OnlyFans Captions: The Ultimate Guide

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17 Apr, 2024
OnlyFans Captions: The Ultimate Guide

Are you an OnlyFans content creator or manager? Then, it’s about time you learn how to make the perfect OnlyFans caption! In this ultimate guide, you will find everything you need to know. Ready to change your OnlyFans game for the better?

What Are OnlyFans Captions?

what are onlyfans captions
A great example of an OnlyFans caption.

OnlyFans captions are the texts that appear beneath profile pictures on OnlyFans. Their role is to describe or promote OnlyFans profiles and attract a larger following. To see the full caption in any OnlyFans profile, press [More Info].

OnlyFans captions are important because they’re the only way OnlyFans creators have to tell their followers a little bit more about who they are and what they can do. They’re also vital for helping you find the OnlyFans you’re looking for.

OnlyFans captions can make or break OnlyFans profiles. Alongside OnlyFans profile pictures, they’re arguably the best resource OnlyFans creators have to engage with their audience, promote their services, and monetize their accounts.

The Best OnlyFans Captions Ideas

best onlyfans captions ideas
Swedish Bella is “always horny” and loves to do as she’s told.

Before learning how to come up with the perfect OnlyFans description, it’s important to check out some great examples of OnlyFans captions. Fresh out of the best Swedish OnlyFans girls, Swedish Bella (in the picture) is here to show us how it’s done!

Her OnlyFans caption is great because it informs her potential subscribers of two important things from the get-go:

  1. Bella is “always horny,” meaning she’s always available to her followers;
  2. Bella likes to do as she’s told, which implies she enjoys being submissive, which is subsequently enticing to dominant male followers.

So, how can you make an OnlyFans caption as great as Bella’s? Below, I have listed a few examples to get you inspired:

Sexy OnlyFans Captions

  1. “Come see me in ways you never imagined…”
  2. “Do you want to know my little secret?”
  3. “Yours truly OnlyFans queen.”
  4. “Let’s make naughty new memories together.”
  5. “Lying in bed and thinking of you…”

NSFW OnlyFans Captions

  1. “I’ll make your dirtiest fantasies come true.”
  2. “You won’t believe what I can do with my pussy…”
  3. “Submissive girl next door who’ll answer your every request.”
  4. “Subscribe, and I’ll make you cum in five minutes!”
  5. “Fully nude just for you.”

OnlyFans Captions for Couples

  1. “Passionate couple from [location].”
  2. “Tell me how to fuck her and I will!”
  3. “Naughty OnlyFans couple will try everything.”
  4. “Mutual pleasure in the bedroom.”
  5. “Subscribe for exclusive MF content.”

Niche OnlyFans Captions

  1. “I’ll dress up as your favorite character… And then I’ll get undressed!” (Cosplay)
  2. “Cum step on my toes.” (Foot fetish)
  3. “Tie me up so I can call you daddy!” (BDSM)
  4. “I’m very shy and quiet, but I don’t mind doing as I’m told…” (Hentai)
  5. “Subscribe for some pussy-licking and Girl/Girl action!” (Lesbian)

How to Make OnlyFans Captions (Step-by-Step)

1: Know Yourself (and Your Audience)

how to make onlyfans captions: know yourself
Mikayla Miles is 6’3, so she’s all about feet.

If the OnlyFans captions ideas listed above didn’t inspire you, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn how to create the perfect caption for your OnlyFans profile. To start, you need to recognize your strengths and identify how these can help you find an audience.

Take Mikayla Miles, from the best tall OnlyFans girls, as an example. For most foot fetishists, tall women are sexy because the larger the feet the better. Because she’s a big woman, Mikayla therefore decided to cater to a niche audience of men who are into women’s feet.

That didn’t just happen by chance; Mikayla is a beautiful woman and could’ve well captioned her OnlyFans profiles using keywords such as MILF or Mature. Instead, she made the most of her big feet because she knew there was a large audience for that on OnlyFans.

So, before starting to work on your OnlyFans caption, consider what makes you unique and how interesting your unique features can be for your future followers. Then, highlight the features that have a better chance of generating buzz online.

2: Create Exciting CTAs

how to make onlyfans captions: create exciting ctas
A good CTA is like an invitation you feel like you cannot refuse.

CTA means Call to Action and is a famous marketing term referring to any text designed to inspire an immediate response. Much has been said about how to write effective CTAs, but there’s really only one rule: make it pop!

In the image, Goth Goddess Sky from the best Danish OnlyFans girls lures her followers with a simple but effective CTA that plays on everyone’s desire to fall in love; it’s a good CTA because it’s suggestive of a happy ending despite being framed as a question.

CTAs, however, don’t have to be framed as questions, and they can be imperatives, as in “Come fall in love with me,” or messages that create a sense of urgency, as in “Subscribe in the next 3 days to see a free nude pic.”

In the context of OnlyFans, your CTA should be the first line of your OnlyFans caption, i.e., the text that shows automatically without users having to press [More Info]. Once you have a proper CTA in place, you can move on to the rest of your OnlyFans caption.

3: List Specific OnlyFans Services

how to make onlyfans captions: list your onlyfans services
A superb example of a highly descriptive OnlyFans caption.

What you usually see when you click on [More Info] in a random OnlyFans profile is a thorough description of what subscribers can expect to find in such OnlyFans. The CTA is what attracts eyeballs, but this text is what actually converts subscribers!

The caption in the picture, taken from Mila Sobolov’s OnlyFans, is a superstar OnlyFans caption because it lists all the specific services rendered by Mila as clearly as possible, including her commitment to uploading two explicit images daily.

Here are some of OnlyFans’ most commonly requested services:

  • Exclusive nudes: Nude trading is the bread and butter of OnlyFans, and many creators promise exclusive nude pics to their followers;
  • Dick ratings: A service in which you send your favorite OnlyFans girl a dick pic so she can make an honest review of your penis;
  • JOI: Stands for Jerk-Off Instructions and is a growingly popular OnlyFans trend;
  • Custom videos: Typically, a premium service in which OnlyFans creators make personalized videos according to their subscribers’ instructions;
  • One-on-one chats: OnlyFans is not just about sex, and many people rely on it as a platform for finding intimacy.

The crucial message here? Make sure that your OnlyFans caption includes factual information that tells your future subscribers what they can get from you as clearly and assertively as possible.

4: Incorporate Emojis

how to make onlyfans captions: emojis
Amouranth is a squirter, so she’s all about the squirt emoji.

You can’t put images in your OnlyFans caption, meaning emojis are the best visual aid at your disposal. Most OnlyFans captions feature at least one or two emojis to grab the attention of the reader and make the text a bit more interesting.

The top creator Amouranth, from the best AI OnlyFans girls, is not shy about using the squirt emoji (💦) to promote an exclusive squirt video. And while she could do without the emoji, it undoubtedly makes her caption look cooler and more visually appealing.

Emojis are an essential part of digital communication, and their power should be leveraged by anyone looking to craft the perfect OnlyFans caption.

Lucky for you, decades of online dating have given way to a whole universe of “sexy” emojis. Here’s a super-simplified OnlyFans emoji dictionary with lots of cool NSFW references:

Penis🍆 + 🍌 + 🥖 + 🐍
Vagina🥠 + 🐈 + 🌷 + 🌮
Butt🍑 + 🍎 + 🍐 + 🍩
Breasts🍒 + 🍈🍈
Testicles⚽️⚽️ + 🏀🏀
Orgasm🚀 + 🍾
Horny🥵 + 😈
Penetrative sex🍌🍩 + 🐍🌷
Oral sex👅 + 💋 + 😛 + 🍭
OnlyFans emoji dictionary.

5: Learn From the Best

how to make onlyfans captions: learn from the best
Mia Khalifa runs one of the world’s most popular OnlyFans accounts.

Last but not least, making a great OnlyFans caption involves learning from the best. Take pornstar-turned-celebrity Mia Khalifa, for example. She made it to the top of OnlyFans creators not just because she’s famous, but also because of her inventive captions.

Her CTA alone is exemplary and can teach us a lot of lessons. “Don’t be a cunt!” is both a humorous remark and a fun way of criticizing people who opt not to subscribe, while “new exclusive content every single day” is assuring to whoever does.

By claiming “This is the ONLY site where you can find content I consent to publicizing,” Mia also lets potential followers know that they’re dealing with the real Mia Khalifa and don’t have to worry about looking elsewhere for exclusive content.

The Best OnlyFans Caption Generators

best onlyfans caption generators
Just enter a few tags and Pseudoface’s generator will do the work for you…

If you’re still unsure about how to make OnlyFans captions, OnlyFans caption generators are the way to go. These helpful tools have been popping up all over the web and can provide you with that special something that’s been missing from your OnlyFans profile.

According to my research, Pseudoface’s OnlyFans caption generator is perhaps the best available solution, especially because it lets you generate captions based on a shortlist of tags. Appypie also has a very good free tool for making OnlyFans captions.

Alternatively, you can rely on mainstream AI apps such as ChatGPT to give you a hand. Just let the AI tool know that you’re looking to make an OnlyFans caption, and you will be flooded with tons of cool suggestions.

Monetizing Your OnlyFans Caption

Select Your Monetization Model

onlyfans monetization model
Going free on OnlyFans can actually be a very smart choice.

Now that you have the perfect OnlyFans caption, it’s time to put the word out there and get some eyeballs to your profile. People make millions off the platform, so selecting the most appropriate monetization strategy is a must.

Essentially, there are three ways to go:

  1. Subscription model: The most common monetization strategy in OnlyFans, which relies on paid subscribers;
  2. PPV model: PPV stands for Pay-per-View and PPV content creators make money by selling specific products (such as custom nudes and videos) to their followers;
  3. Free model: Some creators have free profiles because, despite not being directly paid, these can help them to get known and reach out to a larger audience.

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of each monetization model:

Subscription model+ Steady monthly income+ Predictable earnings– Subscribers are hard to get- Some followers leave
PPV model+ Extra income+ Increased earnings– Requires exclusive content- Leaks may occur
Free model+ Increased exposure+ Subscriber retention– No subscription income- Poor follower engagement
Pros and cons of different OnlyFans monetization models.

Needless to say, proper OnlyFans monetization often requires a combination of two or more of these monetization strategies. So, before setting up a plan for your OnlyFans profile, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each.

A free profile with PPV products, for example, can be a winning strategy. Top OnlyFans creators like Kat Gerig (in the image) have a free profile just so they can attract more subscribers to a more complete paid profile.

Promote Your OnlyFans Profile

onlyfans promotion
OnlyFans agencies like The Bunny Agency can cut your work short.

After setting up a nice monetization strategy for your OnlyFans caption, all that’s left is to promote your profile. Luckily, there are several resources for spreading the word, including:

  • Reddit: Unlike any other website, Reddit is a massive promotion harbor for OnlyFans creators. Platforms such as Upvote Shop are great for Reddit promotion, especially in the context of the adult entertainment industry;
  • OnlyFans agencies: Professional model agencies such as The Bunny Agency are specifically tailored to meet the needs of OnlyFans clients and will happily manage your profile for you in exchange for a small commission;
  • Adult industry conferences: If you manage several OnlyFans yourself, adult industry conferences such as i-Con provide numerous networking opportunities.

The better your OnlyFans caption, the more effective will be these promotion methods, so make sure to nail that before splashing your cash on Reddit upvotes and OnlyFans agencies!


We have come to the point where OnlyFans has become much more than just a platform for subscription-based services. Some studies report that a whopping 2% of young women have OnlyFans profiles, with roughly two million creators in the United States alone!

Considering the demand and the absurd income some OnlyFans creators make, it’s no surprise that the OnlyFans industry as a whole is worth a staggering $5.5 billion. To join the party, the first step is as simple as crafting the perfect OnlyFans caption.

Hopefully, the information in this guide will shed some light on the subject and help you to start your OnlyFans adventure on the right foot.

OnlyFans Captions (FAQ)

Why are OnlyFans captions important?

OnlyFans captions are important because they’re the most direct way of influencing potential followers to buy a subscription.

What should be on OnlyFans captions?

A proper OnlyFans caption should include at least one CTA, as well as a thorough description of the services you’re offering to subscribers.

How long should OnlyFans captions be?

They can be as long as you want, but they should start with a short CTA. For the CTA, aim for about 100 to 160 characters.

How often should OnlyFans captions be updated?

There’s no absolute rule for that, but it’s good practice to keep things fresh by updating your OnlyFans caption around once a month or every two months.

Can I copy someone else’s OnlyFans caption?

It’s not advisable to plagiarize someone else’s OnlyFans caption. However, basing your captions on the captions of top OnlyFans creators can bring you good results.

Carolina Rodrigues

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