucky!
  • Call the person and politely ask him/her for a link to OnlyFans.


From uncontainable love to mere curiosity, there are a million different reasons for wanting to know someone’s OnlyFans. Luckily, there are also many different methods for doing so. But regardless of the method you choose, please respect other people’s privacy always.

Oh, and if you find yourself too lonely, you can always count on the best AI girlfriends to keep you company!

How to Find Someone’s OnlyFans (FAQ)

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom.

What’s the best website for finding someone’s OnlyFans?

OnlyFinder is the best OnlyFans profile finder.

What’s the best OnlyFans finder by location?

Fanzz is pretty good at finding OnlyFans accounts by location.

I only have a real name! Is there any way of finding that person’s OnlyFans?

It’s not always possible, but you can use public records directories such as Truthfinder to see if there are any social media accounts associated with the name you have.

Is it safe to find someone’s OnlyFans?

It’s safe for you, but not always for the person you’re looking for. Please do your best to be mindful of other people’s privacy.

Carolina Rodrigues

Carolina Rodrigues

From Brazil to the US, ex-model Carolina Rodrigues turns OnlyFans expertise into Tity investigative articles, loves AI, gaming, and films.